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The purpose of this thread is to allow the community as a whole to more easily keep track of the value of various goods and services and who they might get such goods and services from by assembling trade data into a log.


Day 299 Year 8 I bought a heavily heated creature to sacc from Nim for the price of 1SC

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Before the idiocy converges:


Regarding anyone who, having been cheated, makes a post here...


Don't call them out on it.  Don't PM them.


If you want, reprimand the "cheater"...privately.  Not the cheatee.



Day 299 Year 8 Everyone bought from me 666-day-old Angien with 2m heat for 1 gold.

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Not to annoy, offend or whatever, but I feel this is a waste of forum resources.


We have multiple useful logs in MD. I believe there are better ways to determine which are the range values of goods.


Mentioning that, if you really want people to know range value of stuff you can simply ask around, make a list, and post it so that people can comment/add to it



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I would disagree. For creature/coin trades it can be hard to see exactly what was exchanged, and besides that as far as I know items logs are the only ones up.



Ann. 2711 - [2013-08-11 22:16:11 - Stage 12] Posted By Chewett
One of the logs from the logroom are now dutifully duplicated by the archivists and the willow's shop shopkeeper now holds a list of all item transfers on his desk. The archivists are searching for other locations to copy the others to after interference has closed down the left wing of the Archives building.


This is an interesting project, the only thing missing is more participation (or perhaps more trade).

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I made a two week long bet with Sunfire, here's the log.


[13/05/14 20:38] :Change passed Heat Jar Recaller Type C to Rophs 
[13/05/14 20:38] :Rophs waves to Change 
[13/05/14 20:39] :Rophs hugs Change and squeezes her tight an attempt to prevent her from leaving 
[13/05/14 20:39] Rophs:STAY! 
[13/05/14 20:39] :Change hugs back while sitting on a rock 
[13/05/14 20:39] Change:I'm thinking. *chuckles* 
[13/05/14 20:40] :Rophs nods and sits on the rock so that he is back to back with Change 
[13/05/14 20:40] :Rophs farts some Wiiya 
[13/05/14 20:40] :Rophs passed Wiiya to Change 
[13/05/14 20:41] :Change thanks Rophs 
[13/05/14 20:43] :Change passed Huge Heat Jar 480k to Rophs 
[13/05/14 20:43] Rophs:Will you be joining the hottest guild in town again?*elbow nudge* 
[13/05/14 20:43] :Change shrugs 
[13/05/14 20:44] :Rophs sees the mood panel and the notices Sunfire and shoots him a questioning glance 
[13/05/14 20:45] *Sunfire*:im looking for a high heat capacity jar 
[13/05/14 20:45] *Sunfire*:i'd want to borrow it for 2 weeks 
[13/05/14 20:45] Rophs: *nods* How big do you need it? 
[13/05/14 20:45] *Sunfire*:which ones can you recall? 
[13/05/14 20:46] Rophs:Every single one in my inventory except the 480k. 
[13/05/14 20:46] *Sunfire*:then the 800K 
[13/05/14 20:46] Rophs: *nods* Two weeks starting tomorrow? 
[13/05/14 20:47] :*Sunfire* nods 
[13/05/14 20:47] Rophs:I think that would cost 10sc. *scratches his chin* 
[13/05/14 20:47] :*Sunfire* frowns 
[13/05/14 20:48] Rophs:I'll pass you 5sc and the jar, you pass me 1gc. 
[13/05/14 20:48] *Sunfire*:you would charge for the use of a tool that has no use? 
[13/05/14 20:48] *Sunfire*:as far as im aware there is no item that needs that amount of heat 
[13/05/14 20:48] Rophs:"use of a tool that has no use" *chuckles* That's an oxymoron if I've heard one. 
[13/05/14 20:50] *Sunfire*:you know what i mean 
[13/05/14 20:50] Rophs: *nods* If it has no use then why would you want to have it in the first place? 
[13/05/14 20:51] :Change looks at a map 
[13/05/14 20:53] :*Sunfire* passes a note 
[13/05/14 20:53] :Rophs reads the note and grins evilly 
[13/05/14 20:54] Rophs:Perhaps we could make this a bit more interesting...*pulls a golden coin from his pocket and balances it on his nose* 
[13/05/14 20:54] Rophs:We could use the 200k jar instead for two weeks. 
[13/05/14 20:55] Rophs:If the challenge is completed I will pay you this GC.
[13/05/14 20:55] Rophs:If the challenge is failed you will pay me a GC. 
[13/05/14 20:55] Rophs: *nods* But there would be no outside help allowed. 
[13/05/14 20:55] :Change yawns 
[13/05/14 20:56] *Sunfire*:deal 
[13/05/14 20:57] Rophs: *flicks the coin into the air and catches it in his palm* Who shall arbitrate this gamble? 
[13/05/14 20:57] Rophs:We both pass the coin to a neutral party, who then gives both to the winner. 
[13/05/14 20:57] *Sunfire*:is there need for that? are we not men of honor?
[13/05/14 20:58] :Change looks at Rophs and chuckles softly 
[13/05/14 20:58] :Change covers her mouth quickly 
[13/05/14 20:58] Rophs:I doubt either of us will cheat, but I'd rather implement a fair system to make that impossible. 
[13/05/14 20:59] *Sunfire*:trade logs are available to all 
[13/05/14 20:59] :Rophs nods 
[13/05/14 20:59] Rophs:If you win the bet, I will give you one Gold Coin. 
[13/05/14 21:00] Rophs:If I win the bet, you will give me one Gold Coin. 
[13/05/14 21:00] :*Sunfire* nods 
[13/05/14 21:00] Rophs:If by may 28 at 23:59 ST the jar is not full then I win the bet. 
[13/05/14 21:01] Rophs:If somebody can produce proof that the jar was given to somebody outside of Loreroot then I win the bet. 
[13/05/14 21:01] Rophs:If before May 28 at 23:59 ST the jar is full then you win the bet. 
[13/05/14 21:02] Rophs:If before May 28 at 23:59 ST I recall the jar then you win the bet. 
[13/05/14 21:02] :*Sunfire* nods 
[13/05/14 21:04] Rophs:If you request that I recall the jar and give it to you and I recall the jar for that reason before May 28 at 23:59 ST and PM you the ITC immediately afterwards then what happens? 
[13/05/14 21:04] Rophs:I'd hate for somebody to suddenly have to leave MD without warning while they have the jar, 
[13/05/14 21:04] *Sunfire*:nothing 
[13/05/14 21:04] :Rophs nods 
[13/05/14 21:04] *Sunfire*:i'll try to prevent that 
[13/05/14 21:05] Rophs:If somebody is in LR, and then leaves LR while they have the jar then what happens? 
[13/05/14 21:05] *Sunfire*:if i dont claim it within a half an hour, try giving it to an active Loreroot 
[13/05/14 21:06] *Sunfire*:giving up citizenship? 
[13/05/14 21:06] :Rophs nods 
[13/05/14 21:06] *Sunfire*:i dont think it'll apply, but if it happens, recall and redistribute 
[13/05/14 21:06] Rophs:Alright. 
[13/05/14 21:06] :Rophs spits in his left hand and offers it to Sunfire 
[13/05/14 21:07] :*Sunfire* also spits in his hand and shakes Rophs's 
[13/05/14 21:08] :[Spell] the bet is sealed



Note: I will not edit this post, and instead doublepost to maintain the integrity of the log.

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