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MD Awards 2011 - Voting Now Up!


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Voting is now up! The voting page can be found by looking just below the trigger box (top right of the interface) next to the yellow triangle there.
You do not have to vote in every category, but we would prefer that you did.
If you vote for yourself, your votes will be ignored.
If multiple people from the same IP vote, and you cannot definitively prove that you are different individuals, both sets of votes will be discounted.
If alts vote (more than one account played by the same person), and you cannot definitively prove that you are different individuals, both sets of votes will be discounted.
Players under 20 active days are unable to vote.

Many apologies for the massive delay in the voting going up. There were timing conflicts with the co-ordinators, so trying to get a final list of nominees up proved lengthy.

In the end we went for 4 per category, we found that this was the fairest number to have a universal number of candidates per category. As such, you will note that players have been removed (this was from those with the least nominations) and others have been added to those that lacked 4 candidates (this was from discussion between the co-ordinators).
There are few exceptions to the above as the council and Mur were asked if they would like to put anyone forward for a category.

Voting will last until 2359 on 28th December, or until 100 votes have been received - whichever is sooner. The ceremony will hopefully take place at 2200 server time on Friday 30th December, inside Sage's Keep - I will put this in the triggers as soon as voting is over.

Please discuss any possible time issues with the ceremony, the 30th gives us a day (or so, depending when voting ends) to count up, and isn't new years eve, so shouldn't cause too many issues. It's also a Friday, so hopefully staying up late shouldn't cause too many issues (unless you're [url="http://www.slang.ie/index.php?county=all&entry=on+the+razz"]on the razz[/url]). I've said 2200 because I get back from working at approx 2000, and I'd like to settle in from that.
That all being said, the time is a little flexible if people have issues.

As nobody has offered to draw the awards this year, the pictures will be pending on the awards till a later date. I will endeavour to remedy this in the new year.

[log=Previous Threads and Ceremonies]2008
Can't seem to find the voting thread, pm me a link if you do please




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As nobody has stated issues, I assume the time and place are fine?

Unfortunately I have some less happy news, we have found some alts that have voted. All votes that they made have been discounted, and all associated accounts (whether they voted with them or not) will be restricted from voting in future awards.
I will list the accounts involved the day after the awards ceremony. If you admit to it prior to this, I will not name you, but the voting restriction will still be in place.

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Apologies about the delay in putting this up, here's the chat log of the MD Awards 2011, hosted by dst, Awiiya, and myself. It took place inside Sage's Keep.
[attachment=3571:MD Awards, Sage Keep Interior 2201-2358 (30.12.11, Day 363) edited.doc]

For those that don't want to go through the whole log to find the winners, below is a list of all the nominees, and next to them any awards that they won. Medals and Trophies will hopefully be distributed within the coming weeks, the artwork of the Trophies are pending finding an artist to draw them. Two different formats of winner list, depending on your preference;

[log=Players A-Z, all nominees, awards listed after]Amoran K Kol - Best Beautification(44/95), Best Spell Caster(39/85), The Golden Protector(46/106)
BFH Lightning - Outstanding Service To MD(77/100)
Chewett - Most Addicted(57/105)
Eon - Champion Fighter(40/100), Elite Evil Villain Of The Year(45/106)
Fyrd Argentus - Prime Quest(58/94), Top Techie(41/93)
Maebius - Adventuring Award(32/78)
Mya Celestia - Helper Of The Year(49/97)
Neno Veliki
Passant the Weak - Rookie Of The Year(42/98)
Phantom Orchid
Yrthilian - Fossil Of The Year(31/93)
Zleiphneir - Pre-eminent Role Player(55/90)[/log]
[log=Categories A-Z, Nominees after, Winners in blue]Adventuring Award - Brulant, Curiose, Lashtal, [color=#0000ff]Maebius(32/76)[/color]

Best Beautification - [color=#0000ff]Amoran K Kol(44/93)[/color], Dragonrider, Neno Veliki, Shape Shifter

Best Spell Caster - [color=#0000ff]Amoran K Kol(38/84)[/color], Azull, Eon, Shadowseeker

Champion Fighter - [color=#0000ff]Eon(40/98)[/color], Nadrolski, Pipstickz, Shadowseeker

Elite Evil Villain of the Year - [color=#0000ff]Eon(45/104)[/color], Jester, MRI, Tipu

Fossil of the year - Ivorak, Marvolo, MRAlyon, [color=#0000ff]Yrthilian(30/92)[/color]

Helper of the Year - Maebius, MRAlyon,[color=#0000ff] Mya Celestia(48/96)[/color], Shemhazaj

Most Addicted - [color=#0000ff]Chewett(55/103)[/color], Eon, Sephirah, Zleiphneir

Outstanding Service to MD - [color=#0000ff]BFH Lightning(75/98)[/color], Brulant, Eon, Seigheart

Pre-eminent Role Player - Azull, Eon, Ravenstrider, [color=#0000ff]Zleiphneir(55/90)[/color]

Prime Quest - Brulant, [color=#0000ff]Fyrd Argentus(56/92)[/color], Maebius, Phantom Orchid

Rookie of the year - Guillak, Jolla, Maebius, [color=#0000ff]Passant the Weak(40/96)[/color]

The Golden Protector - [color=#0000ff]Amoran K Kol(44/104)[/color], Azull, Burns, Shemhazaj

Top Techie - Burns, Chewett, [color=#0000ff]Fyrd Argentus(41/91)[/color], MRI[/log]

There will be an article with the speeches on md-archives.com in the coming days.

**The numbers above may vary from the chat log as we determined another couple alts after the awards were presented. This did not affect the winners.**

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Now we've done the nice bit, here's the naughty;

This is the naughty list of alts that were caught voting;
By alts, we mean as defined by the system.

dablo (ID:216561)
dabydaby (ID:164230)
Dagger (ID:218994)
Dakila (ID:207204)
denger (ID:216585)
Eagle Eye (ID:180715)
junejune (ID:164210)
KINGDOM (ID:187998)
MRKid (ID:187455)
Mystauruk (ID:201691)
Ratbert (ID:198665)
shadowwhisper (ID:91202)
smoothbeauty (ID:113939)
smoothsoft (ID:113928)
WHIsper (ID:168207)
They are multiple people, the accounts are just in alphabetical order.

These people will not be allowed to participate in any future MD Awards - there were warnings about this prior, and during, voting.
As it turns out, the winners would have been the same, regardless of the alts voting.

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