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Citizen Application

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Well, hello dear colleagues,
I'm not really famous here around MD but I'm already part of this world 8 long years by now.
You may think that I'm shy and don't talk much, that's fairly true.
I'm a sneaky person but I know how to be kind and I've found my place in this game.
The whole game seems like a reunion of patient,kind and wise people who are always prepared to land a hand to those who are in need.
This is a trait I really admire.
I'll be glad to help whenever my help is needed. 
I draw (I have a profile on Deviantart under the name of "Vladioglas"), I'm currently studying Industrial/Graphical and Web design (html/css coding) at the university.
I have a bunch of interests that I'll better not list here because it's not the right spot.

I've applied for Marind Bell citizenship because I feel like it's going to enrich me somehow. Although this is a trial. I don't want to force anyone to vote for me nor anything. I just want to know more about the game and its "physics" by practicing.

(Pardon me for my bugged english)


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We have already talked Vladan, and I tried to help you in your need to choose your home, in accordance to your nature, without trying to sway you here.

To my delight, you indeed chose it to be Marind Bell.

The following goes in case your voting doesn't go through due to people not checking such things :)


Reference to: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/15199-getting-a-marind-bell-citizenship/

(...to become citizen of Marind Bell...)


"- Get three (3) Marind Bell citizens to vouch for you and confirm that you are their friend and that they wish to see you as a citizen of Marind Bell."


I give my vouch to your application Vladan, hope to see you in your new home soon!


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Answering to Juni0r first : I agree that "physics" may be as well learned in other parts of MD world. But someone chooses a land because he/she feels it near to the soul.
I'm choosing Marind Bell because I believe that it represents my personality a lot. It has bright (ground) and dark places(underground). Just as the principle of light that conveys both good and evil actions.
And I believe that Marind Bell has a lot of places or things I still never discovered and I'm eager to.
And as I said above, this is a trial. As far as I'll go through it will help me to get to know more.

Answering to the others: Thank you all for the support :)
I'm not forcing anyone to vote for me, I just like to experiment and know more.
I'm not really fond of cookies and I'm tragically thin....that makes me a perfect sneaky shadow almost impossible to spot  :P

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Follow up question: How many glasses of water do you drink per day? Per week? Per month? Per annum?






I vote for your application (in-game).


And as King Princ Rhaegar stated, the second option is more handy. I believe you only need just one to vouch for you, you already have King PR's and my thumbs up.


Thank you for your interest in Marind Bell, and we are hoping to share stuffs and high fives with you soon!


Your friendly Water Dowser

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Thank you again for everybody who voted and supported my request!!! :D
I'll distribute free cookies whenever I find the time to cook them :P

I'll take some nice soft and warm chocolate chip cookies when they are fresh out of the oven :D

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