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Contacting the TKs


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[quote][color="#CCCCCC"]Ann. 2081 - [2011-11-14 03:59:22 - Stage 11][/color]
New email address for contacting the Treasure keepers, claim bounties, rewards, gifts, ask questions regarding rewards and anything involving the "Treasury": [b]treasury@magicduel.com[/b][/quote]

Now that this email is active, I would prefer that all questions concerning bounties, rewards, gifts, and sponsorships be directed to this email and not via forum/IG pm. You will get an answer far faster this way as it goes directly to my Blackberry.


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When you say you "prefer" apparently you mean any other communication you just reply with the email address.

It does not make my life easier, in any way, to email you when I can PM you in game (for info I've been trying to find out when he's online so I can collect some coins as reward for something).

I ~refuse~ to email the TK account, it delays matters my end because I don't often check the account I'd be emailing from, and I won't email you from an account I check more regularly. Does this refusal mean that I don't deserve rewards? Because it sounds rather like there's no other way to get them.

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You people don't get it, do you?

I am doing you ALL a favour by even doing this. Make MY life a bit easier by emailing the [email="treasury@magicduel.com"]treasury@magicduel.com[/email] account. It simplifies things by 100 fold. If you have to click a few buttons more, I am sorry, but when my tasks require me to check three different forms of communication, organize them all, and then execute what ever requests you have, it makes it harder for me.

So, PLEASE. Take the time to email [email="treasury@magicduel.com"]treasury@magicduel.com[/email] with your inquiries on rewards, sponsorships, and questions. It's not that difficult.

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