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Since there are so many people who wish to set quests, at least according to Seig's information, but have certain problems to work their ideas out, i think there's a need to help those people to make sure MD doesn't miss out on the interesting ideas newbie bring forth.

For this purpose, we've created a group dedicated to help people with their quests.

If you have an idea for a quest, but don't know how to run it, please contact us to profit of our knowledge and networks.
If you are uncertain where your idea might lead to, send me a note and we'll see what we can make of it. Otherwise, feel free to contact one of our specialists directly, in most cases they'll be able to help you, and otherwise they'll know whom to ask :))

Tarquinus will be able to help you with quests and contests revolving around poems and other lyrical works and lore of the realm.

Phantom Orchid can handle all your issues with quests that lead to the depths of esoterics, dreams and psychology.

Shadowseeker might help with the creation of quests that requires tracking people and their progress through your story.

Chewett, the local coding expert, will almost always be able to make things we all consider impossible possible.

Fyrd Argentus is the specialist for all quests that pertain the history of the realm and our legends.

Kyphis will help with quests and contests that require the coordination of gatherings.

Yrthilian is known to lose his interest in things once they work, but if you have a very innovative idea, he will know how to make it work.

Marvolo will work with you when you want to set a quest or contest that works with arts and musics.

Amoran K Kol can help you when your quests require direct contact between different players.

Metal Bunny will take care of the most extreme quests in game, at least on weekends.

At last, contact me when you wish to host a battle contest, when you are uncertain who of us might be suited best for your ideas, or when you have problems to contact the helper of your choice.

[size=2]The more the merrier, of course, if you want to help newbie questmakers, contact me to be added to my list[/size][size=2] ;)[/size]

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Lyrics and such are among my strong points, but I know a bit about the realm, its lore, and its history. I also have a lot of experience writing for RPGs (and writing in general), and am available as an editor, sounding board, or factotum for quest writers of all levels of ability.

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I am available to help quest makers who want to incorporate esoteric elements, item crafting, personal exploration and/or psychology (MD based or not) into their quests.
I will also offer to put up quest related texts into clickables, but I do not know script and can only copy/paste.

Thanks for spearheading this Burns!

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