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Easy way to jump to an offiocial public meeting location

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Yesterdays was Absurbly Blind Justice meeting. Although some ways were offered for players to be transported there, some have been left away. It's probably because there was not simple way to know instantaneously (automatically?) who wanted to join and then to get them at the meeting place. To add to the difficulty, the place was at an "unreachable" (for most players) forbidden location.

I suggest a button (or a spell) is created that anyone who wants to join such meeting in the future can do it without Mur or any other person action:

- Add a "Jump to public meeting location" button
- That button is activated when the meeting is open (by Mur or whatever authority he decides), with the appropriate jump location
- People who want to join just have to press the button and are automatically transported
- Button is deactivated manually or at server day reset (whichever occurs first)

I have no idea if that is technically feasible, however i believe that would save Mur's time and make more people happy when such a meeting occurs.

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I like this idea, with similar functionality to the current "jump to leader" that Alliance folks can use. (only valid when leader is online, but as Passant suggests, only valid when "official Meeting" setting is flagged somehow by the system)

My suggestion to this would be a method to de-teleport people afterwards. Perhaps to the Gazebo of Equalibrium? This would save Mur porting folks out that might be "stuck there" once the meeting is finished. Perhaps a similar button on the Meeting Interface (however that works?) to "Leave Meeting".

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  • Root Admin

it will be done, maybe also reversed to get in and out, two buttons, and let implications add their fun.

movelock for 1h for both in and out, jail escape will work but hey, there is the fugitive thing too...

maybe exiting takes you back to initial place, idk

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i do wanna say here that if this is added then the meetings could happen more often... Well not in the context that brought it here, but a general thing would be cool, maybe like once a month or something. People can talk about issues freely and such, kkiind of like a "Ask God thing" lol

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  • Root Admin

I was attempting to get such a thing done on the forums, Once a month people would submit questions, then vote for them, with the highest voted question being answerered by Mur... But as such i have heard little response in regards to that.

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Thanks a lot for implementing that for Halloween. It made my life (and I believe a lot of other lifes) easy. I loved to be able to jump in and out the party (almost) whenever I wished so.

It's good feeling when some suggestions are implemented that fast. :rolleyes:

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