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Double the Trouble

Kaijin W.

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[quote name='purplebunny' timestamp='1354352707' post='126967']
*giggles* Kaijin phoned me this morning to tell me that her 2 yr old put the names "Dalek" and "Spongebob" into the pot for possible names for her younger brothers! Too funny!!


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LMAO! Grido :P No, one name of each suggestion into the pot!

If anyone has any suggestions feel free to suggest!

To be clear: we are NOT going to be picking 2 names randomly out of the pot lol they are just going in there so we don't forget about them. Though there are already a few favourites. I think it is possible that they may have second names lol

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*evil laugh* I've kept the following names to put into the pot when Kaijin arrives later on...

Chewett: Lord Vader this one I like! *giggles*

Nimrodel: Grido and Chewett just for the fun of it! lol

Dark Demon: Rob and Bert: lol reminds me of Bert and Ernie from Seasme Street lol

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Oh what fun you all are having! purplebunny more so I think! She's added Macbeth, Othello, Oberon, Lysander, Puck, Dimitri, Dominic, Vladimir, Jorah, Rickon, Rodrik and Thoth to the pot! Though I admit to liking Lysander, Dimitri, Dominic, Vladimir, Jorah and Rickon. Even Thoth has a certain ring to it :)

Ser Chewett: Lord Vader? lol though I see purplebunny failed to mention that she was besotted by him when she was younger!

Keep them coming, this is fun and interesting to see what you all come up with!

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lol poor dst! i knew what you meant :) Kaijin is just off the phone, she's doing well :) last night her brothers added the following to the pot:

Iggy, Hendrix, Sinatra, Lemmy, Dylan and Moriarty.

I don't think Kaijin has mentioned this yet but she has the following names from A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones in the pot as well:

Tywin, Tytos, Eddard, Gregor and Sandor. Some of the names I've added are from the books too.

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Double the Trouble, eh? In that case, I recommend Eris and Kali! :wub: Yeah.. no.
Alice and Genie
Alice and Cat



Yuri and Yuri

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