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Grasan I Information Display


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I will confirm an alt of mine ust got Grasans up to upgradable level today. I see the same thing. Want a screenshot?

Strangely enough, I can not get the CTC for this creature, as the captcha doesnt' show up on the creature details either.
Other creatures I have in my inventory seem to be working fine.


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Mine alt's are fresh, bound in Tutorial-mode, and just upgrade-able this week. I had not done so as I was considering what "resources" to have themn produce yet.
I bound them, oh, probably a month and a half ago.

Maebius-me is also slowly raising a fresh one to try at MP5, I just picked up today, but it won't be ready for a little while yet.

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Same applies for pimps.


This one along with three other pimps show the same picture. They have been traded a few times already.

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The information box about special names for Grasan II that appears when the Grasan I is ready to display messes up the display. All the stat information gets moved into the normally unviewable section to the right of the page, centered to the box below.

This is because the information about special names is all on one line, with no line breaks.

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I ~may~ have just fixed this through translation interface, can someone please check?

Note: This would only fix the English version of the text, I have no idea if there are other languages for that text, but it won't have fixed them.
This is very much a botch fix.

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