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GC Gathering Season Argument thread


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Excuse me Demon King ...Lord Tipu objects this...

Shop resets should be a global one and should not be available for any kind of rewards, auctions or for achievements.
If u want to auctions any shop items Plz go ahead but not shop resets. And if u r run short of $$$ yeah plz increase the resets as u wish but for everyone.

The above is the standard rule followed in all those FREE mmorpg. And u being a game developer for over 7 yrs should be knowing this better than me.

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The way I see it, since shop resets are usually free, but take a while to get, Eon is paying 30 gold to get something that is usually free, just faster: I say let him.

Though I don't really know how shop resets are given out most of the time, since I've only reset the shop once, and have never had no resets available.

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This is a little off topic but there is this thing that's been bugging me.
From the topics i have seen so far Eon placed 2 offers of 30gc, meaning 60gc total.
Thing is, i only see in his inventory a 20gc note and some silver. How can he offer amounts of gold that he dose not actually have?

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[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]i have similar question: lets say, i have 30 gc, can i "bid" like 20 of them for few made up wishes?[/font][/size]

[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]i want something A for 20gc[/font][/size]
[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]i want something B for 20gc[/font][/size]
[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]i want something C for 20gc[/font][/size]

[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]and then concentrate on one i can win if someone overbids, so leaving other 2 for others or voiding them? :)[/font][/size]
[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]i think it's closer to what Eon is trying to do (just a guess), and i'm not telling he can not, just wandering - can i? :P[/font][/size]

[font="verdana, geneva, sans-serif"][size=3]it doesn't look like someone gets hurt from such an action - it's just an offer of possible idea you can buy, and initial lowest price for it.[/size][/font]
[font="verdana, geneva, sans-serif"][size=3]if none wants it and i refuse to pay for it at the end, well... none gets hurt - that was my idea for myself primarily, no harm for others.[/size][/font]
[font="verdana, geneva, sans-serif"][size=3]this way just offers some sort of wider market of possible ideas/wishes someone is not able to come up with, but might want to buy it when he see it.[/size][/font]

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Again, i am sorry to drag this off topic but this is one great opportunity that i don`t plan on wasting.

Some time ago there was talk of Eon using alts to benefit his main by gathering information but because of lack of proof there was nothing that could be done.
[b]Any [/b]way alts could be used to help out their main is considered punishable and here we have a public evidence that Eon is using alts to store coins.

Edit: I agree that these post are off topic and hinder bidding, but i just want to point out that since this is a very special season where special things are been sold, tracking of the money flow should be more strict then usual.

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how is this proof? I'm not a big fan of Eon either, but eon-lovers could be holding coin for him. It is simply saying that not all coin is on Eon. For all we know NoOne or DST, Kyphis, or any other of Eons friends could be storing gold.

*edit* BTW i think all these posts should be wiped so that its easier for bidding process. Though i doubt anyone will be able toe ver outbid eon on anything it wants.

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storing coins on alt aint really helpful except the privacy part, but then again there should be done something about this, i mean, players that dont have ANY items except coins dont have that inventory button on them, so others cant know how much coins they have, which isnt case for other players with items, imo how much money person has should be private thing

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I refer specifically to the announcement at the bottom of [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/7444-item-swapping/page__st__25"]this[/url] post (announcement 1999).

It is alt abuse to use the funds of one of your accounts to purchase things for another of your accounts. The funds of one of your accounts may only be used to benefit that account or the account of someone who is not you. Useing the funds to benefit a different account of your own than the account holding the funds is alt abuse. Funds can refer to anything of value in MD (be that knowledge, coins, creatures, services, etc)
It is also against the rules to transfer items between alts.

As such, if you can prove Eon is doing either of them then you can prove alt abuse.

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[quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1327030639' post='101310']
The way I see it, since shop resets are usually free, but take a while to get, Eon is paying 30 gold to get something that is usually free, just faster: I say let him.

Though I don't really know how shop resets are given out most of the time, since I've only reset the shop once, and have never had no resets available.

No thats not the point uhm...if u know my language i would have explained u better.

Ever wonder why its called Free Mmorpg when u can put cash to purchase permanent powers. I will give u an Example :
Example :

Lets say MD started 2012 jan ..three players joins Pip , Tipu & COTS
So when we joined we had 2 shop resets as default and only creature available is Armor.
Now Cots wants to kick ur butts so he uses both the shop resets to token all his Armors. (left with zero resets)
And Pip have used only 1 shop rest and tokens his armors .U now left with 1 shop resets.(left with 1 resets)
And Tipu he doesn't use the shop at all and goes for stacking Free credits. (left with 2 resets )
So ranking in Jan 2012: 1 Cots , 2 PIP and 3 Tipu.

June 2012 : The MD have introduced Pimp Garsans( powerful than Armors ) as their new creatures.
Cots HO LA LA LA.....cos' now he doesn't have any tokens left for his Pimp. (left with zero resets)
Mean while Pip take this advantage and use his other remaining shop reset to tokens his Pimp. (left with zero resets)
elsewhere Tipu still haven't used his tokens and stacked a good amount of free credits (left with 2 resets)
So ranking in June 2012 : 1 Pip (cos of tokened pimp) 2 Cots and 3 Tipu

Dec 2012 : The MD intro. Rusty (powerful than both pimp and armors )
CotS Ho LA LA LA ...(Left with zero resets )
Pip HO LA LA LA ....( Left with Zero resets )
where else Tipu MUHAHAHA....(Left with 2 resets )
So ranking for Dec 1 Tipu ( he uses all his free credits + buy credits to token his rusty) 2 Pip and 3 Cots.

This is the basic hidden truth in all the Free games shop. This is never written anywhere or told as the numbers supporter for th game will drop thats bad for the game. Also this give the newb a good chance to outsmart the vets. Lets say someone joining in Aug 2012 (in the above example). He got two shop resets with rusty. Thats how the Game developers balances the realm with Vets and noobs and doesn't allow any single group to continue dominate tha game.

Yeah shop resets r free but remember whoever wins this auction will have 6 shop resets in total and others with 4 resets
so when a extra resets happens he will have 7 and others 5. So he still has the upper hand.

In other online games we have set value above which no one can cross ..just say like 1000US $. This means no matter what.. no players can buy shop items once he reaches this valve. But in MD we got no limits just like ur stats hehe...so Shop resets r the only limits we have..
It is actually ok since only one guy will win this but why me against this is co's ....if we allow this to happen now Demon king will start putting 'shopresets in tombola events.... then as a rewards for metal torture .....then as gift for whomever he sees fit ....cos' he can.... U know Demon king hehe...

Even i could collect 35 gc with credits and buy 2 shop resets so why still call it as " FREE Browser game" ah ????...
There should be a limit ...for everything ...remember for some $$$ is an unlimited resource .....hehe.

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first of all creat fighting aint whole point of game

second, its called free game coz you dont have to spend anythin if ya dont wish to nor ya have to pay just to start playing not you have to pay to continue playing like wow for example, so actual meaning of free game is that you have option of not payin at all

third, yeah it could be like what tipu said with aditional twists, if you join now... you dont get shop resets that players before you got, in md resets are given like once a year or so to all players regardless of everythin, and another shop reset is given to players that spent shop resets and bought all things from shop, this is done also once a year i think, well i personally have gotten myself 5 resets never used any, and i never was one of those big spenders so no additional resets for me and i started 4 years ago

forth, wtf are mods doin this whole thread should be separated from this offtopic bs and warnings given etc, sry for backset modding... but cmon

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I noticed a lot of discussion/argument about the two shop reset auction going on, so I thought I'd start this topic in the offtopic section of the forums to hopefully remove some clutter in the sale threads.

If there ends up being another controversial auction, people can post their thoughts on it in this thread, rather than the new one. Any other thoughts on the "two shop resets" auction can also be posted here, if people feel like it.

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