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Rearranging Bestiaries


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I would suggest that a player is able to rearrange (manually) the order of creatures within their bestiaries.

I mean both within a single one, and should you have more than one, between books.

If they're for collating and such, surely you should be able to rearrange them into a more appealing order?

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I wasn't suggesting rewriting the reason or whatever. I was suggesting placing the pages in a different order, like with a scrap book you would be able to take a page out of one, and put it into another, or swap round the order of them.

Fine with not changing the text, but why are you against the idea or rearranging the order of them?

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[quote name='Seigheart' timestamp='1346878231' post='121474']
Because, when you write a book, you write from the start, and then continue along until you reach the finish.
It is obvious you have never written a book before.

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Also, I don't know how many creatures you have immortalized, Seigheart, but in my case of six, I did not sacrrifice them in the order you see them and I know that from the sequences of each text given. The creatures where displayed by order of ID if you had noticed them.

So, for me I do like this idea.

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Odd, mine were in order of when I sacced them, which also relates to their id, so I never noticed.

And no, I have not written an actual novel before. But when I write in a book, I write on the first page, and when it's full, I move to the second, etc.

I also read it that was as well.

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