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Editing Location "User Submitted Info"


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Recently I purchased a location. When I first put in my user submitted info, it was a temporary until I thought up the proper description. Or so I thought. Turns out you can not edit the User submitted info unless you WASTE a WP to repurchase the scene so you can re-edit the user submitted info.

Considering the depth of the WP to change a scene, and the fact you use a WP for the original scene change, shouldn't those who 'loan' the scene be able to edit the user submitted info?

I think so anyway. It would not only make it more helpful for those who initially purchase a scene without a proper description, but it would also allow us to change say daily specials at a pub, or current activities at said location. It would also help to promote events like flyers for those who pass the location.

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For one thing - I really don't like your use of the term "purchasing a location." The wish does not mean that you own a scene. It means that you have changed the subtitle of that scene... and that's all. No one really OWNS any locations...

And as for the user-submitted info, I like the way it is now. To me it was perfectly clear that once wished you cannot change the info unless you wish yet again. If it were possible to change the information at any time, then it really WOULD be purchasing a location.

So I think you ought to update your understanding of the wish.


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Scenes can be edited via council or a similar authority if something significant means that a scenes subtitle/description should change, but for now players will not be able to continually edit a scenes information.

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