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Fictionist Scene

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Based on my moderate understanding of code stuff: it'd just be a matter of figuring out what exactly clicking the arrow tells the game that changes your location, then writing some script that tells the database directly, therefore bypassing the need to load the scene and click the arrow?

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  • Root Admin

not exactly, its slightly more complicated than that. :D

Sieg, i trust you used locate on Eon to see what his tracks said? it would seem the first thing i would do, then you could have seen if he moved there, ect.

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[quote name='Fire Starter' timestamp='1338468544' post='113233']
But, as we all know, locate isn't quite working on Eon, and in the East :D

As we all know, as you said surely, that it works provided he hasnt logged of, unless you have changed your view on what was going wrong with it?

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I had summoned him to GoE, with the spell.

I then went to attack him with the weakening fight thing.

It said he wasnt there any longer.

So I checked the BHC location thingy, and it said he was back at Fictionist.

Also, it's impossible to make it to the Fictionist Scene that fast, no matter how good your internet connection is.

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Clearly he did get there that fast, so it's not impossible, whether he got there through regular means is the question.

Are you certain your spell worked? Gotta ask, just in case.

I take it that's a no on using locate on him?

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I did use locate on him, just to make sure.

And he did indeed show up at Fictionist scene.

And by "making it there" I meant, by walking.

There weren't any spell triggers that appeared, so he didn't cast a spell, nor were there any footprints leading to the LotE that were Eons.

Only possible explanation is that Eon has an item that teleports him, or [insert other explanation here]

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  • Root Admin

Since we know of no spell, nor other means of doing this, i would say the most likely reason is that he indeed did walk, OR used some method that we clearly dont know about.

Eitherway, asking for more information will be entirely unproductive. Just because you dont believe he can do it, doesnt mean he cant.

you would probably name numerous things iv done "impossible" because you havent thought of how or cannot comprehend it.

And if there were some "state secret" it wouldnt be a very good one if someone told you, because you asked lol

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