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resource gathering and dedicated roles

Muratus del Mur

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I need your help with something.


I want to associate each resource, or more resources in a group, with a tag/role


please post just a list with

resource name = role name


where role name can be the same for multiple resources if you consider (preferably not , but some are very similar resources)


avoid writing too much other stuff.


If you can make a complete list of resources and their associations it would be great, but also writing just the things you find obvious is just fine.


Do not repeat what others wrote already (unless you prepare a complete list)






people gathering and working with x resource, will advance in y role direction, via tag dispatcher

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If it helps this is a list of every resource (sorry if i missed one),  some wont be applicable to tags/gathering, but it should provide a means for people to work from.
Mineral Water
Gift Wrap
Toxic Gas
Solid stench
Sticky Goop
Colored Paper
Aromatic herbs
Unidentified plants
Toxic plants
Tree bark
Memory Stone
Raw Glass
Cup of Cold Tea
Tea leaves
Syntropic Dust
Timeless dust
Liquid Dust
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Cup of Cold Tea - Bringer of Goodies

Fat, Skin, Toxic Gas - Grasan Herder



Wiiya - Seedwalker

Timeless Dust, Syntropic Dust, Liquid Dust, (sawdust?) - Dust Junkie (Alchemist?)

Lumber, Branches, Sawdust, Tree bark - Woodcutter

Tea leaves, unidentified plants, toxic plants, aromatic herbs, resin, bushies, flowers - Horticulturalist/Gardener

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Branches, aromatic herbs, water - Survivalist


Raw glass, sand,- Glass smith


Toxic plants, unidentified plants, aromatic herbs, bushies, flowers, tree bark, branches, resin, tea leaves, - Botanist


Skin, Bones, timeless dust, fenths, skull, - Liche


Sticky goop, resin, - Glue maker


Memory Stone, bones, skull, - Necromancer


Sawdust, sand, solid stench, bones- Compost Maker


Cup of cold tea, raw glass, - Recycler


  Memory stone, lumber, bark, branches, resin, fenths- Ent Summoner


Rainwater, unidentified plants, bones, syntropic dust, memory stone- Shaman


Colored paper, flowers, gift wrap,  - Present/Gift Specialist


Colored paper, resin, memory stone- Doll Maker


Bones, resin, colored paper, memory stone- Voodoo doll maker


Liquid Dust, Memory stone, timeless dust- Analyzer of Matter


Bushies, water - Gardener


Wiiya, syntropic dust, Toxic gas, fenths, memory stone- Toxic Summoner


Memory stone, timeless dust, sand, - Runecrafter


Rainbow candy, Blue candy, Orange Candy, red candy, yellow candy, green candy, sticky goop- Tooth Decay

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this actually seems pretty complex and i'm a bit confused about what we're trying to do.


bones, for example, can fit into a lot of roles, but in terms of resources is only similar to skulls.


also, gathering an item and working with it are different. digging bones makes you a gravedigger but praying with them makes you a voodoo priest or something.

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people gathering and working with x resource, will advance in y role direction, via tag dispatcher


Syrian- at the bottom of first post, gathering and working with, so i'm not sure.


here's a general outline of what i'm thinking:



branches, bark, ect role

bones, skulls role

memory stone role

items from plants role

water, rainwater role

(dust items: no role)


--cooking/creating food items:

all items fall into 1 role



toxic items role

body parts (skull, bone, fat, skin) role

?? not sure what else

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  • 2 weeks later...

Aromatic herbs, Unidentified plants, Toxic plants, Flowers, Tea leaves and Bushies - Botanist

Branches, Lumber, Tree bark, Resin, Sawdust - Arborist

Water, Rainwater - [b]Hydrologist/b]

Memory Stone, Sand, Skull, Bones - Archaeologist

Toxic Gas, Wiiya - Aerostaticist

Solid stench, Skin, Sticky Goop, Fat- Biochemist

Timeless dust, Syntropic Dust, Liquid Dust, Fenths - Physicist

Cup of Cold Tea, Raw Glass, Gift Wrap, Colored Paper - Trader

All very to do with science, I know, but these are the sort of real names people would have for each section. (Roughly) Just to give and idea to the sort of people they'd be...

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