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Dante's Avatar Attempts

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EDIT: current avatars that are either not uploaded or in my vault...and thus for sale: 0!

Ok, I can draw a bit. I also failed to finish any drawing in the last 5 years (could even be 10) before coming here.
And dealing with the size conversion has prove somewhat tricky as wll.

There, I reckon that's enough excuses to lend me a bit of startup credit.

My second attempt at an avatar (the first is already in the store)


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And another thing I flung together during work. Moments of pondering about code turned into scribbling, turned into this.


I should stop scribbling and probably upload them, but well, the scribbling part is more fun

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And a little sneak preview/work in progress.

It might never become an avatar, on account of it dying a horrible death as i downscale it, but we'll see about that later
Still, if it does die, i'll show the result and you can all grimace :)

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i can probably make some more scans of the last work in progress, and recreate the first step. which is probably the most vital.
The ones above are probably the middle step, shading..and reshading..and deciding it still is horrid and re-reshading is the final on.
The first is just basic composition, drawing ovals, some referral lines, i'll show that step next time I reckon. For it is the most important, it is where you determine pose as well as the length of limbs, which is probably one of the most glaring errors you can have in a drawing. People will automatically be able to see if limbs are 'wrong', something about the human mind.

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Dante, could you draw me an assassin avatar? something that looks a bit like the guy in my papers? i'd like an avatar but i've always wanted it to be drawn by a great artist, and without a doubt you're better than i could've hoped for! :)

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I'll need to think of some quick concept I can scribble down. This requires a creative brain (mine isn't right now on account of the consummation of copious amount of alcohol last night), therefor, it is unpredictable and make take up to a week before I find something I am happy with. Whe I do got a quick little dodle, I'll let you know

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Ok, a little show into how I tend to start out can be found here
That's step 0, scribbling down something that resembles an idea.
(also please do not mistake me for some organizied type and now expect my next post will be automatically a show of step 1, cause I still have to shade my previous work in progress)
[url="http://markbiermann.nl/Images/3darkdemon023.jpg"]dark demon trials[/url]

And proof I keep getting distracted, some avatar work from during my lunch break

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