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Quest: Black Box


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Love the clip :)
This seems quite interesting, but I'm not sure I understood all the rules.

We are supposed to make our idea and message you with it, or prepare it for a "live" event in MD if you are holding it?
What's this transformation time, is it something questers need to look after or it's just a sentence for the sake of pretty quest description?

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Why thank you o.o
Mhmm if you don't want to post your entry into this forum page for whatever reason then you can mail it to me instead :). I'm not holding a live event unfortunately though that would be cool aha. The winners shall be announced hopefully on the 1st of May though.
The transformation time limit is basically just the amount of time you have to complete the quest.
Does that make sense >.>?

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Even though I've just recently joined, I might just give that a try. Who knows, I'm still thinking about a role, and then about an object that might fit it. It should take me a while, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it before the time is up.

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[center][b][size=5]I am Tom Pouce[/size][/b] :)

Only 1 inch tall (about 2.54 cm), in english you know me also by the name of [size=5]Tom Thumb[/size].

The History of Tom Thumb was published in 1621, and was the first fairy tale printed in English. Tom is no bigger than his father's thumb, and his adventures include being swallowed by a cow, tangling with giants, and becoming a favourite of King Arthur.

i am quit old, my stories begun to be report in various 6th century works such as Reginald Scot's Discovery of Witchcraft (1584) where Tom is cited as one of the supernatural folk employed by servant maids to frighten children

I figures in Henry Fielding's play Tom Thumb, a companion piece to his The Author's Farce. It was later expanded into a single piece titled The Tragedy of Tragedies, or the History of Tom Thumb the Great.

I am fearless, quick wits that take me out of dangerous situation, luck helping also LOL

And another thing, i[b] was born of magic thru Merlin work.[/b]

Recently i found myself in MD. Born in paper cabin ... and since then see[b] myself is an MD citisen[/b].

[b]My caracter is good nature, curious, always helping, and fighting for fairness and true.[/b]

Since i am an MD citizen ... [b]each land is part of my home MagicDuel[/b].


Come the strange black box, filled with darkness,


ever changing .. that gift you give us


[size=5][b]I accept it , thus it transform[/b][/size]

What will yu find that has to be black, fit into a 15x15cm cube?

[size=5][b]You will find my MagicDuel passport, that make me an citisen of each lands in MD[/b][/size]


Edited by Tom Pouce
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As soon as the black box touched Kross' hands, it seemingly dissolved for a split second, and moved as if it had a life of it's own. It still retained it's black color, and that made it a rather eerie scene, as if it was some sort of living liquid, yet not quite liquid, and not quite living. The box's form was warped, wrapping itself around Kross' fingers slightly, quickly forming a chain, and some sort of emblem wrapped along it, which did not fall to the ground, only because the chain had wrapped itself around the young one's fingers. It only took the box a couple of seconds to take on it's new form: A completely black necklace, with the form of two triangles, sideways, each pointing to each other. That was a hourglass, of sorts, though something was wrong about it: It was sideways. Even though it was only a symbol, it was quite weird. A hourglass couldn't have sand flow through it properly if it was sideways, on normal conditions.

What this symbol represents is a perspective that can be explained with a single sentence:

"Time does not exist."

The reason for this is that, for someone outside of time, it is merely a string of events, each with a different distance from each other. Of course, it is not a single string, but for simplicity's sake, it can be explained in that manner. That may not be how Kross sees things currently, but, taking that idea in consideration, it doesn't need to be. It can be how he perceives things in the future, after gathering more knowledge. The meaning for all of that is up to him to discover by himself. But in the event that he does, he would then dedicate his life to understanding time, and seeing through it. I'm actually trying to make a whole Role a mere consequence of the outcome of a Quest.

Well, that's it. ^^

Edited by Kross
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I was thinking about writing a story. But is it allowed to mix in-game and OOC elements, or does it have to be in-game completely?

I am asking this because the idea I have has certain OOC elements in it. It is a story on two levels, so to speak, an MD and a meta level.

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Thank you Iashtal o3o

In short yes that's totally cool :3
I see no reason why using OOC stuff to support your entry should hinder you, in fact it seems like a pretty interesting idea I look forward to seeing your entry o3o.

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I've explained the judging [i]a little[/i] more in an email so I'ma post it here as well to hopefully clear up any confusion about how I shall judge you >:3 muahhahahaha... uh yes so o.o

For being graded I'm judging each entry on these individual three parts:

Creativity - Is like a really cool idea, the most original and interesting entries will get higher marks - the limit is your imagination~

Effort - How much time you spent coming up with your idea... and how you've shown me that you've spent that time// and the amount of well...effort you've put into it o.o....

MD character - How well the entry fits with your character...Some people I may need to meet them as I may have not have spoken to them// stalked their profiles yet

If you feel that your entry needs editing you are welcome to up until the deadline and stuff.... Hope this helps! o.o
[size=2](If I have confused you more then just ignore me V.V)[/size]

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Here is my submission: It's a ppt (Power Point Presentation).
The archive contains 2 files: the actual PPT and an mp3 song. You need both if you also want to hear the music (which I recommend).
Because of the mp3, I was unable to convert the whole PPT to a video so the easiest way was this one.

You can download it from here.

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main role: Eara Meraia
star guest: Whispers
executive producer and screenwriter: Eara Meraia
Camera (what a surprise): Eara Meraia :D
special thanks to the Chief Production Sound Mixer - lashtal

Edited by Eara Meraia
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(I tried making a more serious poem at the last minute, but my brain hurt. So I'm submitting this for your amusement, instead of submitting nothing at all).

A small dark black box
by Change

I found a black box
It turned into a fox
And then into socks
That were worn by some rocks

The rocks over there
Were turned into a bear
The bear gave a stare
At my white underwear

I cared not at all
Then I took a great fall
The bear had the gall
To just play with her ball

I woke up quite soon
I was given a broom
In a little room
Where dark shadows did loom

A box, bear, ball, broom
And a somewhat small room
Does this mean it's noon?
Or that I am a loon?

I stared at a wall
It turned into a ball
And a bear in a mall
I then grew very tall

Was that all a game?
It was! How very strange.

Want to play again?
Said the dealer just then.

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Mmm o.o...Ah, I posted that a day early V.V.....I see, I see, I'm sorry for any confusion o.o
Midnight server time for MD on the 30th was when it was meant to have ended and then... Today ... the 1st was the day I was going to release the results V.V

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