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Calendar restructure?


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I would like to point out to something I deem as a problem.
Currently, the calendar points out some modern events - holocaust memorial (saw it in today's calendar), independence day for various countries and such. Obviously, the people that worked on the calendar invested a lot of energy to get all that information, so it's not that I post this without troubles, I don't want people to feel like I'm throwing their work away.

Still, I have to say what I feel is right about the subject, because I think the MD calendar can (and will) be a great thing for our realm (especially with these in game events being scheduled).

Since MD game focuses on the human mind, I believe our calendar should kick out all real life events that aren't based on some symbolical mythological story/festivity that focuses on ancient intuitive perception of existence, humanity, of human behavior and its nature. Something that can be brought in connection with MD things. I don't think the holocaust[b]*[/b] and independence day of Honduras can be brought in connection with our realm (even though they should both be very respected in reality).
Symbolical events that would 'empower' appropriate RPs done in the same day. Calendar can have a great role in our game.

This is not a small detail that can be changed on a whim of an individual, so I am posting it here to see for some possible support of the community so that the project becomes embraced and under schedule. I would be willing to help out a lot, if it becomes a reality.
I don't know who decided, when or why to pursue this current modern direction of the calendar, but I think it needs to be changed asap.

[b][size="1"]*Well, the holocaust can, it is very much about the human behavior although it would create an awkward ambient if used in MD, you would agree. Since the monstrosity did then is a human thing, it implies the interpretation of the event gets two sides in MD, which is a big problem for this particular case. Monstrosity of humans should be looked in some more ancient and harmless example, fictional perhaps (myths).[/size][/b]

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I feel that it should have no censur as for what holidays to point out in the calandar or make it an calandar with only relate MD things like opening of necrovion, when people of MD mythology and relate to journal apend. but for that it should be an problem as the time keeping seem weird in MD style ...

so i mean things like
- medal or some honour or event that has apend in either MD mythology or history

who can say that holocaust is not fitting , one can argue that its relate to necrovion as for death or something like that .. same thing for any other holidays one can come up with, one can made up an explantation far etche or not

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The current calendar involved tons of work so I would not want to see the efforts of the players tossed away.
What I would do is implement a second calendar. One that has all the things you've mentioned. And players can choose which one they want to see ( through a small tick or something) or choose to see both.

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