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Should online list display current land location?

Soothing Sands


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As previously mentioned, I don't think the list of current players should show what land they are in (in terms of position). It makes it too easy to find other players when we already have the map, friends list, locate spell, and walking tracks. Some lands are small enough that it takes a very short time to walk around and deduce the player's specific scene. Thoughts?

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Yes, I agree as well. How about that list displays only the players that put themselves there.We see lots of times in the Mood Panel messages from players to other players like: I am at Goe, MDP etc. How about this is turned into a GPS where players that whant to be found put their names? (And in this case maybe the coordonates would be shown). I know it's a lot of coding but...meh...

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I voted no, and would be interested to see what reasons people might have had for voting 'yes' besides wanting to be able to find people more easily.



dst's idea could be a new shop feature for the mood panel or the Online Users list (not sure which is better): click "Set your location" to be able to state your location, in your own words or using current coordinates (coordinates would NOT change automatically if you change locations), and people could mouseover your name/status to see where you've said that you are.

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I like it for the same reasons why I like and have both the locate spell and the extra map features. I like to easily find people. Perhaps the cost is a bit low though. Rather than removing it, I'd like to see it moved to the wishshop (even though I couldn't afford it then).

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