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LHO Manager Position / Grido discussion


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About the second example, its pretty obvious that I was jailed only so that there was an excuse to remove my LHO wings. Or else Grido wouldn't have ignored 5-10 of my messages after that. 




If I start porting and "harassing" random people to ToA even once more, a single complaint might be enough to get me another warning, even if I didn't really intend to annoy.

Let me be clear here, so that you do not slander my name further. I am the LHO manager, I am in charge of the LHOs. If I wanted to demote an LHO, I do not need a reason, people might object, but it would be accepted. There is no reason for me to jail someone as an excuse for removing their wings, as no excuse is needed. As for not responding to your messages afterwards, we have since spoken regarding this.


If anyone has an issue with my actions in any capacity I assume, they are more than welcome to message those above me regarding (currently Chewett or Mur)




Actually, to be fair, at this point I'd likely just ask you not to - completely depends where you draw the line between being asked not to, and being warned though.

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Let me be clear here, so that you do not slander my name further. I am the LHO manager, I am in charge of the LHOs. If I wanted to demote an LHO, I do not need a reason


This is completely true, as seen so far. For example, Grido demoted Clock Master, big fighter, quester, LHO (well, used to be :P), good and helpful guy, not prone to incidents, without stating a reason or contacting him in any way.


-this is probably offtopic, but deserves its own topic-


Grido, I am familiar with your idleness and inactivity (not that I judge that, I am a big fan of idling myself). Have you considered resigning so someone else can shift in some energy into the business, and now and then notify people of the reasons when they are fired?


I found out this by chance when I asked Clocky why he doesn't have his lho stars anymore, he isn't the kind of guy that complains and makes a problem. So sorry for bringing attention to ya Clocky!

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Grido, I am familiar with your idleness and inactivity (not that I judge that, I am a big fan of idling myself). Have you considered resigning so someone else can shift in some energy into the business, and now and then notify people of the reasons when they are fired?


Indeed, why not let some other who is not proven so impartial over the years. Look we have the perfect man, the one that is never understood. The mighty DD, lord of the labby and lord of beggers. <<<--- It has some sarcasm in it, sorry, i could not withheld myself


Why would you want to change an impartial judge ? I just hope you are joking about this. Do you have a better candidate ? <<<---no sarcasm here


------Above added from part of No One's post on the Rules thread. The appropriate ordering of posts would put the above portion between Princ and dst's posts.


Didn't want to derail the rules thread, split thread.

I have considered resigning in favour of another a few times, as I am fully aware of my activity levels (and actually they're going to be worse soon until April 5th - currently have a job in investment that revolves around the British tax year which ends then).

The problem I stumble on each time, is who to replace me, I would consider Burns suitable, were it not for him having his Drach obligations, and also that he will have even less time for it soon enough due to external obligations. I do not mean this statement to be unkind towards anyone.

There are many qualities that I feel an LHO manager should have, and whilst I'm not saying I have them all (certainly activity is one), I do feel I have a high number of them. If a suitable person is found I would pass over to them. Due to the position, Mur, Chew, and myself would all have to be happy with the appointment.

Edited by Grido
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I strongly disagree that "you have a high number of them". But if you say you do, you definitely haven't shown a single one of them in the 900+ days I've been here. 


Throughout all our dealings, I've always remained disappointed and never been satisfied, even in the very rare times in which you do reply to me. The only reason you even read my PMs is because Chew asks/reminds you to.


You have "abandoned" so many important conversations, which Chew/Mur/Ailith had to mop up. You are apparently in charge of so many things/reports and hence have so much responsibility (aka people say "this should go to Grido" for a lot of things) but if you ignore all those, what does that show?


Who else is to take responsibility for the current situation of LHO's, as well? Chew (and myself too) have reminded (or begged in my case indeed) to please train us and give us exams, whatever. Again forgotten. There is no difference between an LHO and a knowledgeable-non-LHO-person-who-likes-to-help. The LHO system has become so disorganized in my eyes now that I didn't even want to rejoin anymore.


What dst etc are saying, "do your job properly", might have been the sort of thing a GM says if you had become lazy with your duties for a month or two. But almost 3 years and still?? 


I do not think I have seen a single thing under your management which has not degraded over the years I've been here. This includes your roles as LHO manager, as MD award manager, as a "dispute-solver" (dealing with swearing/problems between players) and so forth.


The only question is: how much longer?

Edited by DARK DEMON
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What's crazy is that you keep volunteering for new stuff, you even managed to become a king in the meanwhile.


Why do you enslave all those things (and yourself) with your inactivity?

If you at least focused on one, maybe it would have a point.


My issues with how you work aside, maintaining an inactive public service role (be it LHO manager or something else) is not helping MD, nor yourself.

You can always return when you find a new initiative in yourself for such matters, but if you're doing it, as Dst said, do your job "Thoroughly and impartially. And most of all TRANSPARENTLY"

(note that public service stuff self-encourages you to be transparent for it to be optimal, even when you consider the autocratic spirit of MD)


You are an ancient character and you have your history, it's not that you feel obliged to leave a mark, it's just the way of things and call it an end of an era.

It would be ideal if you would start doing your job, but I don't find that realistic.


I don't think you should worry about the replacement, it will find itself in time, and I think it's better to be headless than have a dead head.

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  • Root Admin

Firstly, thank you Rheaggy, dst and ary for your opinions. Good friendly feedback is always useful


I have been working with Grido since about Nov to resolve these LHO problems. I have been aware of them for a while and have had quite a few discussions with him as to what I think is wrong, and what we have been able to do. While initially they mainly focussed on negatives, we have been working on a number of areas that require improvement and what can be done. I have also been talking with a lot of MD'ers to try and work out what they think the issues are. Actually I have talked to some of you about this process I am going through, so some of you have known I have been working on this before. It has taken a bit of time because me and Grido have spent a lot of time planning and trying to work out what we should do. Now is a good time to bring it publicly.





The first area we identified is communication between Grido (as the head LHO) and others. It appeared that there were a number of times when there were communication problems at various stages of LHO applications. While not unexpected to have some communication issues, it appeared that there was some confusion for people applying and such.





LHO sometimes seems to be veiled in a level of shadow and mist. Reasons why people were demoted/promoted generally are not as public as perhaps they should. While some demotions shouldn’t be too public (so as not to further publicly humiliate people) perhaps at least a posting should be made saying.


In addition to this, some feel Grido is not impartial. We know that no person can be truly impartial but we can try.  Adding transparency will hopefully improve the view of Grido being pretty good at impartiality.





Grido is indeed more inactive than usual. This cannot be helped currently and it is likely to get worse for the next period of time. Him agreeing to other work is a personal mistake and is something not related to LHO role. He has slowed in agreeing to do things (actively said no when I asked if he wanted to do legacy work) which I feel is a good sign.





Grido and I both agree that LHO probably needs some form of guide or training. We are looking to get someone, or a couple people, to help write this "guide" for LHO's. If prospective LHO's want to help write something like this.





There has been discussion of his replacement, but as he pointed out, there isnt too many people that can replace him. Therefore the solution most discussed was having a number of people perform his role, and have him mange these people. Then he can train them and get them doing good work. If he had time, he would be one of the more qualified candidates.


Actionable Work


New MD Guide - Since Nov Grido and I have been planning a new LHO system to introduce them. This will include a guide, and some basic questions and answers, including a mentor system for new LHO's. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/16401-lho-improvements-new-md-guide/


Recruitment Agent - Since Grido is really busy, and to reduce the number of PM's that people have to send him, having a new recruitment agent for LHO's will be a major boost. This will be the person who handles recruitment. They will send a persons name to grido for a final "yes/no" which will almost always be yes. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/16402-lho-improvements-recruitment-agent/


Transparency - A lot of the LHO's and people I talked to discussed mentioned some uncertainty about actions that happened within the LHO's. Lets talk about how we can improve this situation. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/16403-lho-improvements-transparency/


LHO Rules - A number of people have raised concerns about rules applying to LHO's, lets dig further! - http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/16400-lho-improvements-lho-rules/

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