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Tool for Quest Sponsorship


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Due to the great efforts of Dark Raptor, the TKs now have an official form for players to ask for sponsorship.

This way, if you want sponsorship, you will have a guaranteed way of making sure the TKs see your quest/festival/etc.

Fill out the form, located in the little plant on the bottom right of the GoE, and submit it to us!

Myself, ZenTao, Fang, and Child are all capable of seeing/approving/disapproving every request.

Good luck, and have fun building quests! :)


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Archives and Tribunal are full of viscosity, and if I'm low on AP, I'd rather send an email than trudge through that (well, not for Tribunal for me personally, but generally speaking). GoE doesn't relate to Treasure Keepers very much, but it does hint at rewards and common ground for anybody who's been around long enough to see some special occasions and festivals and obviously, it's easily accessible. As for visibility, I would agree, that clickable is tiny and stuff.

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I agree with pipstickz

Putting it in highviscosity place dont make sence

If that form is to easy contact tresory keepers lets keep it in low viscosity place

It its a so bother to Mur, i suggest to have Tk put an emal adress or a forum thread or some other easy mean of contact ...

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