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you got 4 pecies of paper

all the same blank if i remember rightly there was a tear mark someware on them

I think they are the key here how may parmids was there?

was there one with nothing in it?

you could try useing the paper in there somehow

or you might be able to write on the paper and put them back in there places

something like

show me the way

one word per page

and put them back and see if that might open a door way to the main parmaid



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Was it 4? I thought she got 6.

Anyway, I suspect those pieces of paper to be parts of the Book of Principles. If indeed they are, and if the Book cannot be stolen or destroyed, then trying what Grayhawk suggested first probably wouldn't hurt. Probably. :P The problem would be whether the flames are too high to reach.

Another thing that could be done is writing on the papers. The important question is what should be written. Some random thoughts:

- Command words, like Yrthilian suggests.

- Names or detailed concepts of the principles which she already knows. But since no one is at MP6 yet, this might be a problem.

- Names or detailed concepts of the principles which attribute to the "slow fire" and the floating pyramid. (Principle of Elements? Time? Imagination? What else?)

Who knows, something might happen as soon as she starts writing. :P

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i think the pages are part of the book as well, i think the key to finding the book of principles is in using the principles themselves, if the book is protected by them(i read that somewhere) then it only seems fit that they should be used to find it, not quite sure how it'd work in practice though, but the slowing down of the fire indicates the use of the Time Principle, the fire itself that of the Element Principle, she could perhaps use the Principle of Imagination to imagine the pages into some form of book perhaps

*there are 10 principles, so according my my theory the pyramid area has to involve all of them

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i think fire is mad eof all principles and if u hold the pages over it then the writing appears and the flames go blue and green

If you write in lemon juice isn't it revealed by heat? Try holding the pages up to the flames without burning them and see if there is an invisible ink effect.


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And they will get married and live happily everafter...the end.

On topic:maybe burning the papers will "unleash" some kind of a spell and she will be able to reach the piramid. Or maybe the burning is a signal for someone to come and help her, or a signal that she is allowed to find the book. Or the ashes from the papers will be like a magic dust (see Peter Pan) and she will be able to fly. Ok...end of brainstorming...I'm out of ideeas.

ps:hope she will not fall from the rocks and /brokelose her legs ( it's a habit around here to punish someone by cutting the legs...if you know what I mean)

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If you look at the map there is actually 2 floating pyrimids above Akasha, the upside down one and a right side up one above it with the fire in the middle. It sort of looks like a double terminated crystal. I don't know if this helps its just an observation from the map. There are also 6 pages and 6 corrisponding pyramids on the mountain not 4 ,which you can also see from the map. Thats 6 + 2 = 8 Pyramids in total, maybe the other 2 pyramids are underwater if each is supposed to represent a principle.

If she needs to write down the 6 principles that represent the fire in between the 2 floating pyramids on the 6 papers then I would say she should write the following: Elemental Principle (What the fire is), Light Principle (fire gives off light), Time Principle (becouse its slowed down), Entropy Principle (fire destroyes what it consumes), Syntropy Principle (but it creates light, heat and smoke), Balance Principle (Balance between Syntropy and Entropy).

Also the the Book of Principles my not even exist since the wizard did after all send Akasha on this Wild Goose chase to get rid of her. From the Adventure Log (emphases mine):

While waiting for the misterious light formation to take shape, the wizard thinks... "Good that i sent Akasha away to get that book...she could be more dangerous to my plan than a professional killer sent to kill me" ... he looks out at the window with his mind far away ..."She will never find the Book of Principles ..nobody can..there is none ....and even if there was....arghhh!!i am thinking again fulish things!" ..he turns away from the window and admires his work in progress.

The pages still might have valuable info and the invisible ink theory seems to me the most plausible for now. The floating pyramids are also still worth exploring if she can get to them.

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hmm ok working from the

5th element theroy here

in the 5th element they had 4 stones and the the 5 was the perfect human

well how about adapting that to the principles

maby you need to eather write or do something to each page in each pyrimids

so there are 6 peaces of paper and 6 pyrimids

what would be the principals used for the fire

well standard fires have 3 main components

fuel, heat and oxygan.

from a principals point of view

the fire also uses time, element and light

so how would something like this be used

well for fuel it could be somethig local to the area (wood or hay)

for heat well the sun or the fire its self,

for oxygen breath on the page or find a windy pyrimid

for element prinicaple use dirt from the pyrimid

for light use a mirror to reflect light into a pyrimid or again use fire.

this is just a though on the whole thing

hope it helps

orther wise just see if you can write on the pages

each principle you think is forming the fire

doing this might help you get to the top og the floating pyrimid

or you could sround your self with all the pages with writing or items

represent the items above and site in the center and concentrat on that they can do

and you might find you have an answer on how to get up there


you might need to think of the principles that would eather transport you or lift you somehow

ok ok that it i have run out of ideas

hope this help you out

good luck


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Umm, so let's see... Akasha has 6 pieces of paper that she (probably) has to use to get to the last pyramid...

Burning doesn't work... Other than the writing on pieces theory and the use of principles related to fire theory, emm, see. . . : I have no idea what it could be.

It couldn't possibly like those puzzles in those RPG's where you move stuff in certain places or place stuff in certain places, right? lol, just remembering...

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I recommend setting up a ritual in each of the six temple pyramids. Each Ritual would represent one of the principals and the principles choosen would be related to the materialization of the book. I believe the pages you have may simply be an illusion (imagination principle) which is why the book cannot be stolen or taken. My guess is that it has to be revealed or created.

Start by searching the temple pyramids again and looking for a representation of a particular principle. If not then create one. In reading the discriptions of the principles from the home page I recommend light (to fuel a change in the current order), cyclicity (again taping into the energy of the place you are at, balance (fueled by light to bend towards your goal), darkness (for materializing the book or dispelling the illusion), synthropy (to guide your purpose), transposition (to guide synthropy in the identification of the hidden book).

Anyway, hope it works out for you :D I'm stuck in story mode :D

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Is this a rectangular pyramid or a triangular pyramid? i.e. Including the bottom, 5 sides or 4 sides?

With 5 sides, I like the opposing pyramids idea. Each face of the pyramid representing a principle, or more generically stated, each pyramid is composed of 5 principles each. The visible pyramid I would start with Light and Transposition, because it's visible and it's floating. The hidden pyramid I'd start with Darkness and Imagination, because it's hidden and we're having to pretend it's there.

The Time and Element principles could be the last two that make up the visible pyramid, or they could represent the "base" for each pyramid, being the principles that join them together.

The remaining principles are then Syntropy, Enthropy, Balance, and Cyclicity.

Then again, maybe with 6 pieces of paper, 6 principles is enough...

... or maybe the paper is for making origami birds to fly up to the pyramid.

If it were me though, I wouldn't spend any more time trying to get up to the pyramid, and dedicate more time to bringing the pyramid down to me. :lol:

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Akasha looks at the campfire while she thinks of another way to get the papers near the floating pyramid, glowing embers fly up into the cold night...

"That"s it !!" She shouts.

Hastly she begins to search for thin, long twigs in the trees and busches nearby and in one of the pinetrees she carves a deep V shape.

While she waits as the sap of the tree slowly pours down to the bottom of the V, she carefully starts pulling long threads from the sleaves of her robe, binding them together, then she returns to the pinetree

"This will make a fine glue' she says.

She glues the papers together into a big rectangle, makes small holes at the sides and binds them to the twigs, and together with the twine of her rope she now has something that looks like a kite.

'Now we wait for the wind" she says to pyramids......

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Well I'm starting to think she needs to 'do' something with the 2 missing pyramids, because there are 8 pyramids and 10 principles. Maybe she needs to figure out via logical way what two principles are governing the floating pyramids and then apply the same method to the hidden, ?under the ground?, pyramids. And then she could pair up the remaining pyramids by writing the principles on the pages. This is just me speculating of course.

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