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A Suggested Change

Fang Archbane

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I just got off work, so im relatively tired and mildly mad. This is just an idea I had on the way home, and I wanted to know how the community feels about it.

As things stand (And if memory serves) the only way to level up spells is to go deeper into the WP Shop and obtain them a 2nd time.

My proposal is simple (In concept, maybe not so much so in coding, I wouldnt know) and its goal is progression of game, self, and the creation of goals in general.

I think it would be for the better of MD if spells leveled up progressively, with or without a limit, scaling time+casts per level to level up by use.

An example would be the Give Vital spell. Lets say for the sake of the example, its level 1. Lets also say that to get to level 2, one must cast Give Vital 10 times.

To get this spell from level 2 to 3, it would take 20 casts, so on and so forth.

Strength of spell and spell cast count would raise by either a percentile or static amount, per level.

Again, this is just the Wolf being sporadic, but please Community, chime in, let me know what you think.

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Personally I understand this idea and I like it but the problem I keep on seeing in MD is people seem to try to shift the game to more traditional game culture. For that reason I can agree from a game play stand point but have to also disagree on principle. 


With that reasoning I have to remain neutral in this and abstain for the time being. 

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Not a huge fan, as it would mean people would cast spells for no particular reason other than to level up their spell.


How would it work in terms of spells like teleport to GoE?

Say for example, someone had a high level of Silvertongue - a spell that I personally love and wish had an insanely long duration, but most people hate (because many people can't actually read/load the font). There are only three aspects to Silvertongue: The font, which can't really level up, the heat boost which can totally level up, and the duration, which can also level up. Say someone had a super high level Silvertongue that had a 3 hour duration - I would love that cast on me, but if someone was running an event and had it cast on them, it ruins the event for a lot of people, and 3 hours is a crazy duration. Or, if it was the heat aspect that was leveled up, someone could cast it on someone so they could rapidly gain loyalty and take over an alliance (already possible, actually, but you get the point - it makes it probable instead of unlikely)


My point is, a lot of the limits on spells are in place to prevent them becoming too overpowered to be counter able.


Neat idea, and I would love to see more level for spells, but realistically problematic.

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I could agree with this Upgrade of spells if the spells would be available to ALL players.

But, as only a few have access to spell and those spells regenerate with no work / extra payment from the players ... then it is not fair.


Also, the spells are configured to a "proper" level. What would you say about a lock in chaos for 4-6h ? An attack lock for 4-6h ?


So, no, the upgrade of spell by using them them is not a valid suggestion.


See also Kyphys' answer above.

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  • Root Admin

i think spells are abilities to influence md world and change it. Spells should be granted based on certain skills, these skills are shown by obtaining wishpoints. People that are able to obtain wishpoints should get more powerful spells, not those that use them more, nor should spell level increase by itself over time or other actions.


Obtaining a spell is also a matter of choice, when you have a wishpoint to spend you get more options on what to spend it. This is important.

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