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Ho yes i am going to brag about the most beautiful and amazing place in the whole of MD - The JAIL.

So whats so wonderful about it ? Tipu is going share inspiring Adventures of his Jail tours.
Its completely nature-free place no trees no plants filled with disgusting carcasses odors.
The art work is incredibly stunning filled with Darkness. Well there r *spoiler* scenes to roam around. Also have few cells which r designed only for VIPs, dare to enter one such Vip rooms at ur own risk. As u move around further deep, u will face ur fate yes its the Jail's main gate. Rumors say it holds the secret of the Prison Itself. Outside this main gate lies the Dark pit. Human body parts have been unearthed over there.

Walls of the Jail tells the stories of most infamous characters of the MD such as Fiju, darklordassasin, Death Ray, Adam Riddle. Their Brave and Honorable memories have been carved in the Jail walls. Entering a Jail is not a easy task. Only deserving ones like me been rewarded with a Jail visit. Even a WP can't get u there. Remember Jail is the shrine for Fugitives dare step in their holy place u will seal ur fate.

Entertainment : Well u can play with ur pets yes those cute and adorable Jail rats. Counting Jail bars. Clicking the clickables and if u have a jail mate then u can play the famous jail Tag game " I scratch ur a55 u scratch mine ". Hunting monster spiders and rodents. 'carving note '- Journal of ur incredible life carved on the walls of the jail. Updating ur Hate page list. Raging juniors and many more.

Must do: Most of the jail visitors had forgot their Tooth brush but they have nothing to worry, in jail u get a natural tooth brush ho yes the famous Rat's tail. Its bristles is made of natural fibers of a 100 yr dead rat's fur which is tasty too. What unique about this brush is u don't need a Tooth paste cos' essence/auras in the dead rat's tail is so strong that no living organs can survive hehe.

Sad Part of the jail : There is no Female jail warden to boast the morale of Good minded fugitives. Also no water and gym facility too. The Fugitive right groups r working on these issues.

Location : Its secret even to the Jail in-mates but a frequent visits will unlock its own identity hehe.

How to go : Simple do exactly opposite to whats written in the announcement. U can even win a Free ticket for ur buddy if u share any bugs / spoilers / alts abuse and such.

Fugitives : Well Jail is the only land that gives power to its citizens when entering other lands instead of giving neg effect like (-Ve ). U can't be attacked. U can so skilldmg. min. of 6 players r required to put u down. In fact it gives u a Semi-demi god powers muhaha.

More will be added as time passes by ....

by Ex-Fugitive , multiple times jail visitor - TIPU

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You would perma-ban someone who wants to try out different ways of playing MD? Granted, most of us "high and mighty" vets would not dream of doing such things, but the addition of fugitives does allow jail to be made into a [b]playable[/b] role, and I would hope that the ones who wish to have such a role and agree to throw their social status away to get it would be allowed to have it.

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[quote]if u share any bugs / (...) / alts abuse and such. [/quote]

[i][color=#808080]Doing that might get you perm banned (depends on the bug / abuse). [/color][/i]
[i][color=#808080]I believe that's what Grido meant you should not try, [/color][/i][i][color=#808080]not that you shouldn't RP your way to the prison if that's your role choice.[/color][/i]

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  • Root Admin

[color="#CCCCCC"]Ann. 1325 - [2010-03-07 20:29:18 - Alpha 9][/color]
[b]New rule regarding Prison[/b]
Players that get into prison, with an alt or with their main account, can have their alts or main banned without reason. It will usualy not be without reason, but the reasons won't be explained. I am tired of prison visiting by making accounts named "Mur" or of some of you to consider prison irrelevant since they play several accounts anyway. To avoid abuse, the only one to decide who's alts or mains can get banned under this rule it will be me, Mur.

IMPORTANT: Alts or mains banned under this rule will have an undefined release time, meaning they will probably stay there much longer than the initial ban., IF they will ever get out.
[b]NOTE: Anyone creating alts to visit prison will get a permanent visit there. Persistance in a crime will get you a permanent IP ban, regardless of your active days count, reputation or role.[/b]

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The jail idea has merit. Not the crimes to get yourself there. It might work out for it to be an entity unto itself. However, to do so is to limit your surroundings as you will not be permitted to participate in MD Festivals or other functions. It will also limit your character's ability to grow as a person.

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