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Temporary Goodbye

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Some of you have been given this news early because you are working on quests/projects with me, but most of you have not heard the news yet.


My wife and I will be moving house this December from Sydney NSW, to Ballarat Vic (969 Kilometers). Since we don't know how long it will take to get work, nor do we even have a place selected to rent yet, I have no idea how long I will be offline. It may only be a day or two, it may be six months.


I've had to turn down a lot of offers to work with you as we get ready for this move, and this saddens me :(
Even sadder is that I will likely not be able to participate in the Card Exchange this year :(


But it is my goal to at least log on every day to check my messages, so while I may not be able to be very social I will still be around as much as I can! MD is not a place I will ever leave unless I am dead ;)

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My thoughts and prayers are with you.  It can be incredibly difficult to move with a child (although I discovered our dog had greater trauma over it).  Be safe and good luck in all your endeavors. *hugs*

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Good luck with that embark, I hope you have minimal amounts of fun.


Kyphis, don't read the spoiler until you're there: (Those who don't get it should play Dwarf Fortress :P)


You have arrived. After a journey from the Mountainhomes in the forbidding wilderness beyond, your harsh trek has finally ended. Your party of seven is to make an outpost for the glory of all of MagicDuel.

There are almost no supplies left, but with stout labor comes sustenance. Whether by bolt, plow, or hook, provide for your dwarves (family). You are expecting a supply caravan just before winter entombs you, but it is Spring now. Enough time to delve secure lodgings, ere the black bears (you're in Australia, more like everything :P) get hungry. A new chapter of dwarven history begins here at this place,Ballarat Vic, "(no dwarven translation)". Strike the earth!


I am not the original author of that... It is a slightly modified version of the message you get after embarking on Dwarf Fortress (http://www.iceshadow.com/images/dfcastle/0004%20embark.jpg)


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Welp, everything is finally sorted out. We move on the 14th of Decemeber, although I will be incredibly busy until then so probably won't have time to chat unless its important (or your feeding me flowers - I always make time for those who feed me flowers. You know who you are).

For those wishing to send christmas cards, the new address is: 64 King Street, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, 3350.

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