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Scene Theme Challenge!


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[center][center]Scene Theme Challenge! ('11)[/center][/center]
The GoE gets a make over for Christmas, MD's Birthday, and random events. What about the rest of MD? Don't you think that the Heretic's Hut would like some Halloween decorations? Or what about the Grassan's cave?

Find a scene in MD, and spice it up with some Halloween themed decorations!

The Rules:

1. Only Images found in MD may be used. You may alter the image(using photoshop or paint to draw onto it), but do not add outside materials to it. It must be a recognizeable MD image as well. (Small additions are allowed. Pumpkins, skeletons for example.)

2. One submission per player.

The Winner will be announced on Halloween, along with their prize. It's a hefty one like usual. ;)[/center][/center]

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Nice one, Great Wanderer!

Here's my entry:
Tree from Necrovion.
Skull, pumpkin and bats drawn in pencil and edited in Photoshop.

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[left][left]Beware when you pass by Sage's Keep, near Red Lake ... Rumor has it that an evil wookie is sleeping inside, and he's hungry! Metal bats are on the lookout.
[left][left]Featuring Stavaroiu and Metal Bunny's avatars, and a sword from Clash of Ages. Other elements and all editing in Gimp.
[left][left](Edit: just shrank the image a bit)[/left][/left]

Edited by Guillak
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The shades are having a party at the House of Liquid Dust. :)
A couple of the images are stock drawn photos available for free at a website, one's mine, and the rest are from no man's land.

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