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Hi, I have a question!

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First off, I am very very new to furoms and online games in general. I have just started Magic Duel and it seems this RPG

game if you will call it that, whatever that means is very interesting to say the least. I was wondering if I had someone to help

me out in general. Mainly about everything, eh! It sounds desperate or like I just crawled out from a rock. I believe furoms are

for sharing so I just want to say I am new and very social, you can never have enough friends. I like to talk about everything,

Inflation theory, Dark matter all the way to what color sock's Jerry Springer was wearing today! I do not take sides on politics

but I love to talk about it though. I believe there is no slavery only Ignorance! This is my very first furom post by the way.

Thanks for listening! reply anytime! especially about helping me!

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Welcome to Magic Duel!

You can find a lot of useful information at the sign in the Marble Dale park (where you start after story mode) as well as a few quests to help you get familiar with the realm in general. Nowadays most people can be found at the Gazebo of Equilibrium, two scenes down from the park, so you can always go and ask there if you're stuck, or you're just looking for someone to chat with.

Myself I can usually be found at the Paper Cabin (where you start out completely at the beginning) and you can always ask me or send me a message if you want as well.


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Dark, something like that ought to get posted. I could suggest a number places. Then you just need to reply with a link when it comes up...

Merlin, most of us are happy to answer questions -- when you can find us. Just remember half the game is exploring for yourself. Well, not half, but.....

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