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How MD Evolves


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Omg so it really was all bad under the hood. I must add that you struggling to do the work in such development hostile environment is very admiring. I just don't know anybody who would even consider doing anything serious in such project situation.

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As chew said, you need to consider that this project started 9+ years ago, i was just starting to learn coding back then!..and the web technologies and standards changed massively since then too. There is no army of people coding here, its mostly one at a time, and each does it out of passion, no paid job or such.


I HAD to follow the concepts i had in mind, more than to care for clean code. I had a vision i wanted to follow, that was my priority, and as long as code worked to achieve it, it was fine for me.


AUTUMN2050 is the first major concept change in md, and even if its not seen as such yet (by the people involved in it), I strongly believe it is (will be)....sadly i am unable to do it alone. I lack the moral strength, and i need people to consult with in this..and i like to think i found them here. After A2050 will be in its first functional testing state, you will understand why md will not look the same after, but will keep its values regardless.


One thing you miss to see...is that in MD things are built upon, and ancient stuff still keeps a meaning and connects with future stuff, there is very little "total restructuring". Rendril "fixed" somethign that was about to die, the combat system, in such way that it can be extended, chew does that and more with other parts, but overall, here in MD we continue to build and grow , not scrap and rebuild.


The entire market is flooded by games that found a very profitable niche (travian style games), MD remains unique...even if "outdated" by the amazing graphics and effects of current games ...my purpose was never in that direction! There is NOTHING in md that will ever go "old" ..same way like BOOKS will never become obsolete in favor of movies..they will always keep their soubtle flavor, even when robots will read them for you :))


I was just thining, the background image dates over 11 years ago, and the border of the layout i still have as an actual paper with burnt edges i had to manually do and scan :)))) ..now of course it could be photoshopped easily, but back then, that was the best i could do, and is still fine.



I work (mostly) as a coder/designer in my daily life, and MD is the only place where i can say i have the satisfaction that everything built gives me the feeling it will last for decades... all other projects have such a limited lifetime compared to md, and this makes me put a lot of care and attention to how these things connect and interact, mostly for future uses.


Things i left "unfinished" i did so because my purpose was to let the feature be there present, MAYBE sometime in the future someone will use it. As soon as i put a mechanism in place, a concept, i moved on to other stuff, because creativity is what keeps me moving. There are hidden parts of md that still interconnect with other parts and could be used if needed. My mistake was to forget that nobody else could put them to good use exept me. Then Rendril came, and he focused on cleaning the armature of this "structure"..now Chewett fights to keep the gears of this mechanism running smooth and extend them.


But its not enough.


Thats why A2050 is so important, it will give players ways of doing this themselves. 


One single man, be it me, chew, ren, whoever, can best focus on one thing, not on thousand. Thats why delegation of responsabilities is important, otherwise people crush. Thats why Kings appeared, alliances, ..permanent roles..etc. But even that is not enough. We need a dynamic system that keeps a clear path open to anyone wishing to follow it, and then filter out those that fail, but reward those that don't.


The actual "problem" of md now is that society changed, and some BRUTAL filters i put back then, are something the entire world has tainted over the past few years. Patience is no longer a virtue, its look upon as a rarity... and many many more things. A2050 will still keep these filters but will shift them one step further, in such way that md will be more to the likeing of common game playing combies and yet still detect and collect those precious minds that once where attracted by md's filters from the start. 


MD is a filter of people, will always be, a place to clash minds and destinies, a training ground for your own mind... but its not for anyone... like martial arts

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I'm going to sound really dumb, but is there a "Change Log" or something like "patch notes" for A25, where we can read more about what will change and how? 

Or will we have to discover ourselves, once A25 is implemented?




Its still being discussed, there is a large document for us implementing it but that might change and is top secret at the moment.

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