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Trade Alt Abuse


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So, I need to clarify something about this new Item Alt Abuse rule.

[color="#cccccc"]Ann. 1999 - [2011-08-23 06:25:02 - Stage 11][/color]
[b]No more item transfers between potential alts[/b]
Items can no longer be transfered between what MD considers to be "alts". I say it this way because not all accounts restricted by the altchecker are alts, some are different people accessing md from same network, others are accounts "borrowed" for active days keeping to friends (md tags them as alts then) others are not even that. This might be damaging for people that live in same place and can no longer exchange items in md, but the benefits of restricting alts from item/resources transfer are far more important. This should slow down (at least a bit) potential future abuses related to the shared tools acquiring and resource hoarding.[/quote]

So, I have recently purchased a large sum of Memory Stones from Lone Wolf.

Now, I got a message from Lost Soul with an ITC from Princess Katt's account. He wants me to pay his main account Lone Wolf, but I am unsure whether this is allowed or not. I have no problems with this, but at risk of being accused of circumventing the Item Transfer Abuse Law, I wanted this clarified.

Is this allowed? Should I pay Princess Katt, or should I pay Lone Wolf? From what I understand, the memory stones were given to her to hold to seperate them, but I don't know if this is a legit excuse or not.

Feel free to comment your thoughts, but I would like an official statement if possible.


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If you give the coins to Katt, she'll most likely send them to Lone Wolf anyways, unless they are alts in which case it can't be pinned on you if you give them to her, though this could easily just be solved by asking Lone Wolf to do a quick trade of 1 silver or something, so you could confirm they were not alts.

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  • Root Admin

its obvious, If in the end one account which didnt have the goods, gets the payment its abuse. If you give the coins directly to him, he could still trade them away.

If he bypasses the system then he should face the punishment.

And yeah, if you are really worried send them to him or dont trade with him.

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you kind of lost me here. if there is suspicion that item source account and trading account are alts, payment should go to item source account to avoid being accesory to trade abuse, it's obvious.
however, where is abuse if the two account in question are _not_ alts?

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