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My Beef With MD.


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I am still young in this game compared to most, despite 250+ active days. While I may not know much about this game, I do know for certain that there are players that are both powerful, successful, and most importantly extremely helpful.

You have to think of Magic Duel as a community of normal people. They can't be categorized between the categories you've set out. Sure; some are harsh and selfish, but others are equally soft spoken and generous.

I personally try every day to help a new MP3, and I often succeed. Maybe not as much as I should, but at least I try. Players like Ailith, Granos, BFH, and Lone Wolf were always helpful to me and much more generous than they needed to be.

I believe people like them, and maybe even me will always make MD worth playing. They make it worth sitting through the mean, selfish people in this game. Sorry if none of this makes sense or I didn't really reply to what you meant, I'm really tired. :P

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This wasn't entirely meant for those who do well in MD. There are those like Brulant, Amberune, Passant, etc. who are quite neutral in a sense, however, a good 60% [just a random guess off of what I noticed.] of MD is what I explained up there.


yes, they are what make MD worth playing, however. There are certain people who ruin it for everyone and I will not stand for it.

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Cury, you see what you want to see.

I see a LARGE group of people who helps others ALL the time. With a few bad eggs, or good eggs with a few spots on their shells as is the case for most, MD is filled mostly with caring people.

I won't be naming names, because I don't need people thinking I like them, but there are quite a few individuals in MD that are unique and wonderful people.

You may not notice them because you see the wrong in people more often than the good, but that is just you.

Sit back for awhile Cury, sit back, do your own thing, and stop focusing on the negative and you will see how MD actually is.

Get away from the people who cause you this frustration, change your attitude, and find some friends in MD. :)

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No. I do not see what I want to see. I am not the only one who sees this. There are a lot of people who left due to the way that people act in this game.

For you to assume such a thing that I am skewing what goes on, is bs.

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You're just furthering your own claim that everyone is a vindictive (insert bad name here).

Try recognizing the good, and then start performing productive solutions to your "problems".

Cury, it's your attitude, and the rest of these peoples attitudes that are ruining MD. Just like you said. But, if we start paying attention to the good, and not the bad... Well, you will see a HUGE difference.

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Seeing the good in a certain situation is a hard thing to do. There is _always_ a positive and negative side of things happening. I've wondered why people in internet are so negative lately, i guess they are just representing what's happening in real life actually. Real life is harsh, demanding, there's load of crap going on, but what the hell, we are after all living in this world for one reason or another and we might just deal a bit better if we respect the others' opinion and try to make them see the good sides of things.

Why am i relating RL to MD? Well, it's because every character in MD is partly you in RL. There are indeed just a handful of people who could really forget about who they are in RL and roleplay another role in this realm. At least, that's what i think.

I'm playing other games as well, not browser ones, but RPGs, FPSs and such and i must say most of the people there, today, are just as negative. They blame others for their mistakes, they say you are noob no matter how hard you try, etc. They also never listen when you have something to say. Well, reckon and name for yourselves how many people out there in RL can you really _talk_ to? I bet they aren't much.

Well, now switch the picture to MD. Is it really that different? The social part of this realm is exactly what makes this game so unique. The mechanics are interesting, true, but are the creatures really what you are in here for? Yeah, they make a nice addition to your experience and such, but that's definitely not the main thing for MD.

As for people, there would be always bad and good. How would you deal with those people in RL? I personally avoid talking to negative people. I simply don't fancy it. I know all about the crap that's going on every day and i'm so sick and tired of hearing about problems that i just don't want to talk about it at all.

So, as a conclusion, if someone doesn't like this place then he should obviously leave if he can't take it and this is disturbing his inner self. That's the easy way. The other way is to try and make a change. Stand up for your ideas and thoughts. I like that Curiose is speaking up her mind, that's good. But that's also not enough. With whining you can't make a change. You have to make an example for the others to follow. Maybe just one person will follow, maybe two, or even more, but even if it's one then you have made a change for good and you should be happy about it.

Elthen Airis

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That is true, Mister Airis. But what my point is, is people often ignore things that go on around them and passing them off as things that don't matter, won't matter, or can't be changed.

When I stood up for Pample, When I fought for her right to be treated respectfully due to the lies that were spread around, did she get her justice? No. Did Anyone give her her justice? No. Instead, she was ignored, harassed, insulted and is still cared less about by people.

Why do I use Pample as an example? It isn't because she's my past [and present] Protector, it's because she is a good example of what I am talking about. When her being was defended, almost everyone who knew her did not bother to try and change what was going on. And look. Jester is here, and he struck again.

Or, or even when Fenrir stole artwork. Amoran Spoke up, told the truth and reported it. Did anyone listen? no. But yet he still got out scotch free.

Or even, Dst hunting people down just for her own desires. How many people do you know actively try to change things that happen?

There is a lot of ignorance in the world, and a lot of people seem to want to ignore things rather than accept them. A lot of people think that things are acceptable because they get away with it. And a lot of people think it is acceptable to ignore things simply because they don't want to deal with it.

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This realm is made up of all kinds... for better and for worse.

As a dreamer once recently discovered, the balance is there - but it needs shifting/adjustment sometimes. How will -you- incorporate- what you perceive to be happening in this realm into your character's actions? Use your imagination, for it may be your greatest ally in the battle against vindictiveness.

My advice - take account of those you care about (or hate, or are indifferent to - whatever suits your character) and actualize your dreams.

And, don't let other people's crap stick to you...

And know this: that action is, and will forever be, the antidote for despair.

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Wisely said, Phantom Orchid.

Well, Pamplemousse. I knew her a bit and i must say she was a very intriguing person i liked in the game. I believe what has happened was when i wasn't around or well if it was when i was around i haven't taken part in it, cause i haven't understood the whole situation. What my experience with her was, is that she was a nice, talkative and creative person.

Fenrir... Well, he has quite some history about breaking "rules" and such, so one more wouldn't make such a difference, i guess. I mean he's been to jail, as far as i remember more than once. Obviously sending him back there again wouldn't change much.

As for dst. I've had some personal experience with dst and i must say i understand her ways. Well, let's say a bit, so it doesn't sound that distracting. Now, Mur has given her something i could easily call even a _job_ and that is to hunt down people who go against _certain_ rules. She likes it and i dare say she does it quite well. We all know that the so called "cyber sex" has it's bad sides and if seen by the wrong people the whole realm will get in trouble. Even Mur explained that.(just mentioning it, cause i think that's what you were referring to) So, if she's a bit harsh and straightforward in her ways of dealing with such matters, well i think we can all deal with it for the better. I mean, seriously, cyber sex sucks. I don't get why people do it... Or maybe i'm oldfashioned... :blink:

I reckon people quite well accept things as they are. It's just that they wouldn't like to speak about it, because they are not sure of the consequences. All the people that were involved in those matters you spoke about are well aware of what happened and i'm sure they've taken a side and know it well. Now, not everyone is so open as to speak their mind, because there are, after all, people that can scold them, if you get what i mean.

There are of course more matters to discuss about the system that guides the game, but that's something i'd rather not bring up right now.

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  • Root Admin

You see what you see from your point of view. Unless your mentality changes from "everything is stupid, pointless and evil" then your point of view wont change.

Its very hard for people who start complaining about X and Y to see the good of MD, becuase they are fixated on the bad.

Im not saying you are complaining, or making any such comments, But it is very easy to focus on the bad, and ignore the good.

I look at MD recently, In the last couple months iv seen the kings be killed and be revived in a large event, and the whole necrovion event, not to mention the whole MDA festival.

if you dont pay attention, you can just say "oh just an alliance was lost" but if you actually spend some time in MD you will see a hell of a lot of stuff happening.

I just ignore people i dont like, i dont have to deal with them (apart from in my offical roles, and then i just be offical) and i get along perfectly fine.

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The thing is with 'negativity' is that unless you're a masochist/sadist, it's something that drives you away. Now. You can focus on the happy snappy stuff all you want, but the reality is still there. I didn't make this post to have a debate. I made this post to open some eyes and maybe, just maybe, get things changed in MD that SHOULD change.

No anyone should ever have to deal with the superficial crap of being treated poorly simply because they're lower on the totem pole, or because they're 'not a vet.'

Edit: I realize that I made a sweeping generality in my original post, however, as I said before, the majority of people are like that. If you go back and re read some of the comments that people have made, and turned some posts into an entire drama mongering thread, then you might realize what I am saying.

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I've been here longer than most and this is.. I think.. topic (in spirit) number 3, maybe 4. Don't get me wrong, all I am saying is, is that it has happened to other people before and yes, they left. I never did that, even though I would meet people who would annoy me more than a mosquito bump on your buttcheeks.

The realization I had however, was that, MD is much like people in real life, except that in the greater majority of cases in real life, you can't just quit the game, or at least, the overal greater majority of us don't. Why? Because walking away from those people and ignoring them is so much easier. It takes some time to get used to just ignoring people, and yes, it does lead to the problem of cliques and inside cliques you can have the same s**tty drama as well. However, as older people may have I realized in the way that I am active in MD, is that there is a way to strike a balance inside of MD's social networking.

Another problem with ignoring people is that, you somehow feel like you are cheating yourself off of MD time and that you're actually stuck in this habit of going on there and discuss or get annoyed and fight, etc.
But this is something everyone faces. There are causes to pick up and fight for, and then there are causes that are a hopeless cause and should be ignored. Wisdom here comes not from others' advice, but knowing yourself more clearly as to who you would ignore naturally...

Don't you ignore me, young lady..

Anyway.. uh.. yeah, any time you deal with people, you should just treat them like people. It's what I did with.. a [b]lot[/b] of people, and they are all gone now, yay :D

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I´m young too, not very active in the way of being someone in the realm, not interested (yet). I see the freedom wich comes with MD and the burden wich comes with this freedom. I think I understand Mur in nearly all his comments, posts and actions even if I don´t know him personally - being someone who tries not to judge too much even if he is "god of MD". For myself MD is a mirror of RL, maybe the brighter shade of reality, the other side of the coin, the picture behind the curtain. Some of the so called "bad" personalities might be the little ones out there, maybe, maybe not and some of the quiet ones are possible real "deep waters" with nothing to hide even if they play this role in MD, because they know what they are, they don´t need a playground to prove something to themselfs any longer. I think I can see this, read this out of word, I have a very deep intuition ...

I´d like to change the real world, but guess what I realised it changes itself through time I just have to tune into "her" speed to see the changing. MD is no exception in this case, how could it, the principles are working everywhere. There is no good or bad, not in MD nor in RL, not for me. So I let the bad ones play their roles and the good ones too, knowing that they might need it for themselfs to learn something or the only reason why they exist in this realm is that others learn something from them, both ways are mostly active, as I understand it.

I understand your point of view totally Curiose and on the other side I just see a principle as it works always so perfectly that nothing will change it. Everything changes always and nothing will change this. With this in mind I see that your post cannot change something like you would love to see, it´s not working like this - but it will work in another way, slower like a single puzzle one out of thousands.

For me there is a feeling wich one could describe as joy while I observe these unchangable principles working all the time - but on the other side I feel totally human with all my feelings and mostly stupid thoughts. I`m still trying to accept those two sides inside of myself. MD is not important - important is what we learn from it, from ourselfs being in it, acting in it, being hurt in it, feeling good in it. Our experiences are the key to the "everything is possible" - MD is just a mirror not more not less.

My 2 cents.

All the best


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Ignore you, Metal Buns? never.

In response, however, I have to use Dst as an example simply because of another thread going on:
There is a claim against Dst. There have been many claims against Dst. However, does Dst ever get in trouble? Does anyone ever publicly state any opposition to her [except Pipsticks and Fenrir]? Has anyone ever tried to change the fact that she's got more power and influence than she needs and thus, abuses it? Nope. Not a single one.

You people whine and groan and cry all the time about things that need to be changed. So why not whine cry and groan about the social aspect of MD? As MB said it, 3-4 people posted the same thing. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of MD. I'm frankly, tired of a lot of people in MD. And I know that nothing will change because no one cares. No one cares to get out of the muck their in and change. The apathy in this 'game,' 'world' whatever it is, is so smothering.

No, I'm not being negative. I'm being realistic because it is the TRUTH.

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I gotta agree on this with curiose... And gotta agree with mb lol... This is at least the 4th time this has been broughten up. I brought it up myself like 3 years ago... In the end there's not much to be done about it as everyone has semi-free will to do as they please when they please. As that is the main point of md it seems... to see how much you can get away with until you get banned or in jail, that is... lol

What is a lil catch is can you really say that what you do is best for newer players at all times?

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1. Take a break from MD and go to some place where you can actually let go of your frustration. You seem to be whining, ranting, yelling, screaming, verbally abusing people with stars (**) a lot nowadays. I miss the girl who used to gnaw people and worship that weird mushroom. Nowadays I'm like... 'This girl has become such a... banshee these days' -_-

2. MD has become a place way more controlled by laws and rules than before. For hell's sake there's a court. I wonder what you'd have done if you'd have joined MD in the Dark / Golden ages (matter of opinion here). Probably screamed your vocal cords to the level of attaining laryngeal carcinoma or something.

3. Dst... Lol. I see her as a BIG asset. Imagine MD without dst. Or people like dst. It'd would be like... A place where the criminals would go haywire. There would be no fear of being caught. She is a necessity if you ask me. Without people like her... Good lord. I do not see it as a harassment at all frankly. We wouldn't have known that Inno had cyber sex for one. We wouldn't have known about the many 'exploits' of fenrir for two. There's lots of positive stuff that I'm sure you can find out if you just ask the RIGHT people. RIGHT DOES NOT MEAN FENRIR OR THE ANTI - DST CORPORATION.

4. Sasha... *coughs* People scurry around her like ants around sweets when she's giving away freebies, me included (irrespective of how she got them). The same people (me not included this time) bitch about her alts when stuff is brought up in the announcements. So, erm... its basically how low people can fall. Sasha's alts and stuff has kinda become something like her role actually. I wouldn't be surprised if she went to the jail a few more times. Also, about wish point abuse, i am sure there are other people who have abused Wps using alts. Its just that they haven't been caught... yet. Proves that more famous/ infamous you are in MD, the riskier it gets for you.

5. Kings are not invincible. Both lifeline and jester were punished. It'd have been Epic to see you operate in the RPC era... They almost got away with anything and everything... =))

6. You seem to be very partial in your rant. I don't see you ranting about Eon who has been a major headache for quite a while with his skill damage. Is it because you are friends with him or something? or is it because you never have crits on defence? Or is it that you've failed to notice how people are suffering?

7. Also, when you fight for someone, try to know both sides of the story. its not always from your friend's point of view that you need to see things.

8. I miss Leixer now =))

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to respond to Nimrodel's points...

3. agreed that Dst does a lot of good by finding "criminals" (and no, finding Innocence doesn't count there :D), but who's gonna protect the realm from her criminal acts? We need 3 DSTs, actually, but 3 DSTs that hate each other :D

5. Kings are invincible, practically, for now, it just took a lot of self-destruct acts for them to go away. Lifeline resigned, and Jester jailed himself.

On topic, Curri, you're right, but all that corruption is present in the Real Life too, and I like being oppressed here, so I can learn to be oppressed better in RL :D
You can't please the world, and MD was made for people to gain some new experiences, which people do get... No pain, no gain.

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1. I am the way I am because quite frankly: I despise people. I hate them, I can't stand them. I usually hate someone or someTHING in regards to people fairly easily. I'm surprised I survived this long. I'm far from tolerant when it comes to dealing with people. Alright, let's hear you say it then. I am a B.I.T.C.H. And I agree. But I'm not being negative, I don't need people to pat me on the shoulder and ask me why the hell I am acting the way I am. I act because that's just how I am. If people don't like it, then well, that's their problem.

2. Probably. But then again, when it comes to rules and punishments, I'd probably just push the big red button.

3. There's good, but there is also bad.

4. I don't care. I only used Sasha as an example.

5. Let me use a quote from Jester: "I am Invincible." Happy? And how many times have you seen a King abuse their people yet get away with it? Hm? Oh, and one last thing: Jester does get away with verbally harassing and abusing his powers. He was punished a couple times, sure, but the thing is... he's done it again, and will continue to do so because that's just the way he is and that's all he ever cares about.

6. Rant? If I was ranting, I'd probably have used coarser language, and been a bit more bitchy. Oops, I said again. The things Eon do I don't consider to be harassment, or even something that people should be crying about in the first place. 90% of MD fights. So you get attacked. Big whoop. Fight back. And the thing is, he also now runs a contest, so... it all plays out.

7. I don't need someone preaching to me about what I should or shouldn't do in terms of finding facts, especially considering that what has happened, everyone 'knows' about it or at least some part of it. Especially when it's none of their business.

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many of the vets make good points on this particular post. This is by far not the first type of post, nor are you the first person to feel like this. Most all veterans who have and do play this game have gone through a similar period. Being an older person IRL I have learned long ago that creating such a uproar in ones own mind often tends to leave it with nothing more then more questions and an ulsur.

The main thing is to do what you enjoy. Enjoyment is the reason we play games, work so hard at our jobs, and put up with ALOT of other crap. If you truely no longer enjoy something no matter how hard you try its time to move on. Many vets have moved on, some in more graceful ways then others. Those of us that are still here learn to treasure those who we do enjoy.

I have not been nearly as active this last year as in years past. Many new people would know little if anything about Phantasm. You go and ask Z, DST, Sage, WIndy, Amoran, Mya, Peace. Firs, etc etc....and they would have a few good words to say. It is because I enjoy those people, and therefore made enjoyable time with them. THAT is what really matters at the end of the day.

By the way shameless offtopic plug of this. Z is one of my best friends and one of the greatest people I have ever known in this game. If you find yourself frustrated with the game or the drama, and you are truely willing to listen without your own judgement in the way, I think many who lose faith in the game would regain it as quickly as lost. Its getting to know people like that, that make all the "beef" a fine dinner amongst friends.

Hope that helps a little, where you are is not a fun place to be, many of us vets are/were right there.

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At the risk of committing sacrilege, MD is just a game. Unique and oddly addictive perhaps, but still just a game. If you are not being entertained in some fashion (positive or negative) it's time to walk away.

I suspect Curiose, you are being entertained by this effort. Not entertained fun, but entertained nevertheless. And that's ok.

- Phinn

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Write my opinion on this again and especially at this hour (almost 9am in the morning, after work) might result to unnecessary conflict and I do not have the strength for it either. But I agree with most things said already.

The reason I respond is only because I would like to say something for this part:

[quote name='Curiose' timestamp='1315341643' post='91607']
5. Let me use a quote from Jester: "I am Invincible." Happy? And how many times have you seen a King abuse their people yet get away with it? Hm? Oh, and one last thing: Jester does get away with verbally harassing and abusing his powers. He was punished a couple times, sure, but the thing is... he's done it again, and will continue to do so because that's just the way he is and that's all he ever cares about.

Do not speak of Jester as if you know him. I have known him for almost 3 years now and he is not the man you describe him to be. He may be crazy of sorts but he is one of the greatest minds MD has, yet only few know of this. He had his reasons, whatever they may were, whether they were bad or good we are not the ones to judge him. We can point fingers, yes, but in the end we are all judged by those who are in the position to judge us AND punish us. And Jester has been punished. And he won't be doing anything else because if you knew, Curie, Jester is finished with Kingship. He has no tools, no powers, nothing special results to no abuse. Let his case be an example for those in authority now.

That is all I wanted to say. I am not defending him or anything, nor I want to change with the objective of this post.

Instead of pointing fingers, think about it. We ourselves are to blame. We let this whole situation happen when we aren't doing the work we could. I am not saying 'should' because this game gives us enough freedom to use it to benefit ourselves or help others. Either we choose to stay still and be completely oblivious to what is happening around us or do something different and try harder to have the world we once knew and fell in love with back.

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First of all, I am a very new player, but I just simply want to state my opinion.

I also agree to some point with Phinneas. But this game is meant to be a lot more "real-life-seeming" than other games. It has a very good idea behind it and many people enjoy it a lot and becomes part of their every day routine. This is done because of 2 things:

- firstly, the people in it
- secondly, your importance, power and duties in game

For some people, the order is reversed.

Curiose, I didn't have the pleasure to talk to you, and maybe my words are of no importance, but different people desire different things. Don't judge what they want. Pleasure, happiness, love, power, all are subjective all the way. Why do you judge people who attack all the time? Or people who don't care about newbies? Yes, maybe it is not nice, but everyone does what they want in this virtual world. They CHOOSE what they want to represent.

You seem to be a very commited and helpful player who really wants to make a good difference and who stands up for what he thinks. For this, you have my admiration. I have met various kind of persons in this game, mostly good natured, but I am not myself an angel and I do make nasty things, but that is because I want it. I want to fight, I want to raise through power to the top. I will be helpful (at my age I can rarely be of any assistance, but I helped 2 people), but from how I see this game, fighting and socialization are 2 different matters. I can attack 100 times/day and I will get attacked 100 times/day. So what? I will probably do that. But socialization IS NOT that.

You pointed out DST. Yes, maybe some things were overlooked, but she makes things more interesting and she is an old player. What is good without evil ? Nothing. Do you want a world where everybody stands and does good stuff? Well, I sure do not. Life comes with various roles witch complement each other.

Also you pointed your frustration about nothing being changed in MD. Well, I don't think that. I see changes, and I see a lot of people who want to do something more important than their own person. They dedicate, they try and they may succed of not. You should see that, not the things you choose to see,

Like many people here, I suggest you just simply take a break and see if it's worth coming back.

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