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Lactating Grasan


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The Lactating Grasan would be an addition to the Resource Grasan family with the ability to make milk! Milk is a consumable item that when used restores 40 (number subject to change) ap and 10% max vit (number subject to change). After two weeks it would go bad and turn into curdles.


[log New CHEESE cauldron idea]

Curdles would be usable in a new soontm cauldron to make cheese (probably with sticky goop, fat, and a colored candy depending on the type of cheese you want to make... :D)


Cheese Mould needs Curdles, Fat, Sticky Goop, and one Candy (type of candy depends on cheese to be made)

Requires 30k heat and 3 Syntropic Dust to 'activate'.


Potential steps (needs to be made better/less bad)

  1. Mash up the curdles and mix in the sticky goop
  2. Press the mixture into the cheese mould
  3. Remove the ball of curdles from the mould
  4. Roll the curdled ball around in the fat
  5. Wait five minute for the fat to harden into wax
  6. Rub the candy around the wax coat

This wouldn't produce usable cheese... but after another two weeks of fermenting the Color Wax Covered Curdles would turn into Color Cheese. The cheese's effects would be roughly 2x the candy's effect (plus 20% of the player's max in that stat) and would never go bad. Yes cheese is strong but it's also very very time consuming to make.


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Maybe the Moo Spell would be a cow illusion and other players could harvest milk FROM YOU by doing *harvests milk from playername*



Ary would you drink that?



The connotations of *harvests milk from playername* is not a good one.

Edited by Grido
removed age reference
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i do have to agree with No one here, the connotations behind harvesting milk from a player are not good, and are borderline creepy and inappropriate

True, I was more thinking that the cow spell would transform them into a cow and you would gather milk from the udder. Now I realize that the idea is utterly weird.

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Having a source of milk in MD as a resource would allow the recipes for cake and future baked goods to have a more thematic and immersive feel. It would also make sense if milk could be consumed for an ap boost (20 or so) and then two are needed for the cake recipe and receive cakes out with a total of 90 ap. (You get two cakes from each use of the cauldron)

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Dude! We are talking about grasan milk in here :wacko: <_<

Disregard Rophs. I guess he was raised with Bull Milk ... or he does enjoy it. (a translation for Rophs : that is not the same thing as Cow Milk)



@Mods: do we really need to read this kind of topic ? or have this topic in our forum ?

If so, please make a separate section "for perverse / sado / maso  and other sex unrestricted subjects"



@Rophs, if is not personal but all your posts supporting this idea will get a neg rep from me. (just for your info)

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