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Again about hypocrisy or how to act all innocent when the community is watching and swear like hell when it is not


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WARNING! HIGHLY VULGAR language below. Click on your own risk!



[spoiler][27/07/13 00:56] Mallos:What do you think of the recent forum stuff?
[27/07/13 00:58] :Fang Archbane laughs
[27/07/13 00:58] :Fang Archbane failed to cast a spell
[27/07/13 00:59] Fang Archbane:The sheep can say what they will.
[27/07/13 00:59] Fang Archbane:Im done endulging them with answers.
[27/07/13 00:59] Fang Archbane:They are no longer worth my time, if they are not willing to listen.
[27/07/13 00:59] : Mallos throws the dice and gets 2
[27/07/13 00:59] Mallos:It amused me the way they accused you.
[27/07/13 01:00] Mallos:Saying you've done something wrong but never saying what, as if they didn't know themselves.
[27/07/13 01:00] Fang Archbane:The only one that can actually accuse me and have facts is DST
[27/07/13 01:00] Fang Archbane:But shed have light insults at bestg
[27/07/13 01:00] Mallos:proofs
[27/07/13 01:01] Fang Archbane:She can say im breaking the rules all she wants
[27/07/13 01:01] Fang Archbane:Best part is, Mur dictates what the rules are and how theyre enforced, not DST, not No One, not the Council, not my cousins third mother twice removed
[27/07/13 01:01] Fang Archbane:So she can suck me off
[27/07/13 01:01] Fang Archbane:And she can read that text too, since she just LOVES reading the shit i type after its long gone
[27/07/13 01:01] Fang Archbane:And let me repeat it one more time for good measure
[27/07/13 01:02] Fang Archbane:DST, aka the Dick Sucking Tramp can BLOW ME [/spoiler]


Thank you fang for your nice words. I do hope the rules I DIDN'T make but Mur made will be applied and you'll get what you deserve for your nice behavior and awesome knowledge of English slang.

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I've heard a lot of things about dst over the years, but wow that was new.  Things like that shouldn't be said about anybody regardless of who they are or what they may or may not have done.


Nobody deserves that.

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... but I'm wondering how it serves MD to post it in forums and not just report it to council to handle...


Simple. Hiding stuff under the carpet serves nobody.

I doubt that The Council hasn't received a report about this or many other similar cases.


But what would MD say if The Council would punish the poor innocent noob ? .... (you feel up the dots, you've seen of all to often)


No, let it be done publicly so that all can see what is happening behind our backs. Let all MD see who's the bad guy.


Finally you made it publicly. It took you long enough.

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