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Eon's help


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Uh... Pip was just bashing on Pirate for a few days, the shared item abuses go back some months now. Eon was most likely doing actual work to track things and sent it to the proper people for weeks. Public attention is not what it takes to find abusers.

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None the less isn't it kind of odd that in that case it just 'happens' to be after Pip does his bashing that something actually gets done?

If the past and this incidence itself is anything to go by, public attention is often exactly what it takes, coupled with some other stuff.


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I don't want any rewards, I just want some proof. I did what I did in regards to Mighty Pirate for the community.

[color=#0000ff]Following discussion about punishments and knowing things split [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10933-taking-shared-tools/"]http://magicduel.inv...g-shared-tools/[/url][/color]

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i am not sure what you are asking for exactly. eon sent me screenshots and itc transfer copies he gathered regarding what he thought it was abused. i picked the top 3 winners and here it is. Do you want the screenshots or what exactly?

As far as i know he was the only one to actually contact me in this regard and claim the bounty. You know...as a bounty hunter you need to bring the pray to the sheriffs office not just scream somewhere you saw it. Do you want me to hunt your replies and look for who might have said something? You do realise this was not a quest i hope?! i needed someone to save me time not a reason to lose more time.

Anyone can contact me by email or forum pm, eon had no special treatment, he just did what nobody else did.

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I've got a question regarding the logs analysis (thanks for posting them Eno, BTW).

My question is in regards to the log showing jars going to |jester3214: I had seen those, but was unable to conclude that Mighty pirate was involved... until some more inquiries at GG place. Did I miss something?

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I would assume that's because the player ID is there, which makes it very easy to check who was involved.

And while I have no qualms with Nad collecting MB-only water tools, I am a bit disappointed to see that other tools (such as herb baskets, for example) was being hoarded this way too..

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First i want to say that if Eon have a unverified email on his main account or if there is a bug that makes her main account display such a message,
I'm very sorry to bring this up, my sincere appologies.

Second i'm one of the (probably few) that respects,understands and belives that Eon's role is a good asset to MD.
Do you like it or not i think there's little doubt about how very well the Eon role is being played.
Yes, i don't like skilldamage but since that MD is diferent..but still there are santuarys and we all are free to scatter across the realm evading Eon, trainning, siteseeing, making Eon a tea addict and mad because his unable to reach you!
It's very doable, its very easy and with nice friends is quite fun!

about the Reward..
Usually there is little or none advantage to the main account to use a alt to check the records, mostly is all about curiosity anyway.
But looks like this information have been used to claim a reward and by that benefict the main account... to me it's wrong and an abuse.
The funniest would be Eon next clain a bounty for having herself done this abuse! (in my opinion ofc)

Now.. What really matter is : fix the Server problems that haut us and let's play and enjoy MD!

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[quote name='awiiya' timestamp='1321550119' post='96042']
Eno was a typo in Passant's post.

Eon is his name in both the forum and in game.


Eno was the name of the account that took the logs and, as far as I know, is still is the Log Room. There is the unverified message at the top....

Many people park alts in the Log room though, so I don't see that big of a problem with it.
Even if you want to argue that the Eno character was the one who gathered the information, "Eno" still could've given it to "Eon" who could've collected the bounty. Like having an informant or something.

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Oops: seems I put a mess! Eno was a typo on my side (I'm used to typos!), but yes it's the ALT Eon is using in the log room. I was coming back from the log room when I posted teh previous message, so it may well be a "Freudian slip" :)

It's not big deal IMO, abd this thread is probably not about ALT abuse ;)

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Please do close it.

Thank you, Mur and Eon, for your cooperation.

PS: If you think it's alt abuse to take logs on an alt, I'm sure Eon could walk to the log room himself to make up for it, because that's all it would've taken, if those logs were gotten on an alt.

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