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for those who care about the truth


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the feeling of betrayal is often mixed with feeling of disappointment

especially when it comes to person to whom we expect alot from..

however, even more often, it has little to do with truth

as that person sometimes "cant" not "want to" keep up with what we expect


i say this because i knew shem from before

and while i understand mya and val, their pain of "losing" someone dear to them

its only matter of time before anger pass and more iconic feeling take its place:(

it is good idea to carefully chose words in meantime so you wont feel bad afterwards..

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It appears Mya is not allowed to have emotions.  She walked into the awards, saw something that upset her and went home to deal with it. 


It was a conversation between Valoryn and Mya.  He was the only one in the realm Mya spoke to about it.  One person outside was who -I- spoke to.  The rest I (or Mya) didn't speak to because I was going to speak to you, as you had asked -after- my mood panel.  This log was -before- you said anything to me.


Was it the best?  Of course not, but who thinks well when they are upset.  I don't see how dragging this to the forum will help anything.  I wasn't going to make it public.  Silly me to think it wouldn't end up here.


The one I spoke to outside told me to step away for a few days.  I did and came back to this.


I'm sorry things got too much for you to handle, Shem.  If I could have fixed your outside world, I would have.  You've been important to me for a long time.  I guess I didn't tell you enough.  I'm more sorry that you felt this was the way to handle it instead of "in person" like you'd said in your message in game.

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So mya is allowed to have feelings but Shemhazaj is not?

Good to know.


As for "his precious dst"  you are right. I will protect him as much as i can. The same way I do with all my ally members and all my friends in MD. If you have a problem with that then you need to search some qualified help.

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It appears Mya is not allowed to have emotions.  She walked into the awards, saw something that upset her and went home to deal with it. 

Of course Mya can have emotions... But Mya is the face of loreroot. Did you remember that? Mya was also meant to be a loyal friend. Did you remember that? Mya was supposed to carry the title 'Empath of Loreroot'. How did you empathise? Heh. In the end... It became clear that your gut feeling never allowed you to trust Shem. You always thought he did nothing and was worthless when one of the main reasons loreroot stood strong after Firs' departure was Shem's presence amongst a bunch of dunderheads. Shem was a jerk? Mya was a jerk for saying all that about someone who had been loyally serving loreroot all this time. Who was with loreroot ready to support it the most when they were making a joke of themselves everywhere. Hell call me a traitor of you want. One of the main reasons I left loreroot was because i couln't stand the council. Shem stayed back. Mya had the nerve to say he didn't do anything?

There are many more things I can talk about Mya, because before this incident I actually cared for you people. After reading this, I suggest you learn to remember your post and your role. Instead of speaking all that about someone who was loyal and breaking their heart, instead of expecting them to be civil when you were positively barbaric yourself, instead of having two faces, try to live up to your role. As for shem, dst isnt the only friend he has.

all references here have been made to the character Mya Celestia.

anymore discussion i'll keep it private. Edited by Nimrodel
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(whoops, the downvote on Mya was accidental. Didn't intend on giving any change to rep there)


Shem: I'm not exactly a loud voice for Loreroot, and few outside Loreroot would even normally count me as one of them. I don't know you as well as some others do, but I have had many occasion to watch what you do.


I count dst as a friend, although I *definitely* don't agree with a lot of the stuff she does. Certainly in the past she has caused a lot of grief to Lorerootians, and she often acts as though she can't stand the groupthink of Loreroot, but I know that while she can be stubborn and self-righteous, she is also usually fair. I see a lot of the squabbles that she gets into with other people, but I don't see it from her side or their side. And I don't let an argument where she was wrong and might have hurt someone or something I care about stop me from defending her when she is in the right.

So I want to congratulate you on your choice of alliance. I remember the sorts of things you have done in the past from within loreroot, and I know that you will continue to do your best for the realm as a whole from your new position.


Loreroot has its flaws, as does every land - every person. I am sad, sadder than I can easily express, to see you depart from it; but I am glad, far gladder than I am sad, to see that you are still in the realm.


I wish you luck in your new alliance, may you be as effective there as you had been through your long history in Loreroot.

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I started the topic since the conversation log was made public and I felt I needed to comment it.

Mya also explained her point of view (which is understandable, emotions make people act rash)

I believe no further public comments are necessary. I'd like to request mods to close the topic.

thank you.

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