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Multipage Bug/Issue


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I keep getting the you have opened multipal pages
when i am moving around MD.
I am now getting this every few min as where i used to get it once a day
It is extreamly anoying.

I dont have any other windows open in my browser
I have this happining in FF, IE, Crome, Safari
So i guess this is not a browser issue

I dont even have anyother tabs open in the browser or other windows
This is making the game unplayable if i have to keep dealing with this issue

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no update done
Sam at all locations 3 diffrent BB providers
3 diffrent locations.

The only change on my end was i added browsers :P
the issue was alway there but only happed say once per hour. so was not an issue
but in the last 2/3 days it has beome nearly every 5/10 min.

I have even trying it from 2 other systems just in case and same issue on thoes systems

edit just to add.
So far in the last 20 min it has not happened again.
and it has happened again :P
at least it is talking a bit longer this time

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Well If I open up two browers and shut one down while in idel mode then bring it up in another browser I get this screen. The reason is actually likely linked to you using different browsers. Most browsers have a similar core code and clicking the little X button at the top doesent mean turn off it just means get rid of the window. Alot of browsers run in the background in order to be able to open and access things quicker.

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you miss understand my browser info.
I tested on diffrent browsers. I dont actualy use diffrent browsers
they are there for testing my code in my class.

I only use FF for MD. When i started having the issues i tested in other browsers to see if it was FF that was the issue
I also done this with IE on a seerat system that has no multi browsers.

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This should be resolved, if its not make a new bug report.


Ann. 3305 - [2015-01-16 21:06:15 - Stage 12] - Permalink - Posted By Muratus del Mur 
Idle window bug when traveling fast was fixed, if you still see the idle mode window (red), try cleaning cache (or press ctrl+F5) first, and if it still happens , post on the forum.

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