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WTS Supercharged Heat stone

Fang Archbane

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[center]I recently came upon a Supercharged Heat stone o-o[/center]

[center]upon use, it shall give you 30 casts of the -obvious- spell it provides o-o[/center]

[center]seeing as how my max VE is 16k... it cant really be put to much good use. by me o-o[/center]

[center]so ive decided to sell it D:!

now then. bidding starts at 1 gold (to reduce spam) GO O:![/center]

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aaaaaaaand Seig has exceeded expectations o-o

Thus, if the bid does not go any higher by mid day tommorow, we shall have a new owner of a Supercharged Heat Stone D:!

(and of course i have people id never sell to so dont even try cough cough eon cough cough)


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