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BHC Fixing


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I got a hold of a Fierce Needle of Feebleness.

I would like to gather everyone in a few days time, to Needle Eon during the Second Stage of the BHC.

Why? To prevent him from winning another Skill Damage reward.

So, as soon as the Second Stage starts, I will be personally making sure that Eon losses this contest.

Feel free to attend. :)

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You know stage II starts at 400k score and there probably won't be many head balls arround as they'll be taken offline, right? As well as that, even if Eon had 0 stats in all during stage I, it'd be impossible to stop him from taking heads due to spells and there isn't anyone who can chase him in tribunals.

As I said: It's not the stats.

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What Lightsage is saying has little to do with items. He is saying that once Eon has 400k, he will destroy all available heads and then sit at a hill while nobody can get enough score to challenge him because nobody's trying.

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I know. But piling up tea won't help. Eon does the same and you'll still take 40x or so as long as him to move about the East.

If you're suggesting we kill him, that'd be rather bad sportsmanship.

EDIT (@Pip): Nobody is trying because it's no fun.

Edited by lightsage
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Not enough are trying not because it's no fun. For some, it requires time, which they can't afford spending right now. It's fun every time, it's educating, but from my observations RL comes into play too much recently. I am seeing less people more due such reasons, than Eon's skill dmg.

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