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KONY 2012


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Watch this and take action. Don't let things like this happen. This isn't spam, it's really rather important. Not just for the US but for the whole world.

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You misunderstand sir! I do not care for the charity at all. Along with, they don't want our troops to get directly involved, more or less just train and teach those soldiers that are, how to better deal with it. Do not write me off as blindly following this. I've thought it through and I follow the idea, not the group or charity. I would join the group to defeat Kony, but nothing further.

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I posted the IC video to Facebook, yanked it down after reading Chewy's link, and now I'm thinking of putting it up again. The comments below a similar article are [url="http://www.wrongingrights.com/2009/03/worst-idea-ever.html/"]interesting and instructive[/url]. It boils down to this: are IC oversimplifying the situation in central Africa? Yes. Is the enemy of your enemy always your friend? No. But what these kids at IC have done seems to me, on balance, to be a highly positive thing.

Chewy is absolutely right when he encourages us to look more closely, but I have to ponder the fact that this collegiate initiative called my attention to something I didn't know about. I'm reminded of the time I tutored a lad who was being made to read [url="http://www.amazon.com/Wish-Inform-Tomorrow-Killed-Families/dp/0312243359"][i]We Wish To Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families[/i][/url], so I bought a copy and read it. I was absolutely appalled... but since I read it, I've paid a lot more attention to things going on in Africa than I ever had before. That seems like a good thing.

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"Joseph Kony was committing crimes for twenty years and no one cared", "When my friends and I came back from Uganda we thought if the government knew, they would do something to stop him. But everyone in Washington we talked to said that there is no way the United States will ever get involved". These are quotes from the Kony 2012 video, but ever heard of Operation Lightning Thunder anybody? In t...he Kony 2012 video it claims that if what has happened in Uganda for years "happened one night in America it would be on the cover of Newsweek". And that's true. But it's also true that what has happened in Uganda has been in the news for years. The lack of awareness about Kony is not the government's fault as the video makes it seem, it is ours for not paying attention to the news and it is our fault alone. But, you know what? The government did something about Kony even when we didn't care. The Kony 2012 video claims the exact opposite— they falsely claim a lot of things. I think that what we take from this romanticized video should not be that it is up to us to make Kony famous, but that it is up to us to be aware of what is going on in this world. And that involves more than watching one 30 minute video on YouTube. They want to hear our voice? Well a voice is one part fact one part opinion, not the regurgitative bleating of a lamb. We must read the news, watch the news, read blogs, watch vlogs, talk to people, work with people, and essentially take as much information from this world as we can, because eventually we'll find truth. The Kony movement may seem to act on justice, but it is no justice to sit back and blame others for our ignorance. We must stand up and admit we are wrong, not sit at our computers and poster the town in the dark of the night. We have to bare ourselves to the daylight and take from our mistakes. Yes it is the harder thing to do, and it is harder still to commit to the finding and spreading of truth, but that is how we move to justice. Because, if you look at history, you'll find that the world's super villains were built on the people's ignorance.

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So I've been following the development of this massive viral phenomenon that one aid worker has characterized as [url="http://www.humanicontrarian.com/2012/03/09/284/"]the Bieberization of the aid industry[/url]. [url="http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/spotlight/konydebate/"]The more I find out[/url], the [url="http://blogs.aljazeera.com/africa/2012/03/14/ugandans-react-anger-kony-video"]less happy I am[/url]. Thought I'd post [url="http://blog.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2012/03/07/guest_post_joseph_kony_is_not_in_uganda_and_other_complicated_things"]these things[/url] here.

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