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Avast MD Problem. [TJ]


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So this morning my avast yelled and targeted against MD. This can be only my case or can be the case of everybody using avast solutions and its cloud tech, hence it is why I decided to post here so that Chew can give it a check and those using avast post if they have problems.


Infection Details


http://magicduel.com/bar/box.php|{gzip} Infection: JS:Iframe-AHV [Trj]


I still can't properly play MD due to iframes blocked. Will get myself unlocked when I get awake properly.

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I use avast as well on my home laptop and last time I used (this morning around 4am ST) nothing yelled at me (except the sleep I shued from my eyes). I will check again tonight but I doubt I'll find anything.

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Kaspersky is going mad regarding MD as well. 


swfobject.js                     Detected: HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic          13/8/2013 13:44:21           http://magicduel.com/js/

browser_detection.js       Detected: HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic          13/8/2013 13:46:56           http://magicduel.com/js/  

js.complete-interface.js   Detected: HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic         13/8/2013 13:46:56            http://magicduel.com/js/

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  • Root Admin

Don't add it to exclusions. Don't do anything to unblock it until I have checked. I am in London with family ATM but when I get back I will look at it.

If someone deems it nesscary we should turn main fence mode on for 6 hours til I get home. It looks like we may have a virus or false positive.

I think we should set maintenance mode on unless mur thinks its now fine but I can't do t. Put a die() in config.

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i got a virus warning on avg, "exploit javascript obfuscation type 156 -in hupenicardcolumn.2massocies.com:801/commit-privileged_these.php

fixed something, can someone check if its still shouting ?


the hex thing disappeared from iframes, yet we still have the issue.

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Just a note - With Firefox 22 MD worked fine until 12 o'clock Server Time. After the lunch brake around 13pm this started to happen.


I have added MD to exclusion's list of Avast and managed to block 1 out of 3 error messages.

All 3 messages reported to bugs@ of course :)


Sorry for the spam, Wookie :blush:

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Oops... i experienced similar problems but i put in the exception thinking it was my Norton (Its super-paranoid sometimes)

*goes to take it off* I hope I didn't just fry my systems..


I got the AC_RunActiveContent.js is missing error as well when Norton blocks it

And am unable to load scene/scene chat, trigger box and moodpanel sidebar as a result...


Norton classified it as an intrusion attempt.. it only alerts after logging in.. Would it help if I put up the Norton's log?

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