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Unable to upload Avatar drawings.

Sir Noobalot

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Today, I tried to submit a drawing I drew yesterday, and one a couple days ago, and it wouldn't let me upload it. I read tutorials on how to make a transparent GIF file and such, and some of the local players gave me some suggestions to contrast the picture more.

I'll tell you what I did, I got rid of the white background, then I make the drawing a separate layer, which I don't know how I actually did, sadly. Then I used contrast, and black and white. Then I did what I found on the fourms. (Even though I got rid of the background, but not change it into a biege background. D:)

I think spent a couple of hours of today doing this. But, Chewett suggested me to email the address he gave, in which I did. Since I will probably be asked to provide a screenshot, I'll provide it with the error, then the two drawings. (Which I submitted on Photobucket.)

For the error, I think it is just me, or something else..?

This one was first out of all, and was denied the fasted before the second picture.

This one toke longer to get denied, which is rather strange. I sent both of this images to the email for avatar drawings a couple hours ago.

I have also been inactive, never bought a avatar, and I need a hug soon or later.

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We have another player that cant upload avatars. Kazz gets the same message as Sir Noobalot. Error(s) found: PERMISSION DENIED (GIF) UNABLE TO TRANSFER FILE, YOU MIGHT NEED MORE PERMISIONS.
Anybody know what causes this?

I uploaded the same file for testing without any problems so i guess file is not a problem.

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I have also attempted to upload a avatar that I drew and it told me the same ([font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif"][color="#282828"]Error(s) found: PERMISSION DENIED (GIF) UNABLE TO TRANSFER FILE, YOU MIGHT NEED MORE PERMISSIOnS). I asked Shadowseeker to help me test and it uploaded for him. I am not associated with anyone banned from uploading, the system thinks Jolla and I are alts because we live together and use the same internet connection, but he does nothing with avatars or anything bad for that matter, and I have admin rights on my system.[/color][/font]

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