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X-Mas Rush (Race)

Eara Meraia

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X-mas is near! Time to have fun and forget about work and everyday stress. Time to participate in a X-mas competition and win awesome rewards. What you will need is cooperation, team spirit, quick mind and good organization!



What to do: Build teams of 3 people! Age, and land affiliations don’t matter. Give your team a nice name and post the name of your team and names of members of your team in this thread for registration!


Your task: form the best team and win the race ;-)




1.Place> Reindrach for each member of the team.

2.Place> Santa for each member of the team.

3.Place> Nutcracker for each member of the team.


Registration deadline:  24. Dec. 2013 23:59 ST

Time of race: 27. Dec. 22:00 ST


Starting point: Gazebo of Equilibrium



Current teams:


Team 1


Team name: The Soulforged Demented

Team members: Bash Chelik, Lania and concussion.




Team 2


Team name: Pimpy's Poodles

Team members: Nimrodel, Ary Endleg and dst.



Team 3


Team name: The APEs

Team members: powle, Asthir and Elfraim.

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then you and your team come to GoE and try to complete all 4 Stages of the quest before everyone else did it. All stages contain different tasks. Further details will be announced on the day and time mentioned above.

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Alright then... I'd like to be in. :P


Edit: powle agreed to team up with me. We need only find another volunteer and a name. :D


Edit no.2: elfraim agreed to join us. The name remains to be discussed. :D


Edit no.3: team name: The APEs


Good luck to all participating! :P

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the competition will take place only if there are at least 4 teams. In this case (or if there will be 5 teams) there will be a prize only for the first place.



If there are 6 teams and more first 3 teams will get prizes as I stated in the initial post.


Hurry up to find your teammates. Theres still some time left!

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