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Something wrong with the security letters for logging in?


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When logging in, I found that the security letters were marked as invalid every time, no matter how many times I allowed it to retry. Eventually I pressed the [reload] button next to the letters and then the system let me in. To make sure it wasn't just an anomaly I tried this again with reloading and without reloading on two different computers over the course of a couple of days, and got the same results every single time, which leads me to believe that either I am getting them all wrong until I click reload and then getting the first one every time, or (several thousand times more likely) there's a bug which is causing this.

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Or you've got a super slow internet-connection and work super fast. I've got two different speeds at home and at college, and when my college bandwidth is pretty busy, i can see the old letters when i refresh the page for a second. Those don't work, because they're the old letters.

I can only guess why they'd appear again, Chewett can probably tell... I just know they do :))
The letters get invalid when you wait too long, too, that happens occasionally when you just open MD and then do something else before you try to log in.

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  • Root Admin

From what iv noticed with various *cough* alts, is behavior as such:

Whenever you load the page, you load a sub page that includes the letters

Each time the sub page is loaded, you get a new load of letters corrsponding to that.

The code only works on the current "set" of letters, Which means if you open a authentication page one, then open another one in another tab, only the second set of letters will work, but they will work in either tab becuase it doesnt know what the image you are currently looking at work, but only what it "should" look like.

Since there have been no other reported issues with the login system, im more inclined to think towards there are some funny settings your end.

Its possible that <something> is doing funny things and reloading the sub page multiple times without loading the image, meaning you are seeing an image that doesnt correspond to the current set.

Are you definately opening only one tab
Have no other tabs for MD open
Have no other browsers with MD logged in
Are sure that no other accounts are logged in, while you are trying to log in (checking can be done by visiting magicduel.com/layout.php and seeing if it loads the auth page or MD)
Are you sure you are not "playing around" with the session data?
Are you sure you are not "playing around" with the cookie data?

Whats your Browser and OS?

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When I have this problem I don't have any other tabs or windows with MD open (since I don't play any alts) so I don't think that's what's causing it.
I don't think I'm playing around with any of the session or cookie data.
My browser is Chrome and the operating system is Windows 7.

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The answer is simple.

Im going to guess you have the MD toolbar downloaded.

If your toolbar "loads" after your page, then the toolbar letters are the "newest" ones and the "correct" ones.

I have the same issue sometimes =]

I simply minimize the toolbar and refresh ^^

The reason you "refreshing" the pages captcha works, is because that makes THOSE letters the newest, and correct ones, the MD toolbar is now old, and incorrect.

Glad I could help ^_^

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