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Reading a book or two ...

Sephirah Caelum

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Hello players,

until the end of[size=5] February[/size] I'll post here questions about a book I'm rereading now. Who answer first and better,[size=5] [b][u]in game or Forum[/u][/b][/size], the passage I'm asking [i][b]here[/b][/i] wins.

By the way, the book is the portuguese version of[color=#006400][b] TISTOU LES POUCES VERT[/b][/color], by Maurice Druon (of course you don't need to read the portuguese version nor the france version, read from the language you wish).

[size=5]Prizes: 01 Creature or 01 attacklock stone or 01 movelock stone.[/size]

Enjoy and good luck.

PS: Please, question by PM (Forum or Game).

[color=#ff0000][b]Question[/b][/color]: What observations the teacher of the garden class and the teacher of the prison gave to Tistou?

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If you really really need to:


etc. :cool:

I'm going through it now, I totally forgot about this until now, but am at chapter 7. Very interesting!
I don't think I'll make the deadline though, as I have some big work projects to finish by Saturday. :(

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Because of Maebius I'll extend the quest until the end of [color=#ff0000][u][b]February[/b][/u][/color], so I can give more time to you read the book.

Generous Madmen, aka gen76, I hope the hard way is not going at the Library, maybe with this extended period your way is better.

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