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Constellation Design Quest

Mya Celestia

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Ever wanted to see your favorite MD scene's night version?  Now is your chance to make it happen!


Here's what you need to do:


1. Choose your favorite location in the realm.

2. Color it in a way of your choosing to make it look like it's night

3. Put a constellation in the sky of something MD related.

4. Write a paragraph about why you chose that particular thing for your constellation.

5. Send your constellation image and paragraph to Krioni by 8/19 (Loreroot's day of the Summer Fest).  He will keep your identity secret from me so I can choose the winner without knowledge.


Every entry will get 2 silver coins!


There will be one winner.  That winner will get 2 gold coins!


Thank you to the TK's for sponsoring. :)

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Night does exist in MD, we have had a few nights already and there may be more.


Ann. 2610 - [2013-06-08 06:06:39 - Stage 12] Posted By Muratus del Mur
Night mode ready to kick in
Night mode scene modifications finished. Night time is technically possible now, but how or better said WHEN it will happen/triggered, will be subject to a much larger and complex quest. Night mode can drastically affect certain characters or reveal places not normally accessible during the day. For historic purposes I need to remember you that there is normally no night in MD, its a constant, consuming, sun..however rumors of night existing in some places appear in story and folclore. Any character that had a _dedicated_ role that involved night, or players that contributed to the development of night mode or explaining how it could happen, should contact me. Places of total darkness have unexpected properties, where reality vanishes in front of the observer, anything can appear. However, night mode is not a total darkness mode..or..it might be in some places? Its up to you to discover when the time comes. Scene letters (those tiny secret letters present in each scene) should be used to determine when night will occur, however, this knowledge was lost, also to me. Find whoever was researching this and bring them back!..hard task..


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Krioni forwarded me three images.  Without knowing who submitted them, I looked at each one.  One was the Loreroot symbol, one was a mask and the third was a drachorn in flight.  Each one had its own pros and cons. 


The winner is....*drum roll*


The drachorn!


The three entries will be shared if their creators wish them shared.  Each of you please identify yourselves so that the TK's can give you your silvers and the winner your gold!  :D

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Those who submitted have given permission for their entries to be shared.  This was exactly how I received them.


Entry #1


Some constellations don't move in the sky, some are used for direction. It only makes sense that the Guardians of the Root would stay and look over the forest from above as well as at ground level. Since the Guardian badge is also the land logo, having its likeness in the sky could also allow people to guide themselves towards Loreroot even if they get lost.

Entry #2


The stars above Wind's Game, signify a mask. A mask that we all wear in this game called life.

I have always been fascinated with drachorns, dragons, and just about everything of draconic nature. I love them...I do...even tho' I may not express it openly. The constellation is expressing a drachorn flight over GG. I really wanted to put these elements together. The telescope, always used to look at the stars or any celestial object, the clear sky in that scene where you can see GG Tempest Fort and the drach constelation above it which shows the strong bond between the land and the creature.



Had to make the links work because they didn't the first time.

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