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How kings should have handled "eon issue"

Muratus del Mur

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  • Root Admin

First of all, this is addressed to those kings that found eon as a threat to their land, but also to those kings/queen that could have done something about it and didn't.

I am not telling such things when you could do them, because that would mean not to have kings but puppets. If kings can't figure out how to use their own authority, then thats their problem and also becomes land problem.

Some while ago i issued this announcement:

[quote][color="#CCCCCC"]Ann. 1891 - [2011-07-07 05:52:21 - Stage 10][/color]
[b]Summon group by tag - new spell[/b]
Land Leaders (3Kings/1Queen) are requested to find good use and the appropriate person for the following new spell, with the following limits/usage. The spell will be provided on a Memory Stone, an item that can be transfered to whoever they consider and will grant upon use a limited number of casts, then self destructs. The spell/ability will vanish once consumed or after 6 month. The spell should be granted to a citizen and not kept by the King/Queen itself. The King/Queen can grant the needed tags to associate this spell with a new or existing role, and this is a good reason for that. Once assigned to a person and associated tag, the spell can not be taken back till casts or validity time runs out.
What the spell does:
It summons all players with a certain predefined tag, as decided initially by the land leader, to the casters location. The one that will be granted this ability should also receive a descriptive tag/description about his role. There are no restrictions to what this role should be about or on who it applies. The assigned caster needs to be a citizen but except that, the leader can decide on what tag the spell applies, including tags not belonging to citizens of the land.[/quote]

[b]The needles require a group of people , from 3 to 25. All that kings could have done to permanently solve this eon problem was to assign a militia group. Kings can give tags, that spell can summon any group of people by tag, and the needle requires cause fights regardless if won or lost so ANYONE could have joined the militia. I am sure a lot of people, especialy new and enthusiastic ones, would have joinded such a fighting group.[/b]

So, this one was fast example of how kings authority could have saved the day. Just complaining will never do any good when the tools you need are already there..sorry...

I will continue with more examples of what kings could have done

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I could be wrong but I've always felt that one of MD's strengths is how it encourages (sometimes with a stick) creativity. While Mur has posted one way, I doubt that he thinks that this is the only thing that could have been done with that spell stone. There are probably several things that a King could have done with that particular spell... or done about Eon.

I don't mean this as a slight against any King because personally I don't remember that announcement at all so even as a citizen I couldn't have told my King any ideas I may have had in regards to it.

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There where actually a huge amount of things that people, not just the kings, could have done. The recent events with the needle have shown that.

Even without the needle, there are still plenty of ways this "issue" could have been dealt with.

I'm sorry, I support Mur here. The kings could have taken action here, however they didn't. This doesn't mean that they failed though, it just means they, and their citizens, didn't think of this solution themselves.
Personally, I don't think this even needed the kings to take action. It wouldn't have hurt, but it wasn't necessary.

[sub][sup]Then again, personally, I don't see Eon as a problem anyway >.>[/sup][/sub]

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  • Root Admin

but of course..that spell, and everythign else basically, have plenty of other uses.
The role of the kings was to find those uses, not to bug me about things that are not there and complain i dont do them. Instead, they should have used their authority to use things that are there.
Anyway, that is just one use of the summon by tag spell. An other use of this spell will be when illusions will be back in actions because then many players can share same tag temporarily so there is no need to assign them tags by anyone. The spell can be then predefined/hardcoded to a certain list of existing tags.
I am sorry but for a while i will try to develop things that won't require any human intervention to be used because you (all, not just the kings) fail to do so when basically invited.

Any of the citizens could have spotted that announcement and talk to their leaders about it, none probably did, so its not just the kings here. Kings were not supposed to be "one man shows". However, together with the authority they take also the responsability so i blame who i can so to speak...the leaders.

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I have to support mur it is up to the kings to use there powers as they see fit. However I have never had a problem with eon and I just don't see why people are so intently focused on him. I don't know if people feel threatened or just plain annoyed. If they are you can just hangout in the sanctuary for a while then leave later. Fighting is part of the game people.

Personally though I think having kings was a right move but I will not be entering a land with a king and am not swearing loyalty to any kingdom. I fail to see them visible in any of there factions. I fail to see leadership pacts or negotiation between them. I'm almost glad they resigned it leaves the seat open to somebody who may be willing to use there power to invoke action.

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[quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1321680665' post='96172']
Any of the citizens could have spotted that announcement and talk to their leaders about it, none probably did, so its not just the kings here. Kings were not supposed to be "one man shows". However, together with the authority they take also the responsability so i blame who i can so to speak...the leaders.[/quote]
I did speak to my king about this repeatedly. He however kept telling me he did not have this spell yet.
This goes for a number of other things as well. Things I would have liked to have done but that needed the consent of my king.

I'm not complaining here and this is not about Eon. I just want to point out that some of us did try to do things. But I for one get tired of trying when being told no repeatedly or when nobody want's to join in.

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[quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1321697437' post='96183']
Did any king ever use the spell? I know that in MB we got to a point where the MB council were discussing its use, and then it was completely forgotten and never mentioned again by handy.

Chewett, I did contact Mur about that spell for Princ, true not to be used in this manner, but if we had it in hand who knows what we would of thought up. I dont know why it
stopped there. (not forgotten)

I would like to try this summons spell with the memory stone out, to see how it worked.

[ edit--took out (and if), this was a reaction I don't like that I had. I also checked to see when I sent the message about the summons spell and at that time it also included two other ideas. It was on Oct 24 and It very well could of been to his phone, which I knew could mean it would get lost so I made a copy of message to send later if this was the case. Later meant I was without electricity and then internet for 11 days total (started on Oct 29). not an easy way to communicate. then again it might of gone to his regular YIM and was again up to me to contact him with more of what I wanted with all three ideas]

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I have not read all the stuff in here but mur your sample is flawed. I asked you details in chat about the spell and you would not answer. This was when you pulled the kings to a private location. I told you in chat what I thought the spell could be used for. You where suppose to give us the spell at that location but didn't give it a kept going on about other things. Since you ignored me and the other kings on that sell I figured you didn't want to bother with it.

So in essence you are as much at fault here for asking us to talk with you and then ignoring us because you decided something else was more important. Remover you called the kings to the location and told us it was to give us the spell and to explain the tags system but didnt do it even when asked

Sorry for bad spelling and formatting doing this from my iPhone

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  • Root Admin

how the f* could i give you a spell that is BOUND TO A TAG when you don't name that tag in the first place? What do you want? you think i will do a casual chat about each announcement i post just because you are to bored to read it fully??? You don't read what i write not even now, you say where is the spell, trying to see who you can shift the blame on. There were lots of ways to handle the situation, this was just one. I was waiting simply for the request accompanied by the tag it will work on... if say you waited for the spell first and then decide what it will be used on, you are just dragging.

I will give the spell out, for a testgroup, because i am sorry to see it move to md cellar and get forgotten there together with other many many things. Who will get it or why, that is something i will decide on the moment, please don't give me suggestions.

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Agin you say we assume. Agin you say we don't read. But the you do just that. As I said the chat was not casual in fact the reason YOU moved the kingship to the private location was to talk to us about that spell or at least that is what YOU said.

I don't care who may be at fault. I already admit that I am partly at fault for failing in areas but you are quick to shift the blame or even the focuse of what the issues are.

I don't care for the issues. In fact I used thinks in md and got punished for useing them so why would I bother useing more inventive way when you punish for it.

When I am more awake I may respond better another time. With regard eon I helped with taking action after waiting to see what the public could do with the needle but you seem to say we should not have waited???

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No, you shouldn't have waited for the public to test the needle, you should've done some tests yourself, and Mur may have talked about other things at your meeting about the tags spell, but it was announced back in July, what were you doing since then that you couldn't have asked him "Where is this spell you said you'd give us?". Of course, you could have also come up with any other solution, Mur is only saying what he would have done in your positions. As for whose fault it is, I don't think anybody cares at this point, because the fact remains that you didn't or couldn't solve the "problem" that Eon represents, in a way that was fair. That doesn't make you a bad king, it makes you human. We all have shortcomings, and in your place, I can't honestly say I would've done any different.

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Several posts moved to the general Eon topic (http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10966-teamwork-controversy-with-a-little-eon-around-the-corners/), please try to keep the discussion on KINGS and THEIR tools/abilities/ideas here for easier reading and answering.

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