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Vote for Cuddliest LHO

Princess Katt


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[quote name='Grido' timestamp='1316306837' post='92161']
Poll added (I presume that's fine with you Katt, apologies if it isn't) - the order of LHOs is directly from the interface I have for promotion/demotion, no idea why it's that order, but I appear to be top of it :P

Hmm... prefixed system!! I'm watching you little crazy insane Grido!

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Why do all girls go behind Mater shem, Burns and other LHOs?

Iam jealous now.

Well the truth is real men r
those who r brave enough to set fire to the underwears of MD staff.
those who good enough to gives headaches to forum mods ,
and those who dare to Poke the eyes of police under their nose
Ho yes iam talking about the Truthful, Kindhearted and good minded community of MD yes the FUGITIVES.

Real mens Farts :cool: Anyway i have voted -_-

Edited by Tipu
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Thanks much for the poll, Grido! It is exactly what I would have wanted!

Tipu, sorry, this is just not your poll. :(

Edit: Forgive me, Grido... I must have been giddy with the poll added. Thank you. I think you are cuddly, too.

Edited by Princess Katt
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