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BHC TEST - Trial of Agony


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dear MR MRAlyon and/or other involved organize/s (if any),

we were teleported earlier here in Necrovion, and i was also told (thru pm) by the organizer that we aren't allowed to go to Trial of Agony.

unfortunately and unintentionally as i was chasing ignnus, i got into that scene. yes, [b]my fault. i am not really familiar with the paths in this land[/b], and i was more focused on chasing ignnus and with time rather than caring on where will i land when i click an arrow.

now i am trapped. does this mean i am out?

and may i suggest if you do not have any assistant to accommodate participants on time zones you aren't available, please, i politely request you appoint one.

thank you.



i don't mind and not whining about viscosity advantages, i am more concerned on scenes like these,

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whether Eagle Eye intended to go there or not (but i am pretty sure not), that won't seriously matter to you and to other Necrovion participants since you guys can walk in and out of that scene without any extra efforts.

[b]if these scenes are well-known to us, for sure we won't be there in the first place[/b].

good for yous if MRAlyon can't or won't 'port us back to a non-ToA scene while on this stage, we'll patiently wait for his next teleport action

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This is just a screenshot. And, since this is only a test, I won't state anything.

(For the record - ignnus was there to take some heads, not using any land advantages. I used mine just to get the screenshot)


[i](another thing - I was unable to upload directly here the same file in jpg, gif and png extentions. Around half of a megabite in size.)[/i]

nad, I am not sure for what reason everybody is there, but Alyon specifically stated that such places are out of the contest, no matter which land it is. As there are such in MB, GG and LR.

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[quote name='ignnus' timestamp='1360819935' post='132603']
Eagle Eye just went to TOA with the Heads ball he also went idle.


Like you havent stepped in Trial of agony, or in beserker's charge or to the stone of the twisted souls or the armoury? bleh.. dont kid me.

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