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A Wish option to change principles in Principles Charge


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I'll start by saying that i dont know if it is or not an option implemented, to do this thing, but i tink it would be verry useful idea to implement a wish option in the "Wish Shop" like the one in the topic name.

And i say this because, from a while, i began to feel differently this game, and i got involved in various things, like socializing, making commerce, fighting, and even spendind some money in the Shop.
I reached a certain point when i saw that the principles can be combinated and get new things if they are choised well. And here i come with the reason of this idea...
It would be nice to have that option because, maybe i choised wrong the principles, or cannot be combined, or maybe i want to play a different style... more offensive or more defensive...
I started this topic, and i will be glad if you will tell an opinion about, if it is good or not to be implemented,and if it is...to be for one or for all the principles choises,... or the place where it could be placed...

Thank you, and i hope that i have not bored you too much.

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[quote name='Kyphis the Bard' timestamp='1352094667' post='124980']
Hmm... odd, I was already under the impression it was possible to alter ones principles, if you knew how. Its not even that hard to learn...

Ah well, c'est la vie

Actually there was a time when Mur tested something: creatures draining principles. But unfortunatley that proved a big...bug. So maybe that's what you're remembering.

Also, the idea will probably never be implemented [u][b]because[/b][/u] of the tokens.

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It's really a shame though.. I had principle choices that were especially tailored to my role (I even reset my account during the very early days so I can repick my principles once I knew what role I wanted to pursue), but that went to drain because the bug on the test mentioned above.

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