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Funeral for Friend


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[b]Molquert as many know has been deceased some time. Since it appears Mol will stay that way, we the CT's, are going to lay the body to rest.[/b]

[b]Sunday Feb 10th starting at 16:00 server time, there will be a procession for Molquert. Since bodies are at times difficult to move, we wish to do a long march with people that will carry Molquert to the destination. We will leave from GoE at 16:00 hours and walk into the East lands. We are going to prepare a place in the wooded area right before you reach the Temple. I know visc is an issue, but if we gather enough people we will wipe out visc as we go. This also will help some newer people who have never been to the East before get a chance to see part of it. [/b]

[b]I hope that we will all be able to move together. IF/when people run out of AP I would like us to all stop and wait so that the procession can all t[/b][b]ravel together. When we stop there will be cake, prizes, and little games to keep us all entertained. Please stay with the group and let us celebrate the person we know as Molquert.[/b]

[b]Any questions or are willing to help with tea and cake please pm me in game or forum.[/b]

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ok lets try this and see how it goes, Here is the log from the Funeral i hope:D
*edit* Yup there we go. Set in spoiler as it is quite long. The name of the location and subtitle as well were changes to reflect upon this occasion in rememberance of Molquert.

[spoiler]Feb 10 14:29:11 : phantasm yawns and stretches
Feb 10 15:05:57 phantasm: ah whhat a beautiful day
Feb 10 15:06:44 : Molquert 's corpse stinks in agreement...
Feb 10 15:09:25 Sephirah Caelum: yep! the Sun shines bright!
Feb 10 15:10:29 : Sephirah Caelum takes some flowers and puts over Molquert's body
Feb 10 15:11:05 phantasm: i do not think that will help with the stench *chuckles*
Feb 10 15:13:56 : Sephirah Caelum smiles
Feb 10 15:13:59 : ignnus takes out the handkerchiefs
Feb 10 15:14:02 Sephirah Caelum: is not for the smell
Feb 10 15:14:20 : Sephirah Caelum breathes deeply
Feb 10 15:14:35 phantasm: *waves his hand a bit* you would think a grasan died and rotted in here
Feb 10 15:14:39 Sephirah Caelum: Is that since he is a child the flower would mark his purety
Feb 10 15:15:39 Sephirah Caelum: *looks up* the smell wasn't enought to bring vultures
Feb 10 15:16:04 phantasm: vultures? i have never heard of such a beast here
Feb 10 15:16:59 phantasm: [Video link]
Feb 10 15:17:24 ignnus: nooo he was such a handsome kid *sobs*
Feb 10 15:18:57 : Sephirah Caelum looks at Ignnus and chuckles
Feb 10 15:19:06 DARK DEMON: (Jolla, PM)
Feb 10 15:19:18 Sephirah Caelum: He still is a cute kid ... more now that is dead
Feb 10 15:20:22 ignnus: kinda lost his charm with the smell and such *sobs*
Feb 10 15:21:47 phantasm: *takes out an ancient looking black shroud and lays it over the top of Molquert
Feb 10 15:22:24 Sephirah Caelum: hm...
Feb 10 15:22:36 DARK DEMON: *wavs* Hey all
Feb 10 15:22:45 : Sephirah Caelum opens her note book
Feb 10 15:22:45 DARK DEMON: (waves*)
Feb 10 15:22:54 phantasm: i hope Sage didn't mind me borrowing her shroud
Feb 10 15:23:24 Sephirah Caelum: *mutters* transparent shroud ...
Feb 10 15:24:11 : Jolla passed Sand to Molquert
Feb 10 15:24:32 : DARK DEMON passed Love to Molquert
Feb 10 15:24:51 DARK DEMON: (brb)
Feb 10 15:25:33 : [Spell] Love is in the air!
Feb 10 15:26:55 : Sephirah Caelum hopes that Molquert's smell vanishis witht he Love in the air
Feb 10 15:27:39 phantasm: its hard to imagine what will transpire today
Feb 10 15:27:51 phantasm: seems death is much easier to come by these days then life
Feb 10 15:30:36 Sephirah Caelum: even so life comes
Feb 10 15:31:04 Sephirah Caelum: and it needs to come once in a while
Feb 10 15:31:34 ~~Ghost Player~~: though without death, i suppose we would have alot less to do *chuckles*
Feb 10 15:31:52 : Sephirah Caelum smiles
Feb 10 15:32:11 Sephirah Caelum: Mur bless our death of everyday
Feb 10 15:41:05 ~~Ghost Player~~: [Video link]
Feb 10 15:44:04 Sephirah Caelum: yeah .. that is the music for our party!
Feb 10 15:50:56 phantasm: [Video link]
Feb 10 15:57:02 Sephirah Caelum: 5 min!
Feb 10 15:59:46 : phantasm places a CT necklace around the dead body
Feb 10 16:00:22 Sephirah Caelum: ohhh
Feb 10 16:00:26 : *Shemhazaj* walks in and nods silently
Feb 10 16:01:20 : phantasm nods to shem
Feb 10 16:01:20 : Sephirah Caelum smiles to Shemhazaj
Feb 10 16:01:32 : [Spell] WAKEY WAKEY!
Feb 10 16:01:46 phantasm: *clears his throat* Ladies and Gentlemen, ghosts, goblins, dragons and all other sortss
Feb 10 16:01:55 DARK DEMON: Hey Shem *waves*
Feb 10 16:02:08 phantasm: Death and chaos run rampant through this world
Feb 10 16:02:20 : *Shemhazaj* nods to DD still silent
Feb 10 16:02:35 phantasm: even the Reaper is not immune to its turmoil
Feb 10 16:03:06 phantasm: Since no sign has been shown that Molquert will return to us, it is stime to put the body to rest
Feb 10 16:03:42 phantasm: To me, out of all the funeral types, a procession seems most fitting
Feb 10 16:03:51 phantasm: It is in great respect that one is carried over great distances
Feb 10 16:05:13 phantasm: To be lifted above others, respected for their sacrifice for the continatinon of the cycle of life
Feb 10 16:05:47 : Eara Meraia nods in agreement
Feb 10 16:06:15 phantasm: to begin, I would like for Rawquist, perhaps the closest and most trusted to Molquert
Feb 10 16:06:27 phantasm: to say a few words about his feelings upon this day
Feb 10 16:06:55 : Rawquist nods to those present
Feb 10 16:07:22 Rawquist: I have to admit that i'm caught a little bit unprepared ......
Feb 10 16:07:25 : Sephirah Caelum nods back wondering from where he appeared
Feb 10 16:08:14 Rawquist: In all honest, i never expected that this day will come , where we would have to attent the funeral of my Master
Feb 10 16:08:48 Rawquist: But it seems that even the Revival Specialist cannot avoid death, eventually ...
Feb 10 16:09:16 Rawquist: What i would like to say is to thank all of you that are present at this moment
Feb 10 16:10:07 Rawquist: Being here to honor Molquert
Feb 10 16:10:41 Rawquist: And i would like to specifically thank the Caretakers for the arrangement of this ceremony
Feb 10 16:11:11 : phantasm nods in agreement
Feb 10 16:11:36 Rawquist: It makes me happy to see that my Master has made friends that would honor him like that ....
Feb 10 16:11:48 Rawquist: So thank you all
Feb 10 16:11:55 : Sephirah Caelum smiles
Feb 10 16:12:47 : DARK DEMON bows
Feb 10 16:12:49 phantasm: *clears his throat* indeed, it is grand to see those here who wish to show their respects for such an honored person of htis world
Feb 10 16:13:17 phantasm: I ask that during this procession to stay at each of the current locations until I say for us to move
Feb 10 16:13:26 phantasm: that way we can make sure that noone gets lost in the East
Feb 10 16:14:34 phantasm: i doubt this to be an easy or fast journey, I hope that all are prepared for what I hope to be a fine showing of respect and friendship
Feb 10 16:14:58 phantasm: who here will help to carry Molquert to the grave?
Feb 10 16:15:49 Rawquist: You know already that you can count on me phantasm
Feb 10 16:15:58 DARK DEMON: I will.
Feb 10 16:16:16 Sunfire: i will help
Feb 10 16:16:50 JadenDew: Funeral starting~?
Feb 10 16:16:53 phantasm: *nods* then let our arms not tire, and our feet not skip the pace, until we reach the end
Feb 10 16:16:59 Sephirah Caelum: Yep Jaden
Feb 10 16:17:02 : DARK DEMON wonders where Krau is
Feb 10 16:17:14 : phantasm nods for those who will help to step forward
Feb 10 16:17:29 : DARK DEMON steps forward
Feb 10 16:17:41 : phantasm tucks the shroud tightly around the body and leans down to grab a hold
Feb 10 16:17:44 : JadenDew glances at her idly fellow Necrovions
Feb 10 16:17:48 JadenDew: makes a sad face*
Feb 10 16:17:57 : JadenDew makes a sad face
Feb 10 16:19:16 : Rawquist moves near Molquert's body and holds it from the opposite side where phantasm is
Feb 10 16:19:34 : Sunfire steps forward
Feb 10 16:19:46 : DARK DEMON holds it from next to Rawquist
Feb 10 16:20:07 : Eara Meraia gathers a bunch of flowers and prepares to go
Feb 10 16:20:56 phantasm: on the count of 3 lift
Feb 10 16:20:59 : JadenDew tugs Shemhazaj
Feb 10 16:20:59 phantasm: 1
Feb 10 16:21:02 phantasm: 2
Feb 10 16:21:02 : Sunfire holds him at the other side
Feb 10 16:21:05 : Sephirah Caelum goes to next to Eara holding a wreath
Feb 10 16:21:08 phantasm: 3, lift
Feb 10 16:21:26 : phantasm lifts with the rest until the body is above all of theirs
Feb 10 16:21:32 : DARK DEMON lifts
Feb 10 16:21:51 : Sunfire carefully lifts
Feb 10 16:22:07 : *Shemhazaj* smiles and nods to Jaden
Feb 10 16:22:22 phantasm: [Video link]
Feb 10 16:22:34 JadenDew: *tugstugs Shemhazaj's sleeve* piggyback~ It's gonna be a long walk~
Feb 10 16:23:20 phantasm: *makes sure everyone is prepared* let us proceed to outside the East gate
Feb 10 16:23:32 DARK DEMON: *nods* Shall we?
Feb 10 16:23:53 : phantasm walks twards the gate with the others
Feb 10 16:24:11 : Sephirah Caelum follows a bit back of phantasms left
Feb 10 16:24:15 : DARK DEMON walks along
Feb 10 16:24:21 phantasm: (arrow up)
Feb 10 16:25:26 *Shemhazaj*: *whispers to Jaden* stop with the silliness, it's a serious thing here
Feb 10 16:41:19 phantasm: *clangs a pan with his knife* Bring out yer dead!
Feb 10 16:41:19 : Jolla collects herbs
Feb 10 16:41:19 phantasm: (arrow to the right)
Feb 10 16:41:25 No recent messages...
Feb 10 16:41:35 phantasm: though some are cut short, it is the impact upon others that creates value to life, not the time spent alive
Feb 10 16:41:35 DARK DEMON: *looks around as well* I wonder...
Feb 10 16:41:35 phantasm: we try to grasp onto life..making it last as long as we can, without trying to make it as special as we can
Feb 10 16:41:35 Sephirah Caelum: *smiles and nods* try not to get lost in the East
Feb 10 16:41:35 DARK DEMON: *turns to phantasm* Shall we head through?
Feb 10 16:41:35 phantasm: so we step across this gate, to our futures unkown
Feb 10 16:41:35 phantasm: (proceed across gate)
Feb 10 16:41:35 phantasm: aye let us enter *walks into the gate holding Molquert up high*
Feb 10 16:41:35 Eara Meraia: (must be afk for 5 min. I catch you up)
Feb 10 16:41:35 : DARK DEMON moves along with the others
Feb 10 16:41:35 : Sephirah Caelum waits all to go before proced
Feb 10 16:41:35 Sephirah Caelum: Let's go Eara!
Feb 10 16:41:35 : Sephirah Caelum chuckles and cross the gates
Feb 10 16:41:38 Mupax: Heey... People...
Feb 10 16:41:38 Mallos: Ive not heard that phrase before. But you may worship your protectors, to gain loyalty.
Feb 10 16:41:38 Mallos: And loyalty is good in different ways.
Feb 10 16:41:38 : Mallos throws the dice and gets 1
Feb 10 16:41:38 Mallos: Heh...
Feb 10 16:41:38 Mupax: quid pro quo is roughly, something for something... Although it loses something in translation...
Feb 10 16:41:38 Mallos: Ok.
Feb 10 16:41:38 phantasm: our first step, such as in birth
Feb 10 16:41:38 phantasm: now unto its rest
Feb 10 16:41:38 phantasm: (proceed up arrow) *continues walking*
Feb 10 16:41:38 : DARK DEMON holds Molquert higher
Feb 10 16:41:38 : DARK DEMON continues
Feb 10 16:41:38 : Mallos throws the dice and gets 7
Feb 10 16:41:42 phantasm: (proceed to right arrow) *move forward*
Feb 10 16:41:42 Sunfire: (can someone dump heat on me, low ap)
Feb 10 16:41:42 : *Shemhazaj* walks slowly. Silent.
Feb 10 16:41:42 : Sephirah Caelum passed Piece of Cake to Sunfire
Feb 10 16:41:42 Sephirah Caelum: eat this Sunny
Feb 10 16:41:42 Sephirah Caelum: Mupax where are you going
Feb 10 16:41:42 Mallos: He was trying to follow us.
Feb 10 16:41:42 Sephirah Caelum: ahh
Feb 10 16:41:42 Sephirah Caelum: he left
Feb 10 16:41:42 Sephirah Caelum: Can you move Mallos
Feb 10 16:41:42 phantasm: mallos is with us, so just everyone left to move
Feb 10 16:41:42 : phantasm passed Piece of Cake to everyone
Feb 10 16:41:42 : phantasm passed Piece of Cake to everyone
Feb 10 16:41:45 Sephirah Caelum: seems fun
Feb 10 16:41:45 DARK DEMON: *looks up at Rawquist* I hope you don't mind what happened between me and your....brother.
Feb 10 16:41:45 phantasm: so for 1 silver coin, can anyone tell me who was the first person Molquert brought back from teh dead?
Feb 10 16:41:45 *Shemhazaj*: Poe
Feb 10 16:41:45 Rawquist: We are not here to fight or hold grudges for actions of the past, DARK DEMON ...
Feb 10 16:41:45 DARK DEMON: *nods* Precisely.
Feb 10 16:41:45 phantasm: is that correct Rawquist?
Feb 10 16:41:45 DARK DEMON: Wasn't it Peace?
Feb 10 16:41:45 Mupax: I read about that...
Feb 10 16:41:45 darkraptor: (High ve non dam def rit set- attack to gain ap)
Feb 10 16:41:45 Rawquist: My memory doesn't serve me well, to be honest
Feb 10 16:41:45 Rawquist: But i think that this is not correct
Feb 10 16:41:45 Eara Meraia: (back)
Feb 10 16:41:45 DARK DEMON: (thanks!!!)
Feb 10 16:41:52 phantasm: (was that right mol?)
Feb 10 16:42:19 : [Spell] TOMATO!
Feb 10 16:42:22 I am Bored: There we go, wasn't very late.
Feb 10 16:42:29 *Shemhazaj*: I was the first one to approach Molquert about reviving Poe. I had to leave when the ritual was ready tho.
Feb 10 16:42:35 Sephirah Caelum: (wb Eara)
Feb 10 16:42:53 *Shemhazaj*: So I'm not sure it was the first after all.
Feb 10 16:43:08 Rawquist: That is indeed correct Shemhazaj, but Poe was not the first to taste Molquers fruit
Feb 10 16:43:14 Sephirah Caelum: [Video link]
Feb 10 16:43:17 Rawquist: (Molquert's*)
Feb 10 16:43:54 phantasm: so Poe was not the first, so who was?
Feb 10 16:43:57 DARK DEMON: It's Peace.
Feb 10 16:44:03 : *Shemhazaj* nods
Feb 10 16:44:12 darkraptor: Fang
Feb 10 16:44:15 Rawquist: No Dark Demon
Feb 10 16:44:27 Rawquist: It was indeed Fang , darkraptor
Feb 10 16:44:36 Rawquist: You were there, after all
Feb 10 16:44:39 Sunfire: eon was revived with a tool, right?
Feb 10 16:44:55 : phantasm passed Silver coin to darkraptor
Feb 10 16:44:58 darkraptor: because of Poe kindness :-P
Feb 10 16:45:04 phantasm: Eon was revived by the love of Tree
Feb 10 16:45:04 Rawquist: Used his own means to revive himself
Feb 10 16:45:13 DARK DEMON: I was there at the revival of Fang, but Molq had revived others before, no?
Feb 10 16:45:16 Mupax: DD, who won the dice game beetween you and nightbane?
Feb 10 16:45:40 DARK DEMON: Nightbane did, but perhaps that shouldn't be mentioned in this funeral...
Feb 10 16:45:44 darkraptor: DD.. you did not attend the first Fang revival
Feb 10 16:45:50 phantasm: so as you can see, many of us have seen the kindness that Molquert has bestowed upon those gone in days past
Feb 10 16:45:59 DARK DEMON: Oh yeah, I attended the second one. Apologies.
Feb 10 16:46:02 Mupax: Sorry...
Feb 10 16:46:02 Rawquist: Fang has been revived so many times that you may be confused about which one you attend
Feb 10 16:46:08 darkraptor: Thank you masterchief
Feb 10 16:46:23 Sunfire: i remember a mass revival after summer festival
Feb 10 16:46:45 Sunfire: *grins* general vall's ghost army
Feb 10 16:46:54 *Shemhazaj*: I remember being dead after summer festival...
Feb 10 16:47:28 JadenDew: I remember a crowded graveyard..
Feb 10 16:48:24 Sephirah Caelum: hm..Halloween
Feb 10 16:48:49 phantasm: Yes there have been many deaths these past years, something we had not seen for long and long
Feb 10 16:49:25 Eara Meraia: I remember being stuck in labyrinth once and the Child running around, giving clues..that was for Fang too, if I am not mistaken
Feb 10 16:49:34 Sunfire: and many killers go unpunished
Feb 10 16:50:06 Rawquist: *nods to Eara Meraia* That was indeed for Fang's second revival
Feb 10 16:50:33 Mupax: I apologize for my ignorance, and for my question: How did Molquert die?
Feb 10 16:50:39 phantasm: Though death is a strange things...many times it is a neccisary evil
Feb 10 16:51:20 DARK DEMON: To some, death is an opportunity to learn from
Feb 10 16:51:20 Sephirah Caelum: Yes punishing the killers would give joy for the jailer
Feb 10 16:51:23 DARK DEMON: To be unique
Feb 10 16:51:35 DARK DEMON: Not everyone dies
Feb 10 16:51:44 phantasm: indeed dark, sometimes it is through death that we see the truth in life
Feb 10 16:52:24 DARK DEMON: *nods* It's a matter of interpretation
Feb 10 16:52:27 *Shemhazaj*: (brb, phone call)
Feb 10 16:52:36 Rawquist: *turns to Mupax* I believe Molquert would be the only appropriate to answer your question
Feb 10 16:52:45 DARK DEMON: Only the person who dies feels the... "previlage"
Feb 10 16:53:23 Eara Meraia: death is just the end of the old and beginning of the new curve in a spiral of being
Feb 10 16:53:29 DARK DEMON: (privilege*)
Feb 10 16:53:44 phantasm: (is everyone able to move forwars?)
Feb 10 16:54:05 phantasm: (please only answer if its a no)
Feb 10 16:54:43 DARK DEMON: (no)
Feb 10 16:54:55 Lintara: (yup)
Feb 10 16:55:01 : phantasm passed Piece of Cake to dark demon
Feb 10 16:55:07 Lintara: (nah, wait, no)
Feb 10 16:55:13 DARK DEMON: (thanks)
Feb 10 16:55:38 : Sunfire passed Piece of Cake to lintara
Feb 10 16:55:38 Mupax: (no)
Feb 10 16:55:41 DARK DEMON: (ready to move)
Feb 10 16:55:44 sysy: AH
Feb 10 16:55:56 DARK DEMON: (someone please help sysy too)
Feb 10 16:55:56 : phantasm passed Piece of Cake to mupax
Feb 10 16:56:02 Lintara: (thank you)
Feb 10 16:56:02 sysy: now i have 0 ap
Feb 10 16:56:05 sysy: BUT
Feb 10 16:56:08 sysy: i made it!
Feb 10 16:56:08 : DARK DEMON passed Piece of Cake to sysy
Feb 10 16:56:11 : phantasm passed Piece of Cake to sysy
Feb 10 16:56:44 phantasm: it is nice to see others joining in the trip
Feb 10 16:57:03 phantasm: as I said, i knew this would not be an easy journey
Feb 10 16:57:03 Mupax: Hi sysy
Feb 10 16:57:06 : Sephirah Caelum nods to sisy
Feb 10 16:57:12 DARK DEMON: Shall we move?
Feb 10 16:57:33 phantasm: in just a moment
Feb 10 16:57:51 phantasm: for another silver coin, what was Molquerts title?
Feb 10 16:58:01 : Orvid bowls over everyone in his way attempting to be the first up the stairs
Feb 10 16:58:16 Sunfire: revival specialist
Feb 10 16:58:16 Sephirah Caelum: [Video link]
Feb 10 16:58:28 : phantasm passed Silver coin to sunfire
Feb 10 16:58:37 Orvid: *yells over his shoulder* 4th place winner of the heads contest!
Feb 10 16:58:43 : phantasm passed Piece of Cake to sysy
Feb 10 16:59:05 phantasm: let us move forward (arrow up the stairs)
Feb 10 16:59:17 DARK DEMON: (brb)
Feb 10 16:59:35 : Mallos throws the dice and gets 6
Feb 10 17:00:02 JadenDew: This narrow stairway is gonna get crowded *giggles*
Feb 10 17:00:21 phantasm: *chuckles* no elbowing
Feb 10 17:00:33 DARK DEMON: (brb)
Feb 10 17:00:33 : Mallos throws the dice and gets 6
Feb 10 17:00:33 JadenDew: This narrow stairway is gonna get crowded *giggles*
Feb 10 17:00:33 sysy: its okay, im small
Feb 10 17:00:36 : Orvid was first and thus is able to fart on everyone else
Feb 10 17:00:42 sysy: but please dont hit me in the head!
Feb 10 17:00:48 Lintara: hopefully none here have claustrophobia
Feb 10 17:01:03 : Mupax holds his breath
Feb 10 17:01:06 : Orvid does so
Feb 10 17:01:09 : Lintara covers her nose
Feb 10 17:01:22 : I am Bored wonders if Orvid knows what a funeral is
Feb 10 17:01:25 JadenDew: im.. crowd9phobia..... *hides behind Lintara*
Feb 10 17:01:46 JadenDew: ( D: typo)
Feb 10 17:01:49 : phantasm mutters a few stange words and the wind picks up, blowing away the stench
Feb 10 17:02:10 : Mupax breathes relived
Feb 10 17:02:19 sysy: it costs so much ap to move here, sorry if im slowing you down
Feb 10 17:02:22 : Orvid doesn't know what a funeral is
Feb 10 17:02:25 : Eara Meraia likes dark narrow places
Feb 10 17:02:38 : Sephirah Caelum the flowers smell fills the air
Feb 10 17:02:38 : Lintara takes her paw off her nose and sniffs
Feb 10 17:02:47 phantasm: we understand sysy, i wish that I could take the fog that makes our feet so heavy
Feb 10 17:03:02 JadenDew: Nah you aren't~ I can't take another step too~
Feb 10 17:03:02 phantasm: but in such an undertaking, it shows conviction, dedication, and devotion to that which we celebrate today
Feb 10 17:03:54 Mupax: (Btw how much Ap do you guys have any way? Like max Ap)
Feb 10 17:04:06 : ~~Ghost~~ haunts the stairway
Feb 10 17:04:09 ~~Ghost~~: BOOOOOO
Feb 10 17:04:09 sysy: (100....)
Feb 10 17:04:15 phantasm: (390)
Feb 10 17:04:18 Lintara: (318)
Feb 10 17:04:18 : sysy cowers
Feb 10 17:04:21 I am Bored: (I have 304, but I also have 1400 active days)
Feb 10 17:04:30 : Mallos passed Rainbow candy to Molquert
Feb 10 17:04:30 I am Bored: (also not in an ally)
Feb 10 17:04:33 Sephirah Caelum: [Video link]
Feb 10 17:04:48 Sunfire: (319)
Feb 10 17:04:51 phantasm: Molquert is an ancient among us, long before many of us came here, he was here
Feb 10 17:05:29 Mupax: (ok... I' relieved... I though you guys could move freely and I was a slug...)
Feb 10 17:05:32 I am Bored: Aye, that he is.
Feb 10 17:05:51 phantasm: i will award one silver to any who can tell me his ID
Feb 10 17:06:01 : ~~Ghost~~ steals the candy from the dead child and tosses it in his own ghostly mouth
Feb 10 17:06:14 ~~Ghost~~: YUMMY!
Feb 10 17:06:20 phantasm: *chuckles* welcome Ledah
Feb 10 17:06:39 Sephirah Caelum: Ledah!
Feb 10 17:07:14 darkraptor: 242303
Feb 10 17:07:23 Eara Meraia: 242303
Feb 10 17:07:31 Rawquist: *grins to the ghost* Your appetite is as great as ever
Feb 10 17:07:40 : phantasm passed Rainbow candy to darkraptor
Feb 10 17:07:58 : phantasm passed Silver coin to darkraptor
Feb 10 17:07:58 darkraptor: Thank you *smiles*
Feb 10 17:08:25 : I am Bored scratches his head as he wonders how such information was obtained, as his method wasn't possible
Feb 10 17:08:32 : darkraptor passed Silver coin to Eara Meraia
Feb 10 17:08:44 Sephirah Caelum: (brb)
Feb 10 17:09:14 phantasm: (wow didn't realize i was that much older then him)
Feb 10 17:09:32 phantasm: We see many veterans come and go and leave their mark
Feb 10 17:09:51 phantasm: most leave off to find worlds unkown, not often are they left dead
Feb 10 17:09:57 Eara Meraia: *smiles weary* you were faster dark, but thanks
Feb 10 17:10:18 I am Bored: Others return simply to crash a space ship into the House of Liquid Dust.
Feb 10 17:10:27 phantasm: *barks a laugh* aye, though a bit more rare
Feb 10 17:10:42 sysy: that sounds like fun!
Feb 10 17:10:48 Rawquist: Well, you could call that the definition of leaving your mark behind
Feb 10 17:11:14 Mupax: a quite literal mark anyway...
Feb 10 17:11:17 phantasm: indeed, as we hope to help Molquert leave his mark behind
Feb 10 17:11:23 sysy: (i just noticed im the only mp3 here...)
Feb 10 17:11:39 sysy: (1 active day, hoorah)
Feb 10 17:11:42 : Molquert passed Rainbow candy to sysy
Feb 10 17:13:14 phantasm: so Rawquist, what drew you like amoth to a flame to Molquert, to become such a loyal protector?
Feb 10 17:13:51 I am Bored: Power? Lust? Food?
Feb 10 17:13:57 Sephirah Caelum: (bck)
Feb 10 17:14:18 : [Spell] TOMATO?
Feb 10 17:14:40 darkraptor: I believe he born to be a loyal protector
Feb 10 17:14:58 Sephirah Caelum: (congratulations sysy)
Feb 10 17:15:01 darkraptor: he and his sibling ofc..
Feb 10 17:15:01 Rawquist: Well, i can't deny tomatoes taste nice
Feb 10 17:15:10 sysy: (hah, on what?)
Feb 10 17:15:43 Sephirah Caelum: (1st AD)
Feb 10 17:16:14 sysy: (well thank you! its a special day for sure)
Feb 10 17:16:17 : phantasm wishes he had a way to warm up all this tea
Feb 10 17:16:41 Rawquist: But in a more serious mood, it was the nature of his role that has driven me near Him
Feb 10 17:17:30 Rawquist: That was at start, after that it was His way and His actions that kept the flame alive
Feb 10 17:18:03 phantasm: (anyone here not have the AP to move?)
Feb 10 17:18:22 phantasm: indeed, a grand protector for a grand person
Feb 10 17:18:22 sysy: (<)
Feb 10 17:18:31 Sephirah Caelum: His role is quite oposite of our role as Caretakers *smiles*
Feb 10 17:18:40 sysy: (60)
Feb 10 17:18:46 phantasm: our actions, no matter how small, affect others greatly
Feb 10 17:18:55 Mupax: (How much Ap needed? I'm 68)
Feb 10 17:19:13 Orvid: (should have enough, no guarantee)
Feb 10 17:19:23 Fire Starter: (29 for the next step)
Feb 10 17:19:35 Mupax: [ [Speaking of flames) ' target='_blank'>Video link]
Feb 10 17:19:44 phantasm: let us proceed (arrow up)
Feb 10 17:19:47 Orvid: O_o....
Feb 10 17:19:53 Rawquist: Also, the "job description * came with social security as well * smiles*
Feb 10 17:19:56 sysy: not enough ap
Feb 10 17:20:11 Rawquist: (pppffff)
Feb 10 17:20:11 : phantasm passed Piece of Cake to sysy
Feb 10 17:20:33 Mupax: (Can't move yet...)
Feb 10 17:20:42 Rawquist: Also, the "job description" came with social security as well *smiles*
Feb 10 17:20:45 : Sephirah Caelum chuckles
Feb 10 17:20:48 Rawquist: (better)
Feb 10 17:20:54 No recent messages...
Feb 10 17:21:21 : I am Bored walks over to Orvid and pulls his hair
Feb 10 17:22:07 : Orvid lets out an involuntary squawk of pain
Feb 10 17:22:26 Orvid: What'cha do that for?!?!
Feb 10 17:22:26 : sysy chuckles
Feb 10 17:22:29 sysy: thats mean!
Feb 10 17:22:35 : I am Bored walks over to Orvid and pulls his hair
Feb 10 17:22:35 : Orvid lets out an involuntary squawk of pain
Feb 10 17:22:35 Orvid: What'cha do that for?!?!
Feb 10 17:22:35 : sysy chuckles
Feb 10 17:22:35 I am Bored: Farting.
Feb 10 17:23:11 phantasm: *chuckles* aye that was quite attrocious
Feb 10 17:23:14 : Mallos passed Distilled Grasan ferment to Orvid
Feb 10 17:23:29 Mupax: Aside from the fact that it's really hard to traverse this is a really nice place...
Feb 10 17:24:01 phantasm: This is a land of great wonder and joy, the dearest of places to my heart
Feb 10 17:24:22 : DARK DEMON nods
Feb 10 17:24:38 DARK DEMON: Check your map *smiles*
Feb 10 17:24:47 phantasm: It is why we chose to place Molquert, wait until you see the resting site
Feb 10 17:25:24 DARK DEMON: (I forgot... how many scenes further? O_O)
Feb 10 17:25:30 Sephirah Caelum: Is the better land to call home
Feb 10 17:25:36 phantasm: (like 15)
Feb 10 17:25:52 DARK DEMON: (uh... may not be able to reach that far :( )
Feb 10 17:26:41 phantasm: (actually its 10)
Feb 10 17:26:53 Magistra: Fighting on a funeral? That's really bad taste.
Feb 10 17:26:59 phantasm: (sephi make a quick run to the site and back pls)
Feb 10 17:27:11 I am Bored: (well, I am keeping a log so...)
Feb 10 17:27:17 : Sephirah Caelum nods
Feb 10 17:27:29 : Sagewoman suddenly shows up
Feb 10 17:27:41 DARK DEMON: *smiles* Greetings, Sage.
Feb 10 17:27:57 Sagewoman: Hello DD.
Feb 10 17:27:57 JadenDew: *giggles* Hello sagey~
Feb 10 17:28:00 : *Shemhazaj* nods to Sage
Feb 10 17:28:09 Sagewoman: Greetings Shem.
Feb 10 17:28:27 Magistra: Hello Sage.
Feb 10 17:28:27 Sagewoman: Hey Spookums. Decided I was going to tag along after all.
Feb 10 17:28:39 phantasm: welcome
Feb 10 17:28:57 : JadenDew giggles
Feb 10 17:29:22 : Sagewoman grins and winks at JadenDew
Feb 10 17:29:26 Sephirah Caelum: Sage!
Feb 10 17:29:29 phantasm: it is truely a joy to see so many here for Molquert
Feb 10 17:29:35 DARK DEMON: (dark, you still have non dam high VE set?)
Feb 10 17:29:47 Rawquist: *nods* It is indeed
Feb 10 17:29:50 Sagewoman: Hello Sephirah! Long time no see.
Feb 10 17:29:56 Sephirah Caelum: Master, want me to give another run?
Feb 10 17:30:12 Sagewoman: I don't know the deceased so I can't say I'm here for him. So I'll just say, I'm here for the mourners.
Feb 10 17:30:16 : Sephirah Caelum smiles and nods to Sage while holding the wreath
Feb 10 17:30:19 Sunfire: hey sagey
Feb 10 17:30:25 Sagewoman: Sunfire, good to see you.
Feb 10 17:30:31 phantasm: ( i also have non damage high ve set)
Feb 10 17:30:34 darkraptor: (yes)
Feb 10 17:30:40 DARK DEMON: (ah, thanks)
Feb 10 17:31:07 phantasm: let us proceed to the Statue Hall door (arrow up the steps)
Feb 10 17:31:20 sysy: (32ap)
Feb 10 17:31:23 : .hic ... grsa
Feb 10 17:31:39 JadenDew: (66 here)
Feb 10 17:31:39 Mupax: (44 Ap how much needed?
Feb 10 17:31:51 : phantasm takes a step forward
Feb 10 17:31:51 Sagewoman: I don't have enough ap so I'll just have to catch up later.
Feb 10 17:31:51 Orvid: It aeprpas II do not h
Feb 10 17:31:51 DARK DEMON: I can't move *is tiring again*
Feb 10 17:32:03 phantasm: *nods* we can wait
Feb 10 17:32:06 *Shemhazaj*: (just an infor for those who have Ap problems)
Feb 10 17:32:15 Sunfire: you too *nods*
Feb 10 17:32:24 *Shemhazaj*: (viscosity drops when people are leaving the location)
Feb 10 17:32:49 *Shemhazaj*: (so wait till those who have many Ap walk out, and refresh the screen)
Feb 10 17:32:58 JadenDew: (so it would be easier if we go last~?)
Feb 10 17:33:04 phantasm: (those who can please move forward)
Feb 10 17:33:04 *Shemhazaj*: (you'll use less Ap)
Feb 10 17:33:07 JadenDew: (okie~ ^^ ty for info~)
Feb 10 17:33:10 DARK DEMON: (yeah)
Feb 10 17:33:19 Mupax: (thx for the tip)
Feb 10 17:33:22 sysy: *but what if we dont have the ap still and we got left behind T_T)
Feb 10 17:33:34 : phantasm walks to the Statue Hall Doors
Feb 10 17:33:43 phantasm: (we won't leave you behind for long, we can have you summoned)
Feb 10 17:33:47 Rawquist: None is gonna be left behind, don't worry about that
Feb 10 17:33:49 I am Bored: I could alway tp everyone to the gates :P
Feb 10 17:33:56 DARK DEMON: (how do you summon people?)
Feb 10 17:34:05 : Mallos throws the dice and gets 2
Feb 10 17:34:36 Sagewoman: I'll have to wait next step. I only have 21 ap left.
Feb 10 17:35:02 Sagewoman: I really wish viscosity wasn't messed with.
Feb 10 17:35:11 *Shemhazaj*: (you'll use less Ap)
Feb 10 17:35:11 JadenDew: (okie~ ^^ ty for info~)
Feb 10 17:35:11 DARK DEMON: (yeah)
Feb 10 17:35:11 Mupax: (thx for the tip)
Feb 10 17:35:11 : phantasm walks to the Statue Hall Doors
Feb 10 17:35:11 phantasm: (we won't leave you behind for long, we can have you summoned)
Feb 10 17:35:11 Rawquist: None is gonna be left behind, don't worry about that
Feb 10 17:35:11 I am Bored: I could alway tp everyone to the gates :P
Feb 10 17:35:11 DARK DEMON: (how do you summon people?)
Feb 10 17:35:11 phantasm: *chuckles* no thank you IAB...it would kind of ruin the procession)
Feb 10 17:35:11 JadenDew: (with a wave of his spooky spade~)
Feb 10 17:35:11 DARK DEMON: (ooh...)
Feb 10 17:35:11 Eara Meraia: (where is molquert btw? hope we didnt leave HIM behind)
Feb 10 17:35:14 DARK DEMON: (Ap cost to move is still 81+visc?)
Feb 10 17:35:14 phantasm: (no he jumps with me)
Feb 10 17:35:26 JadenDew: (yea~)
Feb 10 17:35:35 phantasm: (yes though visc is =8 atm_
Feb 10 17:35:38 I am Bored: visc is currently -4 sp///
Feb 10 17:35:44 DARK DEMON: (i know)
Feb 10 17:35:56 I am Bored: -8 now
Feb 10 17:36:20 : DARK DEMON gestures people to move ahead
Feb 10 17:36:36 phantasm: (now -16)
Feb 10 17:36:45 : I am Bored shouldn't have stepped back
Feb 10 17:36:45 phantasm: (be sure to refresh before stepping forward)
Feb 10 17:36:48 : DARK DEMON moves up the steps with Molquert's body
Feb 10 17:36:54 : I am Bored now has 1ap
Feb 10 17:37:07 sysy: *chuckles9
Feb 10 17:37:11 DARK DEMON: (visc -28 now)
Feb 10 17:37:11 sysy: oopsie
Feb 10 17:37:57 sysy: i cant move either
Feb 10 17:40:38 I am Bored: being TP'd in a moment.
Feb 10 17:40:50 Sephirah Caelum: Don't worry we will rescue you
Feb 10 17:40:53 Sephirah Caelum: ahh
Feb 10 17:41:12 phantasm: indeed your arms are strong Rawquist, you carry the burden well
Feb 10 17:41:12 : JadenDew blinks
Feb 10 17:41:12 DARK DEMON: thanls
Feb 10 17:41:12 DARK DEMON: (thanks*)
Feb 10 17:41:18 DARK DEMON: Sysy, here you are *smiles*
Feb 10 17:41:24 phantasm: *chuckles* and here we are inside
Feb 10 17:41:30 JadenDew: *hides behind Shemhazaj* Phanty just did a scary tracless magic
Feb 10 17:41:42 Sunfire: impressive
Feb 10 17:41:45 : sysy screams as the noise makes her jump
Feb 10 17:41:54 phantasm: I did no such thing, i am but a simple old man
Feb 10 17:41:57 : Mupax passed Piece of Cake to sysy
Feb 10 17:41:57 : DARK DEMON holds Molquert high
Feb 10 17:41:57 Lintara: Yay!
Feb 10 17:42:24 Sagewoman: Whoa! *grabs the nearest arm to steady herself*
Feb 10 17:42:24 DARK DEMON: *is about to drop* !
Feb 10 17:42:24 : JadenDew notices Shemhazaj moving ahead...
Feb 10 17:42:27 phantasm: it is the power of our dedication that makes all things possible
Feb 10 17:42:33 sysy: stop it D:
Feb 10 17:42:39 JadenDew: Nuuu why did my hiding place go.........
Feb 10 17:42:54 Sephirah Caelum: yep, very impressive
Feb 10 17:42:54 DARK DEMON: can't take the weight... alone!
Feb 10 17:42:57 phantasm: This is the great Statue Hall
Feb 10 17:43:00 sysy: *hides behind DD* make the noises go away!
Feb 10 17:43:06 : olq to pvneert him fo
Feb 10 17:43:09 : Lintara helps Alex
Feb 10 17:43:16 : JadenDew glances over at sys
Feb 10 17:43:28 Mupax: Are those graves?
Feb 10 17:43:43 JadenDew: *lends sysy a bthick blanket* It's quieter underneath
Feb 10 17:43:46 I am Bored: Plinths.
Feb 10 17:43:49 Sephirah Caelum: I wish them would
Feb 10 17:43:49 Sagewoman: Perhaps if you stop freaking out and yelling, the echos will stop. *whispers firmly*
Feb 10 17:43:55 JadenDew: no i think they are statue bases missing statues
Feb 10 17:43:58 phantasm: No, these are the yet empty pillars upon which one day we hope to fill with the statues of those most known in this world
Feb 10 17:44:11 DARK DEMON: thanks, dear.
Feb 10 17:44:13 : sysy hides under the blanket
Feb 10 17:44:29 DARK DEMON: *pats sysy with his other hand* It's alright...
Feb 10 17:44:32 phantasm: When we learned of this land, the statues were not here, so it is up to us to fill them with those that mattered most
Feb 10 17:44:38 Lintara: *giggles* No problem
Feb 10 17:45:08 phantasm: indeed this place seemd already stripped of all its history, ready for a new one to be written
Feb 10 17:45:11 : to pp of th ee bl ...hic ... an ...hi
Feb 10 17:45:11 DARK DEMON: (now we go to the top-right most golden patch, right?)
Feb 10 17:45:26 I am Bored: (yep)
Feb 10 17:45:32 DARK DEMON: (everybody click it)
Feb 10 17:45:41 DARK DEMON: (to lower visc)
Feb 10 17:46:21 DARK DEMON: (from +30 to -6... awesome :D)
Feb 10 17:46:41 Sagewoman: insufficient ap
Feb 10 17:46:44 JadenDew: (-10...)
Feb 10 17:46:53 I am Bored: (-14)
Feb 10 17:46:59 : phantasm passed Piece of Cake to sagewoman
Feb 10 17:46:59 Lintara: same
Feb 10 17:47:05 Sagewoman: ooo I went from 21 to 50 ap
Feb 10 17:47:14 Sagewoman: oh thank you
Feb 10 17:47:14 DARK DEMON: (I know Sage, but still click it to lower the visc, even though you won't move)
Feb 10 17:47:14 : Sephirah Caelum passed Piece of Cake to Lintara
Feb 10 17:47:20 : phantasm passed Piece of Cake to lintara
Feb 10 17:47:27 Lintara: thanks!
Feb 10 17:47:39 phantasm: anyone else need cake?
Feb 10 17:47:48 Sunfire: how much is the base cost?
Feb 10 17:47:48 DARK DEMON: yeah, I need it pease
Feb 10 17:47:51 Mupax: (17 Ap... How much needed?)
Feb 10 17:47:54 DARK DEMON: (please*)
Feb 10 17:47:57 JadenDew: I think I can pass in a few seconds...
Feb 10 17:48:00 : phantasm passed Piece of Cake to dark demon
Feb 10 17:48:04 Mupax: I could use some, please...
Feb 10 17:48:04 DARK DEMON: 81, Sunny... I think
Feb 10 17:48:06 : phantasm passed Piece of Cake to mupax
Feb 10 17:48:16 sysy: (81-14 i think?)
Feb 10 17:48:26 DARK DEMON: (yeah)
Feb 10 17:48:47 Rawquist: (current cost is 67)
Feb 10 17:48:53 Sephirah Caelum: Everybody can pass now?
Feb 10 17:49:02 DARK DEMON: No
Feb 10 17:49:05 AmberRune: *blinks* Lots of people
Feb 10 17:49:14 I am Bored: neither me nor orvid can currently.
Feb 10 17:49:20 DARK DEMON: Hey Amber, glad you could come
Feb 10 17:49:24 Sunfire: hello amber
Feb 10 17:49:39 Lintara: Hi Amber!
Feb 10 17:49:39 sysy: hello again amber
Feb 10 17:49:45 Mupax: (good to go...
Feb 10 17:49:45 : Sephirah Caelum passed Piece of Cake to I am Bored
Feb 10 17:50:00 darkraptor: I must go for now. Farewell ghosty
Feb 10 17:50:06 AmberRune: I guess I'll take a step
Feb 10 17:50:09 phantasm: ok DR
Feb 10 17:50:25 DARK DEMON: later dark
Feb 10 17:50:25 darkraptor: see you all
Feb 10 17:50:34 Sephirah Caelum: Bye raptor
Feb 10 17:50:40 Lintara: Bye!
Feb 10 17:50:46 Sunfire: bye dr
Feb 10 17:50:46 Mupax: Bye DD
Feb 10 17:50:53 Eara Meraia: 4 here
Feb 10 17:50:53 JadenDew: Mallos is CHEATING!
Feb 10 17:50:53 Mallos: Homeland advantage.
Feb 10 17:50:53 Sagewoman: You can't cheat, Jaden. lol
Feb 10 17:50:53 JadenDew: ..? but Your "no homeland"
Feb 10 17:50:53 Mallos: And its not cheating, its productive winning.
Feb 10 17:50:53 JadenDew: I know~ I am just teasing him..
Feb 10 17:50:53 Sagewoman: If we were in Loreroot, we would have the Home advantage. *laughs*
Feb 10 17:50:53 AmberRune: still lots of people
Feb 10 17:50:53 AmberRune: Morning
Feb 10 17:50:53 : Mallos pokes AmberRune
Feb 10 17:50:53 JadenDew: speaking of homeland..
Feb 10 17:50:53 : AmberRune pokes Mallos
Feb 10 17:50:53 JadenDew: *gives AmberRune kitty eyes* Are you never coming back T^T?
Feb 10 17:51:14 AmberRune: I donno, I'm liking here so far
Feb 10 17:51:17 Sagewoman: I applied for citizenship, Jaden.
Feb 10 17:51:36 JadenDew: eh...? sagey did~?
Feb 10 17:51:36 Sagewoman: Not here, Loreroot. *clarifies*
Feb 10 17:51:46 JadenDew: Oh.
Feb 10 17:52:20 JadenDew: Hrm.. I dint notice that you arent "officially" under loreroot ><
Feb 10 17:52:45 Sagewoman: I've been dead, Jaden.
Feb 10 17:52:57 phantasm: *polishes one of the state pedastools* one day we will see more here
Feb 10 17:53:15 I am Bored: Lies! All Lies!
Feb 10 17:53:21 phantasm: perhaps even the faces of Kings past and future will be left here for all eternity
Feb 10 17:53:24 Sagewoman: Darigan woke me out of a Dead Sleep. *wicked grin*
Feb 10 17:53:42 : I am Bored looks around suspiciously wondering why he just said that
Feb 10 17:53:49 JadenDew: It wasn't phant? *giggles*
Feb 10 17:54:01 Sagewoman: No, he doesn't have that power.
Feb 10 17:54:07 : Mallos passed Distilled Grasan ferment to I am Bored
Feb 10 17:54:19 : DARK DEMON struggles under the weight again
Feb 10 17:54:25 phantasm: *barks a laugh* am know more for putting in the sleep then waking up jaden
Feb 10 17:54:34 JadenDew: Awww... I thought princes always wakes up the sleeping beauties..
Feb 10 17:54:40 : phantasm applies more effort to help DD rest a bit
Feb 10 17:54:49 : sysy climbs onto DD and hangs off him
Feb 10 17:55:03 Sagewoman: *snorts* Spookums is no Prince, let me tell you right off.
Feb 10 17:55:06 : DARK DEMON falls down
Feb 10 17:55:18 JadenDew: *giggles* Not even a spooky prince?
Feb 10 17:55:41 phantasm: rest some DD, me, rawquist, and Sun have broad shoulders
Feb 10 17:55:41 : Lintara holds the weight in his place
Feb 10 17:55:45 sysy: *giggles* oopsie!
Feb 10 17:55:51 : Orvid catches Molquert as he falls
Feb 10 17:56:03 phantasm: since we are here, let us learn more about Molquert
Feb 10 17:56:03 : Orvid rests him on his flank
Feb 10 17:56:10 : Sunfire nods
Feb 10 17:56:13 DARK DEMON: *looks up and stands* Thanks
Feb 10 17:56:19 Sagewoman: What on Mur's silent world was THAT?
Feb 10 17:56:25 Sephirah Caelum: Ohhh, thanks Orvid
Feb 10 17:56:25 DARK DEMON: Way to go, sy *chuckles*
Feb 10 17:56:40 JadenDew: was what?
Feb 10 17:56:52 Sagewoman: I don't go for Princes, Jaden.
Feb 10 17:56:55 phantasm: Are there any here who remember what land Molquert was most home at?
Feb 10 17:57:01 *Shemhazaj*: *looks at sysy* do I know you...?
Feb 10 17:57:04 JadenDew: *giggles* okie!
Feb 10 17:57:10 DARK DEMON: Labyrinth, phantasm
Feb 10 17:57:10 AmberRune: Labyrinth
Feb 10 17:57:16 Sunfire: labyrinth
Feb 10 17:57:19 DARK DEMON: (Shem, sysy is syrian...)
Feb 10 17:57:23 Orvid: MDA.
Feb 10 17:57:47 *Shemhazaj*: (I know, don't spoil the RP -.-)
Feb 10 17:57:53 phantasm: indeed, the endless maze of hedges, a place where one small could hide from any
Feb 10 17:57:56 Sagewoman: Full of self importance, egos the size of Mount Watchamacallit in Golem Golemus, and vain too.
Feb 10 17:57:59 DARK DEMON: (lol)
Feb 10 17:58:08 : sysy looks innocent and shakes her head
Feb 10 17:58:45 *Shemhazaj*: *scratches his chin* you do look familiar...
Feb 10 17:58:51 phantasm: the labrynth match Molquert well..as it too was a path between two worlds
Feb 10 17:58:57 Sagewoman: Besides, Phantasm and I hated each other on first sight. Tried to kill each other we did.
Feb 10 17:59:15 phantasm: from the books and quite peace of the Archivs
Feb 10 17:59:15 Mallos: *coughs* Mount Kelle'tha.
Feb 10 17:59:18 I am Bored: Succeeded on a couple of occasions.
Feb 10 17:59:24 DARK DEMON: (everybody click the up arrow)
Feb 10 17:59:34 phantasm: to the rocky shores and untold battles of GG
Feb 10 17:59:40 Sagewoman: Thank you, Mallos.
Feb 10 17:59:50 : sysy hides her face behind her hands
Feb 10 17:59:59 JadenDew: (cloudflare acting up for me :()
Feb 10 18:00:02 phantasm: Molquert brought the same change...from the chaos of death, to the peace and order of life
Feb 10 18:00:14 DARK DEMON: *hugs sysy* It's alright..
Feb 10 18:00:29 Rawquist: (brb)
Feb 10 18:00:29 DARK DEMON: (for me too, at times)
Feb 10 18:02:05 Mupax: How much furhter?
Feb 10 18:02:30 DARK DEMON: (7 scenes, Mupax)
Feb 10 18:02:42 Sephirah Caelum: Molquert came after Spartiatis death, am I wrong?
Feb 10 18:02:42 : Eara Meraia stares at Molquerts body and beins to sing a song
Feb 10 18:02:48 Eara Meraia: [Video link]
Feb 10 18:03:04 Sagewoman: Will we be stopping off at the Tavern? I'm a bit parched.
Feb 10 18:03:04 Sunfire: ahh spartiatis, that is a sad story
Feb 10 18:03:36 *Shemhazaj*: we can drink after the funeral Sage *winks*
Feb 10 18:04:06 phantasm: *nods* aye it will be easy to get back after we arrive for the funeral
Feb 10 18:05:01 : phantasm listens to Eara sing
Feb 10 18:05:07 JadenDew: (O_O that song.. I have heard the japanese version with exact same lyrics translated)
Feb 10 18:05:28 DARK DEMON: Shall we move on?
Feb 10 18:05:47 phantasm: one moment DD, lets Eara finish the song
Feb 10 18:06:14 Sagewoman: Very well. Will there be food too? Perhaps you can raise toasts to him and tell his tales?
Feb 10 18:06:32 Sephirah Caelum: Well, there is cake
Feb 10 18:06:44 DARK DEMON: (oh oh... I'm afraid I've gotta go)
Feb 10 18:07:06 : Eara Meraia finishes singing and closes her eyes
Feb 10 18:07:06 Sagewoman: I shall help carry in your stead, DD.
Feb 10 18:07:21 phantasm: *smiles and claps* very nice
Feb 10 18:07:24 Sephirah Caelum: I think Orvid is already on this job
Feb 10 18:07:39 phantasm: ok let us move forward * (up arrow into the grass)
Feb 10 18:07:39 : Lintara nods
Feb 10 18:07:39 sysy: *jumps onto sagewoman instead* carry me too!
Feb 10 18:07:39 Orvid: That I am.
Feb 10 18:07:48 Sagewoman: Well sung, Eara.
Feb 10 18:07:51 : phantasm moves forward with those carrying Molquert
Feb 10 18:07:54 : Eara Meraia smilles
Feb 10 18:08:00 Eara Meraia: thank you
Feb 10 18:08:00 DARK DEMON: (see you all!)
Feb 10 18:08:06 Sagewoman: *drops sysy* Get off and walk under your own power, twit.
Feb 10 18:08:12 Eara Meraia: (bye, DD)
Feb 10 18:08:16 sysy: (take care DD)
Feb 10 18:08:19 Sephirah Caelum: Nice song Eara
Feb 10 18:08:22 : Sagewoman moves into place
Feb 10 18:08:22 Lintara: (Bye ALex!)
Feb 10 18:08:28 : Rawquist moves together , carrying his Masters body with the rest
Feb 10 18:08:31 JadenDew: (cant move ><)
Feb 10 18:08:46 DARK DEMON: phantasm, please do me a favour and port sysy to the GoE after this is done, thanks!
Feb 10 18:08:46 Mupax: (Bye DD)
Feb 10 18:08:58 : Sephirah Caelum waters the herbs
Feb 10 18:08:58 : Mallos throws the dice and gets 1
Feb 10 18:08:58 AmberRune: Now you're rocking 1s, nice
Feb 10 18:08:58 : Mallos passed 7 Sided Stone Dice to AmberRune
Feb 10 18:08:58 : AmberRune throws the dice and gets 5
Feb 10 18:08:58 : AmberRune passed 7 Sided Stone Dice to Mallos
Feb 10 18:08:58 AmberRune: 3 people, that should put it at +4
Feb 10 18:08:58 Mallos: Hmm?
Feb 10 18:08:58 AmberRune: The last scene. Me, you, and phantasm should have walked here
Feb 10 18:08:58 : Mallos nods
Feb 10 18:08:58 Mallos: Still 177 AP. Odd walking through no problem.
Feb 10 18:08:58 : Orvid walks in carrying Molquert on his flank
Feb 10 18:10:42 phantasm: [Video link]
Feb 10 18:11:00 Rawquist: There are people behind that still can't move
Feb 10 18:11:22 phantasm: i believe all but shem are here
Feb 10 18:12:05 Rawquist: All present now
Feb 10 18:12:26 phantasm: Here is the first garden of the East
Feb 10 18:12:32 Sagewoman: Everyone, please don't attack during a funeral. It's just rude.
Feb 10 18:12:35 *Shemhazaj*: I'm here
Feb 10 18:12:47 phantasm: As you can see right now it is torn apart by those who do wrong, but it was once a beauty of flowers and herbs
Feb 10 18:12:54 Sagewoman: Still a patch of crabgrass and weeds I see.
Feb 10 18:13:06 *Shemhazaj*: (please attack me. that way I can gain Ap :P)
Feb 10 18:13:15 phantasm: just like death, what was once beautiful becomes torn and decayed
Feb 10 18:13:27 phantasm: but it is not the end for this garden, nor for death
Feb 10 18:13:36 phantasm: but the beginning for the new, and the hope for the future
Feb 10 18:14:07 phantasm: perhaps people are the same, we die off to become something else...what we once were a weed, become a healing flower
Feb 10 18:14:28 Sephirah Caelum: [Video link]
Feb 10 18:15:47 : Sagewoman opens a bag and pulls out a handful of seedlings and sprinkles it aon the garden patch
Feb 10 18:16:03 Sephirah Caelum: in some places to sleep is to die
Feb 10 18:17:35 Sunfire: *tosses some ash on top of the seedlings* death is but the beginning of something new
Feb 10 18:18:01 phantasm: *waters the seedlings* and with help, the new becomes the great future
Feb 10 18:19:29 *Shemhazaj*: it's a circle of life. Death is not the end, it's a part of it.
Feb 10 18:19:29 Sagewoman: ~Earthmother, may these offerings please thee, and begin to root.~
Feb 10 18:20:32 : JadenDew tugstugs Fire Starter
Feb 10 18:20:38 phantasm: perhaps this will be a new form for Molquert, for long his body has remained so small
Feb 10 18:21:55 Mupax: (I have to go... Can anyone port me to GoE? I won't be logging in until tomorrow...)
Feb 10 18:21:55 : Sagewoman smiles up at phantasm for once
Feb 10 18:22:02 phantasm: (we will take care of ya mupax)
Feb 10 18:22:32 phantasm: (anyone missing the ap to moe forward?)
Feb 10 18:22:38 : JadenDew pokes Eara
Feb 10 18:22:38 Mupax: Bye to everyone, It's been nice... So long Molquert sadly I didn't know you... But you seemed a nice guy...
Feb 10 18:22:51 Sagewoman: (I have 48)
Feb 10 18:22:57 : Sephirah Caelum nods to Mupax
Feb 10 18:23:09 JadenDew: Bye Mupax~
Feb 10 18:23:15 phantasm: let us move forward
Feb 10 18:23:15 Sagewoman: Good Journey, Mupax
Feb 10 18:23:21 phantasm: (top left arrow)
Feb 10 18:23:33 : phantasm moves with the other paulbearers forward
Feb 10 18:26:27 Sagewoman: I had to use the cake.
Feb 10 18:26:27 Sephirah Caelum: [Video link]
Feb 10 18:26:27 phantasm: thats what it is for
Feb 10 18:26:27 : JadenDew giggles
Feb 10 18:26:27 JadenDew: (gah! you guys are tempting me to link youtube too)
Feb 10 18:26:27 phantasm: it has been a long time since this land has seen so many people for such a purpose
Feb 10 18:26:27 Sagewoman: Do you have a song planned for each scene, Phan?
Feb 10 18:26:27 *Shemhazaj*: I miss wandering those streets...
Feb 10 18:26:27 Fire Starter: *nods and sips from his chawan* Excuse my silence, but my mind is occupied...
Feb 10 18:26:31 phantasm: it warms these old bones of mine to see such dedication as for so many to venture into these lands
Feb 10 18:26:45 : phantasm pokes sephi to speak up and say some words
Feb 10 18:26:45 Lintara: Hi, Fire Starter! No worries, it's fine.
Feb 10 18:27:53 : Sephirah Caelum smiles
Feb 10 18:28:20 Sephirah Caelum: Is a great time to have you all in my beloved land
Feb 10 18:28:36 : *Shemhazaj* looks for old sign of "Jester's street"
Feb 10 18:28:51 Eara Meraia: I wish syntropy of our deeds could turn death into life
Feb 10 18:28:57 Sagewoman: If it is not out of line, I have a song to play for the final resting place, Phantasm.
Feb 10 18:29:12 Sephirah Caelum: and I have no word to have Molly's body laying in our gardens
Feb 10 18:29:12 Sunfire: it is a pitty that it takes an event as this to make us come here
Feb 10 18:29:22 JadenDew: (.. i think it's no more Shem..)
Feb 10 18:29:22 Sagewoman: Or one of the stops along the way.
Feb 10 18:29:31 JadenDew: (but the door coord
Feb 10 18:29:46 JadenDew: (but the door's coords retain them..)
Feb 10 18:29:49 Sephirah Caelum: Well, this land is difficult to reach
Feb 10 18:29:55 : Fire Starter pulls out a hovering tea table from his Cloud and sets a fireball under a large teapot, which hovers above the table
Feb 10 18:30:14 Sephirah Caelum: prize for the ones that are old enought in the game
Feb 10 18:30:44 JadenDew: ..?
Feb 10 18:31:09 JadenDew: (laggy ><)
Feb 10 18:31:12 Fire Starter: *smiles* Hot fictional tea for everyone! Enjoy!! The Teapot won't dry out!!!
Feb 10 18:31:18 Sagewoman: *tugs on Phantasms cloak* SPOOKUMS?
Feb 10 18:31:18 JadenDew: I wants coffee!
Feb 10 18:31:30 Sunfire: (can you drag me along, gotta switch to mobile on which i cant move)
Feb 10 18:31:33 : JadenDew tugs Fire Starter
Feb 10 18:32:01 AmberRune: o.O FS is trying to choke everyone with cloud in the form of tea!
Feb 10 18:32:04 Eara Meraia: I would love some tea
Feb 10 18:32:11 : Fire Starter grins and pulls out a small fire pot, full of hot coffee
Feb 10 18:32:20 JadenDew: Yay~
Feb 10 18:32:23 Sagewoman: Tea would be perfect. Is it Earl Grey?
Feb 10 18:32:38 Sephirah Caelum: I prefer Black tea
Feb 10 18:32:41 : JadenDew wuff Fire Starter more
Feb 10 18:32:53 Sunfire: nope, its EArly grey *grins*
Feb 10 18:32:59 Fire Starter: *hovers near JadenDew and hands her the pot, made of fire* Here dear. It heats only the insides, it won't hurt you.
Feb 10 18:33:03 Sagewoman: Sephirah?
Feb 10 18:33:12 *Shemhazaj*: I'd like karkade...
Feb 10 18:33:21 JadenDew: okie~ *takes the pot from Fire Starter*
Feb 10 18:33:27 Fire Starter: Earl Grey is mostly black tea. Green Earl Grey is a rarity :D
Feb 10 18:33:30 Sephirah Caelum: yes Sage
Feb 10 18:33:59 JadenDew: Do you have a cup.. or do i have to drink directly from the pot ...?
Feb 10 18:34:08 Sagewoman: Would it be alright if I played a song at Molquerts final resting place or at one of the stops if you already have soemthing plannned?
Feb 10 18:34:18 Fire Starter: The tea from my teapot is imaginary, so everyone can take it's prefered taste :)
Feb 10 18:34:30 Sephirah Caelum: you can play it now if you wish
Feb 10 18:34:42 : Sagewoman pulls out a dented tin up from her bag and holds it out for some tea
Feb 10 18:34:58 : Fire Starter nods and takes out a fire cup, so the coffee can remain hot as long as needed
Feb 10 18:35:01 JadenDew: Jade Dew Tea is forbidden though :(!
Feb 10 18:35:01 Sagewoman: [Video link]
Feb 10 18:35:19 : Lintara chuckles
Feb 10 18:35:44 : Orvid sips on some Jade Dew Tea
Feb 10 18:35:53 Fire Starter: Well, I guess some Silver Needles is fine then, Jaden?
Feb 10 18:35:59 JadenDew: Thankies FS~ *takes the cup and pouts herself some coffee*
Feb 10 18:36:06 : Orvid sips on some Jaden Dew Tea
Feb 10 18:36:06 JadenDew: Silver needles?
Feb 10 18:36:15 JadenDew: Who are we feeeding neeldes today?
Feb 10 18:36:24 Fire Starter: White tea?
Feb 10 18:36:42 JadenDew: oh that silver needle.. nah i will have coffee
Feb 10 18:36:51 Fire Starter: *smiles and sips some hot Pu-Erh* Dear, you got me wrong
Feb 10 18:36:54 : JadenDew plops a needle into orvid's cup while he isn't looking
Feb 10 18:37:22 Sagewoman: (did Phantasm go AFK?)
Feb 10 18:37:33 phantasm: (no im here)
Feb 10 18:38:24 : JadenDew sips her nice warm coffee~
Feb 10 18:38:54 : Sagewoman sips her tea thinking Celtic Womans take on Ava Maria was "different"
Feb 10 18:40:39 Sephirah Caelum: [Video link]
Feb 10 18:41:10 : phantasm makes sure the grave is ready, the flowers are spread around it, and the cross is securly in place
Feb 10 18:41:10 : phantasm smells the wonderful smell of the East nature
Feb 10 18:41:10 : phantasm everyone walks in to see a small cross made from branches and twine made from plants
Feb 10 18:41:10 : phantasm the smell of fresh earth and wild flowers fill the area
Feb 10 18:41:28 JadenDew: Eh~ we got ported again~
Feb 10 18:41:28 Mallos: Well that was fast.
Feb 10 18:41:28 : Sagewoman blinks and drops her tea
Feb 10 18:41:37 JadenDew: magic~ ^-^/
Feb 10 18:41:49 Sagewoman: Warn a gal, will ya?
Feb 10 18:42:04 *Shemhazaj*: *looks around* that was a nice jump
Feb 10 18:42:07 JadenDew: a few gals!
Feb 10 18:42:13 : JadenDew passed Wiiya to Eara Meraia
Feb 10 18:42:29 Eara Meraia: *smiles* thanks dear
Feb 10 18:42:32 : AmberRune blinks
Feb 10 18:42:45 Sephirah Caelum: Welcome to our Temple Garden!
Feb 10 18:43:06 : Lintara looks around for Dark Demon
Feb 10 18:43:14 JadenDew: Your welcome~
Feb 10 18:43:17 Sagewoman: (DD had to leave, Lintara)
Feb 10 18:43:29 Lintara: (He's back)
Feb 10 18:43:57 Sephirah Caelum: Please take care to not step on the hole on the ground
Feb 10 18:44:12 Sephirah Caelum: [Video link]
Feb 10 18:44:30 sysy: (welcome back DD)
Feb 10 18:44:49 JadenDew: (welcome back~)
Feb 10 18:45:25 phantasm: *clears his throat* welcome all to the Funeral for a Friend
Feb 10 18:45:37 : Eara Meraia steps closer to Molquerts body
Feb 10 18:45:43 Sagewoman: [Video link]
Feb 10 18:45:59 Sagewoman: oops sorry Seph
Feb 10 18:46:14 Sephirah Caelum: It's fine
Feb 10 18:46:20 phantasm: When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, nor shall the flame scorch you
Feb 10 18:47:07 phantasm: (please do not post songs here unless previously directed)
Feb 10 18:47:19 phantasm: Today we lay to rest our friend, or companion, and our hero Molquert
Feb 10 18:47:32 : Generous Madmen silently joins the procession
Feb 10 18:47:56 : phantasm used the Attacklock stone to temporarily learn the Attacklock spell
Feb 10 18:48:41 : [Spell] Non Shall Pass *MRAlyon*
Feb 10 18:49:03 phantasm: Let us reflect a moment of silence
Feb 10 18:49:49 : *Shemhazaj* bows his head in silence
Feb 10 18:50:37 phantasm: for I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that Day.
Feb 10 18:50:53 phantasm: *looks at the others holding up Molquert* let us place him upon the ground by the grave
Feb 10 18:51:15 : *Shemhazaj* takes out a pipe and plays quietly as a background for Phan's words
Feb 10 18:51:18 *Shemhazaj*: [Video link]
Feb 10 18:51:54 : phantasm along with the others, places the shroud rapped body beside the grave
Feb 10 18:52:09 : Rawquist gently places together with the rest Molquert's body by the grave
Feb 10 18:52:18 phantasm: For we know that if our earthly house, this tent, is destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.
Feb 10 18:52:24 : JadenDew observes quietly in the background
Feb 10 18:52:42 Eara Meraia: *takes the white lilies she carried and puts them to Molquert’s feet* Innocence…
Feb 10 18:53:01 phantasm: The Mur is my shepard, I shall not want
Feb 10 18:53:13 phantasm: He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters.
Feb 10 18:53:22 : Sephirah Caelum puts the Wreath over Molquerts hands
Feb 10 18:53:28 phantasm: He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness For His name's sake
Feb 10 18:53:43 : Sagewoman opens bag and sprinkles Sage, Sacred Tobacco, Cedar, and Sweet Grass over Molquert
Feb 10 18:53:43 phantasm: Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.
Feb 10 18:54:11 phantasm: You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs over
Feb 10 18:54:23 : Fire Starter tears a part from his Cloud and puts it near Molquert's body
Feb 10 18:54:36 phantasm: Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me All the days of my life; And I will dwell in the house of Mur Forever
Feb 10 18:55:12 phantasm: Dust thou art, and unto dust thou shalt return
Feb 10 18:55:18 : Rawquist gently places together with the rest Molquert's body by the grave
Feb 10 18:55:18 phantasm: For we know that if our earthly house, this tent, is destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.
Feb 10 18:55:18 : JadenDew observes quietly in the background
Feb 10 18:55:18 Eara Meraia: *takes the white lilies she carried and puts them to Molquert’s feet* Innocence…
Feb 10 18:55:18 phantasm: The Mur is my shepard, I shall not want
Feb 10 18:55:18 phantasm: He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters.
Feb 10 18:55:18 : Sephirah Caelum puts the Wreath over Molquerts hands
Feb 10 18:55:18 phantasm: He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness For His name's sake
Feb 10 18:55:18 : Sagewoman opens bag and sprinkles Sage, Sacred Tobacco, Cedar, and Sweet Grass over Molquert
Feb 10 18:55:18 phantasm: Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.
Feb 10 18:55:18 phantasm: You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs over
Feb 10 18:55:18 : Fire Starter tears a part from his Cloud and puts it near Molquert's body
Feb 10 18:55:18 phantasm: Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me All the days of my life; And I will dwell in the house of Mur Forever
Feb 10 18:55:21 phantasm: Dust thou art, and unto dust thou shalt return
Feb 10 18:55:27 : Rawquist gently places together with the rest Molquert's body by the grave
Feb 10 18:55:27 phantasm: For we know that if our earthly house, this tent, is destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.
Feb 10 18:55:27 : JadenDew observes quietly in the background
Feb 10 18:55:27 phantasm: The Mur is my shepard, I shall not want
Feb 10 18:55:27 phantasm: He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters.
Feb 10 18:55:27 : Sephirah Caelum puts the Wreath over Molquerts hands
Feb 10 18:55:27 phantasm: He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness For His name's sake
Feb 10 18:55:27 : Sagewoman opens bag and sprinkles Sage, Sacred Tobacco, Cedar, and Sweet Grass over Molquert
Feb 10 18:55:27 phantasm: Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.
Feb 10 18:55:27 phantasm: You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs over
Feb 10 18:55:27 : Fire Starter tears a part from his Cloud and puts it near Molquert's body
Feb 10 18:55:27 phantasm: Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me All the days of my life; And I will dwell in the house of Mur Forever
Feb 10 18:55:30 phantasm: Dust thou art, and unto dust thou shalt return
Feb 10 18:56:00 phantasm: We commend this body to this final resting place, may it forever hold the glory and wonder that it deserves
Feb 10 18:56:13 : *Shemhazaj* stops playing and puts the pipes away
Feb 10 18:56:31 : Sagewoman shivers
Feb 10 18:56:34 : Eara Meraia wipes a tear flowing down her cheek
Feb 10 18:57:02 : Generous Madmen smiles softly
Feb 10 18:57:02 phantasm: Rawquist would you help me to put the body into teh grave
Feb 10 18:57:21 phantasm: [Video link]
Feb 10 18:57:24 Rawquist: *moves closer to Molquert's body* Of course phantasm
Feb 10 18:57:48 : phantasm together with Rawquist slowly lowers the body into the grave
Feb 10 18:58:28 : Rawquist together with phantasm slowly lowers the body into the grave
Feb 10 18:59:21 : phantasm stands back up and grabs ahandful of dirt from the pile
Feb 10 18:59:39 phantasm: May this not be the end, but the beginning *tosses the dirt into teh grave*
Feb 10 19:00:06 : *Shemhazaj* tosses some dirt as well
Feb 10 19:00:15 : phantasm steps back to allow others to pay their respects
Feb 10 19:00:15 : everyone passed Timeless dust to Molquert
Feb 10 19:00:48 : Master of Ceremonies eats a candy
Feb 10 19:00:58 : Sagewoman stoops, grabs dirt, and tosses it into the grave, stands and dusts off hands
Feb 10 19:00:58 Eara Meraia: *takes another handful of dirt and throws into grave* rest in peace...
Feb 10 19:01:07 : Eara Meraia steps back
Feb 10 19:01:22 : Sagewoman steps back
Feb 10 19:01:31 : Fire Starter hovers near the pile of dirt grabbing a handful of it, fires it up and lets it fly up towards the sky, until it vanishes in the distance
Feb 10 19:01:40 : Generous Madmen silently tosses dirt into the grave
Feb 10 19:01:49 Rawquist: *nods to phantasm and tosses some dirt into the grave* The beginning indeed
Feb 10 19:01:52 : Sephirah Caelum puts flowers petals instead of dirt
Feb 10 19:02:02 : Rawquist steps back afterwards
Feb 10 19:02:11 Sunfire: *grabs a handfull of dirt and throws it into the grave* goodbye kid
Feb 10 19:02:48 Sephirah Caelum: Thau Molquert *steps back*
Feb 10 19:02:56 phantasm: It is upon the greatest of honors to be shown how much they are cared for, even if gone from this world
Feb 10 19:03:08 : Fire Starter hovers away from the grave and sips in silence from his chawan
Feb 10 19:03:23 : JadenDew steps towards the grave and let a handful of white flower petals scatter upon the grave before stepping away from it again
Feb 10 19:03:23 phantasm: though the body remains cold and its eyelids void of sight, the soul always sees and knows
Feb 10 19:03:32 : Sunfire steps back in silence
Feb 10 19:03:56 phantasm: So we offer our humble offering to Molquert, so that he may know he will be remembered
Feb 10 19:06:04 phantasm: any who wish to speak please step forward
Feb 10 19:06:34 : Sagewoman steps forward
Feb 10 19:06:43 Sunfire: (afk :( )
Feb 10 19:07:10 phantasm: *nods to sage* (keep it simple and about the deceased:P)
Feb 10 19:07:13 Sagewoman: I know thee not, Mulquert. However, you are known by many here and are mourned.
Feb 10 19:07:53 Sagewoman: I stand by them in their grief in support.
Feb 10 19:08:21 Sagewoman: Let your Spirit be at Rest.
Feb 10 19:08:45 : Fire Starter nods sadly and disintegrates, leaving present his Cloud
Feb 10 19:08:48 Sagewoman: Let there be no unfinished business here.
Feb 10 19:09:00 Sagewoman: Go in Peace.
Feb 10 19:09:20 Sagewoman: Good Journey, Molquert.
Feb 10 19:09:26 : Sagewoman steps back
Feb 10 19:09:47 phantasm: [Video link]
Feb 10 19:09:50 : Sephirah Caelum steps foward
Feb 10 19:10:02 : phantasm nods to sephi
Feb 10 19:10:23 Sephirah Caelum: I have few words to Molquert,
Feb 10 19:10:44 Sephirah Caelum: since the only time I had contact with him was after he died
Feb 10 19:11:07 Sephirah Caelum: I fell sorry for not have the time to play with him as I wished
Feb 10 19:11:49 Sephirah Caelum: I first hated his role of reviving the dead
Feb 10 19:11:58 Sephirah Caelum: but
Feb 10 19:12:19 Sephirah Caelum: after knowing he thinks Funeral is a party, this kind gained my heart
Feb 10 19:12:28 : Sephirah Caelum steps back
Feb 10 19:12:41 : *Shemhazaj* steps forward
Feb 10 19:13:02 *Shemhazaj*: When I fought Rawquist and Karubawnis looking for revival specialist...
Feb 10 19:13:05 : phantasm nods to shem
Feb 10 19:13:45 *Shemhazaj*: I expected to see an oldand weary man
Feb 10 19:14:15 *Shemhazaj*: I found a child happy of company, wanting to play and missing his toys
Feb 10 19:14:37 *Shemhazaj*: I hope we'll meet again Molquert, one way or the other
Feb 10 19:14:46 *Shemhazaj*: and that we'll share toys again.
Feb 10 19:14:55 : *Shemhazaj* steps back
Feb 10 19:16:01 : phantasm looks around for any others
Feb 10 19:16:08 : Sunfire steps forward
Feb 10 19:16:20 : phantasm nods to sun
Feb 10 19:16:50 phantasm: [Video link]
Feb 10 19:16:56 Sunfire: altho i havent met Mollquert this frequently he gained a place in my heart
Feb 10 19:16:56 Sagewoman: brb
Feb 10 19:17:20 Sunfire: his joyous company lifts your spirit, and is an emaple to tohers
Feb 10 19:17:29 Sunfire: example*
Feb 10 19:17:57 Sunfire: i hoped to meet him more often, but i'll look back and smile
Feb 10 19:18:06 Sunfire: be well, kid
Feb 10 19:18:24 : Sunfire steps back
Feb 10 19:19:06 : phantasm smiles and looks around
Feb 10 19:19:34 : Rawquist steps forward
Feb 10 19:19:43 : phantasm nods to Rawquist
Feb 10 19:19:58 Sagewoman: (back)
Feb 10 19:20:22 Lintara: (wb)
Feb 10 19:21:04 Rawquist: I really don't think i could add anything more about you Master than what the rest have already said
Feb 10 19:21:29 Rawquist: Except that i'm gratefull i was and i still am at your service
Feb 10 19:22:09 Rawquist: And also i'd like to thank again all those who attend today ...
Feb 10 19:22:30 Rawquist: Ashes to ashes and dust to dust .........
Feb 10 19:22:37 : Rawquist steps back
Feb 10 19:23:04 phantasm: *smiles and steps forward* what better way to finish then with the words of the one closest
Feb 10 19:23:22 phantasm: I thank you all for coming, those who care for drinks please follow sephi down the steps to teh CT pub
Feb 10 19:23:34 phantasm: There are PLENTY drinks for all
Feb 10 19:23:43 : Sagewoman snifs and turns head to wipe something off her cheek
Feb 10 19:23:43 : Sephirah Caelum smiles
Feb 10 19:24:31 phantasm: As my ancestors used to tell me in my dreams "A drink for a day, and a day to drink"
Feb 10 19:25:14 Sagewoman: And today is the day to drink!
Feb 10 19:25:54 : phantasm takes out his CT spade and begins to shovel the dirt into the hole
Feb 10 19:26:09 Sagewoman: *sniffles* I think I'm coming down with a cold.
Feb 10 19:27:03 phantasm: [Video link]
Feb 10 19:27:19 Sephirah Caelum: *looks around* So you preferr the pub or want me to bring the alcohol
Feb 10 19:27:38 phantasm: no take them to the pub
Feb 10 19:27:50 Sephirah Caelum: ok, ok
Feb 10 19:28:03 *Shemhazaj*: *nods* let us go there.
Feb 10 19:28:18 : phantasm continues shoveling the dirt into the grave, the shroud becoming faint to see
Feb 10 19:28:33 Sephirah Caelum: Just follow down the stairs
Feb 10 19:28:46 Eara Meraia: (I would like to stay here, please do not teleport me)
Feb 10 19:28:59 : *Shemhazaj* takes a last look at the grave and walks away
Feb 10 19:29:05 Sunfire: (ditto)
Feb 10 19:29:17 JadenDew: (me too)
Feb 10 19:30:11 phantasm: *takes shovel after shovel of dirt and pours it into the grave and sings* could you make it shallow....so that i cannn feell the rain...
Feb 10 19:30:49 : Eara Meraia sits down not far from the grave and watches phantasm
Feb 10 19:31:11 : JadenDew sits next to Eara
Feb 10 19:31:44 : Lintara sits down next to Dew.
Feb 10 19:31:47 : Sunfire sits down at eara's other side
Feb 10 19:32:09 : Generous Madmen sits down next to Sunfire
Feb 10 19:32:36 : Eara Meraia sings
Feb 10 19:32:39 : phantasm the grave a little more then 1/4 teh way filled now covers Molquert completly
Feb 10 19:32:48 Eara Meraia: Fly, fly little wing
Feb 10 19:33:03 Eara Meraia: Fly beyond imagining
Feb 10 19:33:18 Eara Meraia: Fly, fly do not fear
Feb 10 19:33:27 Eara Meraia: Don't waste a breath, don't shed a tear
Feb 10 19:33:40 Eara Meraia: Above the universe you'll climb
Feb 10 19:33:52 Eara Meraia: On beyond the hands of time
Feb 10 19:33:55 : phantasm stops for a moment to wipe his brow, before resuming filling in the hole
Feb 10 19:34:07 Eara Meraia: The moon will rise, the sun will set
Feb 10 19:34:17 Rawquist: *takes a move closer to phantasm* Want me to continue ?
Feb 10 19:34:23 Eara Meraia: We won't forget
Feb 10 19:35:40 : Eara Meraia closes her eyes still singing a melody with words
Feb 10 19:36:10 Eara Meraia: without*
Feb 10 19:36:56 phantasm: i am fine, thank you for offering though Rawquist
Feb 10 19:37:36 phantasm: *continues to fill the grave with dirt* though my bones are getting old, they still have some use
Feb 10 19:37:51 Sephirah Caelum: Anyone want help to reach the pub?
Feb 10 19:38:39 Lintara: *gets up* I'll help
Feb 10 19:39:43 Sunfire: *stands up and whispers to phantasm, while offering him two coins* can you lay these on the kid? its for the ferryman, so he can come home safely
Feb 10 19:41:12 phantasm: *chuckles* i believe he knows the ferryman sun
Feb 10 19:41:51 : Rawquist chuckles with phantasm's comment
Feb 10 19:41:54 Sunfire: oh, very well then
Feb 10 19:45:00 Sunfire: *takes a last glance at the grave and mutters* travel safe little one, wherever your paths lead you
Feb 10 19:45:09 : Generous Madmen stands up and proceeds to the pub
Feb 10 19:45:22 : phantasm continues to fill the grave, now over half full
Feb 10 19:45:47 phantasm: *sings* Come along home boy, to the land of our fathers home
Feb 10 19:45:47 : Sunfire turns around and walks off
Feb 10 19:46:21 phantasm: we shall sing songs and build great buildings of stone
Feb 10 19:46:49 phantasm: and when our work is done, and it is a place to dwell
Feb 10 19:47:01 phantasm: forever shall we rest, in that eternal spell
Feb 10 19:47:23 : phantasm solemnly whistles while he works
Feb 10 19:49:37 : Eara Meraia wonders why not so many people are interested in drinks
Feb 10 19:53:36 : Eara Meraia continues murmuring a melody twisting lightly from side to side falling into trance
Feb 10 19:53:54 : sysy walks up and shyly hands phantasm a scroll
: JadenDew continues to watch in silence
phantasm: sysy if you continue forward, past the Temple of the Void and deeper in, it becomes much easier to walk
: phantasm stops another moment and wipes his brow as the grave is about 3/4 full
sysy: *nods* perhaps i will look around a bit then (which way?)
JadenDew: (deeper is right)
phantasm: (arrow right)
phantasm: i will be around if you should need help
: phantasm resumes filling in the grave
sysy: thank you again phantasm, i feel it its my time to get myself lost again. take care of yourself
phantasm: best of luck
: phantasm stops for a moment, the hole is mostly filled, with loose dirt spread around where the pile was
: phantasm takes his foot pushes the loose dirt around to the grave
Eara Meraia: *opens her eyes* thank you, phantasm, you have done a big job
: JadenDew nods
: phantasm starts taking the small stones he pile up the night before and starts to place them around the dirt pile
: phantasm forms a stone circle around the pile of dirt
phantasm: *stands and brushes his hands and cloak off* now only one thing left to do
: phantasm carves Molquert's name upon the wooden cross
: phantasm a small wind gust blows across the land
phantasm: Let this place bear upon us always his memory[/spoiler]

Edited by phantasm
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It was a lovely ceremony, and while I did not know him personally I regret i could not stay until the end. I intended to share a little poetry at the ceremony, a couple of stanzas that I felt were not only beautiful but fitting as well.
These are the two final stanzas of the poem "June" by William Cullen Bryant:

[i]"I know that I no more should see
The season`s glorious show,
Nor would its brightness shine for me,
Nor its wild music flow;
But if, around my place of sleep,
The friends I love should come to weep,
They might not haste to go.
Soft airs, and song, and light, and bloom
Should keep them lingering by my tomb.

These to their softened hearts should bear
The thought of what has been,
And speak of one who cannot share
The gladness of the scene;
Whose part, in all the pomp that fills
The circuit of the summer hills,
Is that his grave is green;
And deeply would their hearts rejoice
To hear again his living voice."[/i]

Rest in Peace Molquert, as I'm sure you will.

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