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why these coords

Muratus del Mur

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Any researcher there that could tell me WHY the east lands map coords suddenly changed from number coords to textual?


this is not a contest, i am not looking for the "correct answer"


starting point: When developing that part of the map i had a radically changed view on things, not sure why, and after years i still don't know why. Maybe one f you could share his/her view on why the tribunal coords are different and that might help me understand in turn why that radical changed view i have. Its a personal challenge. 


I kind of need to understand this now, because i am planning how to store the coords of the new type of map i am working on (yeah new TYPE).. and understanding your answers might help me understand my own thoughts.

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Because you designed the East in a spiral. The original map uses largely rectangles and corners in the basic design, and it made sense to use GoE as 0x0 and develop the grid from there.

East is a complete change of concept, it's not a grid any more, but a spiral, and to make sure we get the hint you stopped to use the coords system used in the mainlands and used names instead.

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Never really payed much attention to it. My theory was that since it was created later it may have had conflicting cords but looking at how the cords radiate out from the goe it would be increasingly positive numbers into the east. Burns in that case has likely hit the nail on the head however I would like a better analogy because in this case your head is the nail.

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I think you added name to locations instead of the titles :D


But ... read the following, it might help you.


There could be a few reasons for changing land location naming:

1. the original naming was ... kind of limited

The primary game map is given coords are they directly map to the x/y position on the map, I have a diagram showing this but I think it is a spoiler.

 - this was difficult to follow - the coders and the players

 - it was limited - in attaching new locations to a certain scene as it was not very nice to jump for example 1x1 to 2x5 if they were supposed to be close

 - anyway, it doesn't matter, lets just say it is obsole



2. you needed a new kind of naming locations. Here are some of the advantages of this naming (maybe you looked for any of these):

 - you needed a malleable system to add, move & remove locations without changing their naming

 - you added location name instead of titles to make it easier for you to keep track of them

 - you can add a few scenes with same name (just increment a number)  ... I lack the example right now

 - because with this system you can virtually add an infinity of scenes (I hope not) and still be able to tell them easily apart

 - this way, you are no longer restricted to 2D , you can go 3D too

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