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Questions on MD Awards Rules


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>>- Mur cannot be nominated (sorry Mur), and Rendril cannot be nominated for Top Techy (or another award along the same lines).

Why not rendril? Ignoring the fact he isnt active ATM whats the reasoning for not letting him me nominated?

>>Adding random people into category as you want
Why not just remove the categories that dont have enough nominations rather than adding your friends?

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why nobody put list of ex winners of fossil award


I found so far

2008 - none

2009 - chewett (vet of year which I guess is equivalent)

2010 - can't find results Grido

2011 - yrthilian

2012 - burns


so who is that one person from 2010 I can't nominate?


edit: it's grido


I would also like to point out something. Awards are for WHOLE THIS YEAR and not just for last few months, so please keep this in mind, especially for rookie award. I don't think it's fair that people who signed up only this late in the year get to be nominated, while people from beginning of year are forgotten. Same goes for actions and deeds in other categories, be it quest or artwork or something else. Remember, whole year, not last 3-4 months.

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