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Christmas Lottery


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There is beautiful blue Rustgold drachorn, one of the coolest shop creatures, I'd like to give away. Here are the details:

Stored Heat 2128022
Age 581

You will need to buy lottery tickets, each ticket costing one silver and you will then be assigned a number. You can buy more than 1 ticket. To buy a ticket, you must send me the itc of the silver coin (if you are buying 1 ticket) or give me the silver coins in game(if you want more than 1 ticket). you will be given a number only if you have paid the silver. The lottery will only take place if more than 15 tickets are sold.

Why it is a good deal for you: If you win, you will win a Rustgold drachorn for a VERY cheap price. And even young players with less money can participate in the lottery. But remember, more the number of tickets you have, more the chances are that you will win the lottery.

You have about a week to get your tickets. The last date to buy the tickets is 1st January 2014 2359.

EDIT: IF THE TOTAL NUMBER OF COINS CROSSES 30 SILVER, THE DIFFERENCE WILL BE GIVEN AWAY AS REWARD MONEY TO ANOTHER PLAYER FORM THE LIST. (For example: if 32 tickets are bought, 2 silver will be given off as reward money to another random player)

1-15: Ledah
16, 17- Eara Meraia
18, 19, 20, 21, 22 - Lania
23- JadenDew
24- TheRichmerchant
25- Change
26- Lonewolf
27-56 - Seigheart
57 - Rophs
58 - Asthir

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please send me two gold coins in game. i usually log out at GoE. once you have done so, PM with a screenshot. I shall post the ticket numbers here.


This is if you are not able to find me in game.

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I still havent seen you online IG.... And I only have silver... 

then exchange it for the gold with someone and take a screen. If you can take a valid set of screens from the item logs giving me 30 silver in total then I'm fine with that. I log out at GoE. But if I dont find the screens valid, i will not give you any tickets. your risk. 



If Nim uses random.org then she COULD possibly fudge the numbers and give it to whoever she wants. I don't think Nim would do that but the system as it exists could be more fair.



Would you prefer if I do it instead?


Or perhaps we should delegate this task to the public council? :P


This is my lottery. People who don't trust me, needn't contribute. I don't want anyone interfering in my business.

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